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Fall of Cicada

In a bid to eliminate the Mojave Pythons and a prelude to the Fall of Cicada, the Suns of Vulcan Motorcycle Club asked The Wolves to attack. This led to a massive conflict which saw the complete dissolution of the Pythons. Various backroom dealings marked this as the single most expensive gang war on record, resulting in over thirty billion dollars changing hands.

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The Wolves and AlliesEdit

Mojave Pythons and AlliesEdit


Opening ShotsEdit

  • 10/26/2014: The Wolves ambush a Pythons warehouse as well as a nameless member outside a club.

Actual WarEdit

  • 10/27/14: Omnia Venena and the Wolves jointly attack a Vipers convoy.
  • 10/27/14: Mojave Pythons contract Omnia Venena, offering a reward to inform them of any contracts made against them. Omnia Venena cons them with a fake conract, collecting the money plus an additional sum to abstain from filling the contract that does not exist.
  • 10/28/2014: The Wolves attack a Pythons money laundering operation.
  • 10/29/2014: Omnia Venena attacks a Pythons gambling operation
  • 10/29/2014: United Crime Corps. attacks a Pythons warehouse
  • 10/29/2014: Mojave Pythons use their monthly political action to bring heat down on the Suns of Vulcan on a hunch, sealing the Python's doom.
  • 10/29/2014: Omnia Venena kidnaps Le Hound, Alpha Wolf, Jack Dalton, Marshall Winters, Royce Mills, Marshall S Grant, and Valkyrie, holding them for ransom.
  • 10/29-11/1/2014: War temporarily stops for bidding on ransom
  • 11/1/2014: Omnia Venena communicates drop locations to the victorious bidders, secretly sharing the location of the Pythons' pickup to the Suns
  • 11/2/2014-12/10/2014: Officially declared cease-fire, though some attacks still take place.
  • 11/2/2014: Ransomed men returned, Suns of Vulcan intercept the Pythons' return.
  • 11/10/2014: Omnia Venena fakes the return of Omni Key to the Pythons, giving a body double containing explosives.
  • 11/10/2014: Omnia Venena ambushes Mojave Pythons raiding party
  • 11/17/2014: Omnia Venena sabotages a Mojave Pythons truck stop
  • 12/10/2014: Omnia Venena brokers the end of the war, offering to move the Pythons down to Mexico.
  • 12/13/2014: Omnia Venena double-crosses the Pythons, massacring them with the aid of the Suns. Omni Key is the only survivor.