• In spite of a major defeat at the hands of a criminal alliance in New York, The Circus appears to still be around, only in different towns but with the same reluctant visitors. They are encountering trouble with the Appalachian Vipers in Pennsylvania and The Wolves in Boston. Evidence shows that they may be planning to rob a firing range, and Bill Quinn the "fast food bandit" or the "hamburglar" noted for robbing Mcdonalds on a global level was killed in the war. Mcdonalds employs can finally rest easy, as for the CEOS well they haven't lost any money over this. Police are currently preparing to shut down a gang war and have already attempted to get informants into the organizations involved, some successfully planted.
  • In other news the Leone Crime Family is facing a major police crackdown by Canadian authorities after three newly made members were caught at a murder scene by police, the members panicked and fired back at police, killing three police officers and wounding two more.
  • Bikers in Miami! As the Miami triangle appears to have a nice grip on Miami, a large biker gang has moved in and begun attacking their men. War could be about to happen and leave the Triangle in a vulnerable position if it is not taken car of...subtly.
  • A member of Cicada was caught smuggling several pounds of cocaine, and with other charges added up could be facing 25 years in prison. The member has offered to testify against Cicada in Court and has already revealed sensitive information to the FBI. If this informant is not killed, this information could cripple the organization.
  • Good news for the criminal underworld-a single bitcoin is worth about $625.  Bitcoins are easily hacked and many people have THOUSANDS in their accounts! Get in on the bitcoin hacking before they become regulated and tracable.

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