I have noticed that some organizations have been concerning themselves less with the traditional function of organized crime and more with upgrading themselves into being a military force. As such, in this rpg you are allowed to bend the rules slightly, however you can't use military grade weapons, you can't enter combat with other organizations, you can't have soldiers rather than gangsters, it is ok if some members of your organization have military training but not extreme combat and hand to hand combat so that they are nearly unstoppable warriors. Do you see any other criminal organizations in real life doing these things? Waging full scale wars? Committing terrorist acts? Killing innocent people for no reason? Being above the law? Call me crazy, but this isn't Saints Row alright? Real organized crime is about making money and staying under the radar. Not killing people and waging war. Don't intimidate other organizations, make peace with them. Don't be a pschyopath, be a realistic gangster. Remember, in organized crime the most money and influence always wins, not the most firepower and police attention.