In the world of organized crime...

  • Toni Leone 3

    Toni brought many bodies with him to his grave.

    A war had escalated between the Golden Stars Yakuza and Leone Crime Family, with the former hiring Cicada and Omnia Venena to hit Leone territory in an effort to get them out of Asian and Nevadan territories. While the Leones retreated from Asia, they incited a riot and burnt down Cicada and Stars property, resulting in the deaths of many and the crime family being dubbed terrorists. The war ended in a bloody shootout at the mansion of Toni Leone, who was found bloodied and dead in his pool. An autopsy shows that Leone was choked by barbed wire before falling in his pool and drowning. Many Leone family members have been arrested, killed, or gone into hiding. The loss of the 112-year old mafia has struck the crime underworld with shock, showing that even the great eventually fall.
  • The once powerful Los Sicarios has fallen into dismay as many of its leaders, such as the previously mentioned Von Braun and Borg, have been killed, and top Don Hector, has mysteriously disappeared, presumably on the run from officials. While the cartel has suffered heavy losses, some members, such as Javier the Condemned and Omni Key have escaped death, and are pursuing new ventures.
  • TomWestmore1

    Thomas Westmore.

    The Westmore Syndicate has been seeing a rise in power recently, the South Africa-based organization has been doing well, and is now starting to negotiate and work with other organizations, and seeing expansion elsewhere.
  • Return-of-the-governor

    Jack Dalton burns down Alpha's house

    A band of pirates known as the Black Sun Pirates have been making headlines recently. Notorious for their piracy and trafficking. We have yet to see more of them.
  • After the large siege on Toni Leone's estate, complete with high bodycount, the New York Police Department is on a huge corruption crackdown, as the attack was ignore by corrupt and paid officials.
  • A supply drop containing high amounts of military-grade weaponry was accidentally dumped into the Mid-Pacific ocean by a cruiser. The weaponry is out to whoever gets it.

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