• After several defeats at the hands of various criminal allies, and their biggest blow-a billion dollar transfer several Circus captains, underbosses, and the very high-profile Ace of Spades has been jailed. The members who weren't arrested (still quite a lot of people) are perparing to relocated to Africa with the help of their ally the United Crime Corps. The Ace of Spades escaped from a maximum security penitentiary just yesterday with the help of several old gang members. It is believed that he had fled to Africa to continue to lead the Circus. What kind of chaos will Ace spread in Africa?......
  • After the deaths of a rat, US Law Enforcement has become even more intrigued by the mysterious organization known as Cicada. According to the little bits of information they were able to gather from the now dead rat, it appears that Cicada operates internationally. This was confirmed by a CIA agent operating out of Europe. In spite of catching the attention of INTERPOL, Cicada continues to remain one of the most elusive criminal organizations across the globe.
  • The once powerful Los Hombres de la Gabardina has died out after their leader Fredrico Nunez died. Most members scattered looking for new work, and others simply retired. Many members have been picked up by their former ally Los Sicarios.
  • There is an interesting new type of criminal organization operating out of South America, particularly Venezuela, known as the El Plata Toro Cartel. They operate neutrally in conflicts and do not invade territory, they operate for hire primarily doing assassination contracts.
  • A members of the all-female Princess Thieves was arrested on charges of arms dealer. Bail is set at 50 thousand Australian dollars. Member has so far refused to cooperate with authorities.

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