Yi Shan
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Mountain King of the Los Chupacabras



Years Active







Drug Trade


Los Chupacabras



Yi Shan is the leader of the Los Chupacabras. A determined leader he will do anything to make sure his organization stays up and running


Yi Shan was born in Beijing China. At the age of 11 his family immigrated to New York. Where in his school he rose to be a star student. He was constantly bullied so he eventually joined a judo class where he practiced martial arts for 2 years. Until eventually graduating from school. After that he began to make drugs and knowing how dangerous this job was he learned how to shoot guns. Eventually he joined a gang called the Los Chupacabras. He quickly rose through the ranks until eventually becoming the leader of the Gang. He later recruited a friend who was attending Westpoint named Abram. Abram became the asssassin of the group with the code name Terrarian. Eventually Terrarian joined the police force and later the Swat Team.

Yi Shan worked almost day and night to build the gang until eventually returning to China to reinforce the gang it later became a very powerful and rich organization.


  • Glock 17 illegally modified to be capable of rapid fire along with a clip extender.
  • AK-12 assault Rifle modified to be full auto
  • Parang
  • Switchblade


  • He is ok at Martial Arts.
  • He is a capable marksman
  • He is a tactical genius
  • Skilled Chemist

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