Yuri Bogomolov
Yuri Bogomolov




September 19, 1957




Orthodox Catholic



Yuri Bogomolov is a Brigadier is the Zolnerowich Bratva, one of it's higher ranking members and often fills the role of "feild commander" when the gang goes to war.


Yuri comes from a long line of soldier, his Father and Grandfather both served in military, and when he was old enough Yuri enlisted himself. He served with distinction and fought in a number of battles throguh out his military carrier. During his service he meet Nikolai during an operation, while the two were in differnt units, Yuri saved Nikolai's life from an enemy grenade, tackling him to the ground and saved both there lives from the blast. Shortly after this there units seperated but Yuri made an impression on Nikolai. Nikolai told Yuri, if he ever found himself in Volgograd, to look him up.

Indeed after the fall of the Soviet Union fell, Yuri took Nikolai up on his offer. Finding the growing gang allowed him to make use of the only real skill set, being a soldier.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Yuri is a excellent soldier and knows how to think on the battlefeild. In terms of combat he is the Bravta's most adapt leader and is capable of achieving success in almost any combat situation. However outside of combat, he lacks the leadership skills of Nikolai or Oleg.

Yuri is brutally honest, often to the point where he will offened others, but unless he respects a person, he doesn't care what their response is.

He is the only member of the bravta to know Nikolai prior to the formation of the gang, however breif it was. Despite Oleg and Ivan out ranking him in the leadership of the bravta, becasue he saved his life and because of his honesty, Nikolai values Yuri opinions on operations just as much as theirs.