In the world of organized crime......

  • The wife and children of Mob Boss Toni Leone have mysteriously disappeared. Toni Leone is desperately searching to find them, and intends on doing horrible things to whoever kidnapped them. More to follow up when new information comes to light.
  • Caprione Crime Family Mob Boss, Gerado "Ruby" Allessandra has been arrested on several RICO charges. Federal Prosecutors are attempting to compile a large sum evidence to put him behind bars for good. With the political ties and finances possessed by the Capriones they could save him from jail and get him a 10 year sentence, with a chance of parole. More to come.
  • The California based criminal organization, The Titans are facing the possibility of war as the very large Black Street Gang known as the L.A Guerrillas continues to put pressure on the Titans. Feeling like the Titans have been enroaching on their territory. Recently two Titan street dealers were shot by two low level members of the L.A Guerrillas. Another member, dealing in Guerrilla territory was severely beaten, almost becoming crippled. Titans leader Miles "Krampus" Woods has agreed to have a sit down with what is a high ranking member of the group: Roland "Silver" Lawrence. Lawrence is just the leader of one of several factions of the massive yet disorganized group.
  • In Russia Zolnerowich Bratva Brigadier Yuri Bogomolov was arrested on charges of arms dealing and murder. Certain authority figures in Russia are determined to prosecute these men, and hopefully gain some information about the Bratva. However with Russia's extreme level of corruption the Bratva has a good chance of getting him out early.
  • Shingiin (Law Adviser) for the Japanese Yakuza known as the Golden Stars, Suaraga Washi has been arrested by Japanese Authorities on charges of corruption of law enforcement. More to follow up on his trial in the next admin police report.
  • Los Sicarios captain Juan Fortuno was badly wounded and arrested after a vicious gunfight with Mexican Authorities.  Mexican Marines raided a Los Sicarios meth lab resulting in short but violent gun battle. Almost all members were killed, four chefs arrested, and Juan Fortuno badly wounded and now facing life in prison. No Mexican Marines were wounded or killed.  This is one of several recent and highly successful raids the Mexican government has had on the cartels.
  • Both members of the Princess Thieves were found guilty of arms dealing. However a corrupt judge was able to shorten the prison sentence drastically. 5 year sentence with chance of parole.
  • A massive heist involving several criminal organizations has taken place in Africa stealing around 240 million dollars worth of gold and several million in arms, as well as killing an African Warlord, several of his lieutenants and completely crippling his army. Quite amazing.
  • A member of the Blood Machines MC has been arrested on drug dealing charges, specifically methamphetamine.  More to follow.

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