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  • Lasifer

    "It's kind of funny..." Two men sit across from one another in a dark, bleak room. Little light shines in from a small window. The men holding cards in front of their faces. One man attempts to converse with the other as he lays down a 3 of Spades on the cold steel table in front of the two.

    "What is?" The other man replies, revealing a 9 of Spades on the table.

    "Seeing you in here, of all people. Out there you were on top of the fuckin' world, but one, just one dumb mistake and you end up in here with me of all people. You, you're on my level in here, pal-o." 6 of Spades on the table.

    "That's simply not true." 8 of Diamonds.

    "Is it? Is it not true? Seems pretty damn true to me. We're both in orange jumpsuits here, sharing the same stupid sche…

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  • Lasifer

    In the world of organized crime...

    • As shock from The California War dies down, another war arises in western America, the spontaneous Vipers - Princess Thieves War has resulted in heavy losses on both sides, over a hundred casualties and thousands of dollars lost. Attacks done in broad daylight have frightened citizens and led police to begin investigating the war with full force.
    • After a mysterious large scale attack done on the Las Vegas casino "The Alpha", the casino has been temporarily shut down for investigation.
    • Police have been tipped off about the Vipers, resulting in the Nevada - California border having an increase in security and borderchecks, as well as the arrest and prosecution of 10 Vipers. Police have not ignored the acts of…
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  • Lasifer

    Close Enough

    August 17, 2014 by Lasifer

    A man, fedora, glasses, and brown trench coat donned rushed into his hotel room, slamming the door behind him and tossing his cap and coat on a sofa, quickly going for the phone and dialing a number- an important one.

    "We need to talk."

    The man's colleague stepped into the room hours later, the caller sitting down smoking, his colleague standing by the door and taking off his sunglasses. The curtains were closed and only the sunset dimly lighting the room through cracks in between them.

    "Good, you're here. Cigarette?" The man blow out another puff of smoke into the room, tapping his cigarette onto an ash tray next to a glass of water.

    "No thanks." The colleague took light steps towards the smoking man.

    "Beverage, then?"

    "No." The man loomed clos…

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  • Lasifer

    In the world of organized crime...

    • A war had escalated between the Golden Stars Yakuza and Leone Crime Family, with the former hiring Cicada and Omnia Venena to hit Leone territory in an effort to get them out of Asian and Nevadan territories. While the Leones retreated from Asia, they incited a riot and burnt down Cicada and Stars property, resulting in the deaths of many and the crime family being dubbed terrorists. The war ended in a bloody shootout at the mansion of Toni Leone, who was found bloodied and dead in his pool. An autopsy shows that Leone was choked by barbed wire before falling in his pool and drowning. Many Leone family members have been arrested, killed, or gone into hiding. The loss of the 112-year old mafia has struck th…
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  • Lasifer

    The Mastermind stepped into the stuffy room with his bodyguards, ajusting his tie and glasses as he locked eyes with his rival - the one known only as "Hector". Even under his colorful Mexican mask, the man showed expression with his eyes. Expressions of, for lack of a better word, happiness, as if he was glad to have this meeting with his long term enemy, the Mastermind.

    Ayawamat, the Mastermind's most trusted guard, followed his boss in the room, staring at Hector and his own lot of guards. Ayawamat was a tall, burley, and quiet man, but he protected the Cicada boss well.

    "Pull up a chair, bugman." Hector remarked. "Enjoy yourself." The Mastermind sat down in a fancy, comfortable cushioned chair, and readjusted himself, staring eye to eye …

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