As some of you may know, my Trans-Atlantic voyage ended in disaster, resulting in my men being stranded in the Gulf of Mexico for days, and were forced to come ashore. They have landed themselves in Matamoros, Mexico, about an hors drive from the border. My men would do it themselves, but they are sickly and have not eaten for days. There are 15 Men you need to transport across the boder, and i will pay $50,000 for EACH ONE that makes it across, i will also be willing to pay $300,000 to get them to St Augustine, Florida. The Mexican/American Border Patrol is fierce, stay on your lookout, also, no going around the border on a boat, i fear my men may be driven crazy if they see anymore water.

You Task: Write your sollution in the comments below and i will pick the best sollution and hire that user, I WILL NOT PAY MONEY IN ADVANCE

Your Feared Eternally, Cedric "Killer" Krieg

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