In the world of organized crime...


The faces of the NYA Civil War

  • Unbeknownst to both sides, they were playing a much bigger game that had been organized in secrets. CicadaUnited Crime Corps. had been preparing an operation to severely cripple both parties and end the war. Mastermind had hired the Mojave Pythons to ignite a war, and hired previous New York Alliance member Omnia Venena to execute the attack which led to the betrayal of both organizations. Alpha Wolf, Christopher Salasco, Jedidiah Greer and other high-ranking members were captured by the organization. Following was a series of crippling attacks that left both organizations in ruins.
  • Following the series of attacks and betrayals it has become apparent that the New York Alliance has officially fallen. The Wolves and Appalachian Vipers were both left severely damaged and both left the alliance which was initially formed to defeat the Miami Triangle, which was accomplished a mere month before. The United Crime Corps. and Cicada have agreed to remain allies. Official hostilities ended on June 7th, when a meeting was held between the leader's involved in the New York Alliance. During this meeting Jedidiah Greer announced his retirement from crime.
  • Because of the series of armed conflicts which have erupted recently, police activity and pressure has increased. The following organizations have the greatest amount of police activity surrounding them: Omnia Venena, The Wolves, Appalachian Vipers. To a lesser extent police pressure is being placed upon: The Princess Thieves, Mojave Pythons, Heiwajima Syndicate United Crime Corps. and Cicada. *Note: Your monthly action to reduce your police pressure will be in effect now as it was through your actions.
  • Lloyd Kumar is leading the Omnia Venena underground for the time being. This is in light of the police pressure which was surely going to be placed upon them after the war. He has used his political connections to reduce the amount of pressure that will be placed upon them. Their method of going underground is being used to wait out the attention before newer opportunities are to be seen for the police to take advantage of. One thing for sure is that OV won't be undertaking any massive operations alone, lest they wish for attention to be placed upon them.

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