If you are new and are not familiar with the APRs, this is basically where I say that this and that are happening to x, y, and z, and x, y, and z have to react accordingly.  Sometimes it is good, sometimes it is bad, and other times it can be flat out punishment for bad IC behavior.

  • As Cicada was able to force The Wyld Bunch out of Miami through sheer hacking, their three co-conspirators have moved into Miami sharring the drugs and arms trade.  So far everything is going well, small street gang resistance is all that exists and it is being teared apart.  The future's looking bright for these organizations, so far.....
  • The Leone Crime Family have noticed another established presence in their New York, the Appalachian Vipers.  What will happen.....?
  • Through a series of drug and arms deals, and cyber-terrorism the US government has started to become more aware of the organization of Cicada.  The US government knows little about them, but their success and power has drawn their attention.  More details to follow up in the next APR.
  • Afer various vicious firefights with Los Sicarios, prison breaks, and political assassinations resulting the deaths of many Mexican Federals, the government has placed a 500,000 dollar reward on anybody who kills a Los Sicarios captain.  Los Sicarios has made a public statement that anybody who attempts to assassinate a captain will be found, and will be killed along with their families.  Anybody who successfully kills a captain will be tortured to death, along with their families, and high ranking members of their gang (if they are affiliated with one) will die.  (If you choose to kill a captain, please make a blog and we will battle it out in the comments.  It's going to work kind of like a chess game until one of us eventually wins.  Hopefully this works out well and doesn't become a failed idea.)
  • In spite of being recently forced out of Miami, The Wyld Bunch are doing just fine.  They have started to expand into other cities (You name the cities, Sport) and are making allies.  Things are looking fine just fine for The Wyld Bunch.

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