• Tesla Man


    November 30, 2012 by Tesla Man

    alright. I'm jumping ship for a while and i'll come back eventually -i don't know when- but i need to focus on college right now so goodbye.

    Tə5L@ ᴟAИ (This is where we talk)

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  • Tesla Man

    Lucien Ramolino III Funeral

    November 10, 2012 by Tesla Man

    On November 9th, 2012, on his way home from London, England, Lucien Ramolino, leader of the Napoleon Correlation, and Erik Jerome, Underboss on the Napoleon Correlation were shot twice by a flight attendant. The action was quick, and the plane landed ASAP, where the flight attendant (a member of the Le Roi de L'anarche) was arrested in France for 1st degree murder. We mourn the loss of our once great leaders, and i hope you mourn with us. The heir to the leadership position, I, son of Erik Jérôme- Ardèche Jérôme has been appointed to take control of a serving out of control gang. Please comment on lucein, and my father's death. It would serve me well.

    Au Revoir

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  • Tesla Man

    Meeting with Dante Evans

    November 10, 2012 by Tesla Man

    Location: Bethlem Royal Hospital, London

    Date: November 8th, 2012

    Lucien: Bonjeur Monsieur Dante

    Dante: Sir, if you do not mind, therapy has not helped with the old thinker, so if you know English, please speak it.

    Lucien: Right. Now Dante, there is a couple of questions i would like to ask you.

    Dante: First sir, explain who you are and why you're here.

    L: My name is Lucien Ramolino III, and i come on special business, something i meant to do with a man named Cedric before he died, i assume you remeber Cedric?

    D: I remember my friend very well.

    L: Than i believe you remember what his plans were for the gang before he was jailed?

    D: I remember very well "Lucien".

    L: Well, do you mind elaborating monsieur?

    D:I suppose you believe i trust you?

    L: Of cour…

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  • Tesla Man

    After the Bujar Clan started building activity in Spain, tensions began to rise among the gang and The Napoleon Correlation, who had established themselves in the country firmly reciently. Finally the Napoleon Correlation has began to press an attack on the Bujar Clan, attempting to push the gang out of their Spainish Territory..

    Bujar Clan

    The Bujar Clan

    The Napoleon Correlation

    The Doyle Crime Family (formerly)

    The Ukraine Connection

    Aleksander Bradha

    Lucien "The Fencer" Ramolino

    Damian Bridgeman (formerly)

    Ethan "Mister EEK" Kyle

    November 4th

    • The Napoleon Correlation declares war on the Bujar Clan.
    • The Doyle Crime Family joins the Napoleon Correlation faction.
    • The Doyle Crime Family make plans to intercept all shipments into Spain from Bujar Clan.
    • Th…

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  • Tesla Man

    Time To Invade

    September 4, 2012 by Tesla Man

    As some of you know, my gang has just taken control of the Balearic Islands on our way to take more control over the coastal waters of Spain. While some of you have helped out with giving me guns and men, i am very greatful, and you will be rewarded. After another favor. All i ask is a couple more guns and men (up to 100 guns and 5 men) for my invasion of southeastern Spain (Castellon, Valencia, Alicante, etc.) and in return, those who donate will recieve 5-10% of all profits coming from that area depending on how much you donate. You can donate 50 guns and 2 men, or you can donate all 100 guns and 5 men, as long as by the end of it i have a total of 100 guns and five men. So, whoever wish to take part in this deal, do so quickly, time is …

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