The Duke of Yorktown

The KoA is headed for America, by hijacking a caro ship, we are excpecting it to arive at around 7:00pm on Friday, Nov 25th. the boat will be docking in Wiliamsberg Harbor, what we need is for someone in america's east coast to guard the harbor for a safe arrival. we are willing to pay the guardians gang $200,000 to get the boat in safely, afterwards, the boat will be used to send illegal import and export from England to America. whoever helps guard will get 15% of the profit from the first year of trading. so about $900,000 depending on how things go. the boats name is "The Duke of Yorktown".

The boat did not land safley, it was forced to turn around and is headed for the carrabean, where it can hang out before they find a SAFE harbor