Recently, the cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul have seen a rise in the number of black and hispanic street gangs. These gangs are nothing like the Mob and cause nothing but trouble. They bring drugs to our streets, kill innocent people in shootings, make our streets dangerous and prevent us form getting business done sometimes. As of now, the Mannino Family is launching a massive effort to rid the streets of street gangs so they will be safe for everyone. This will also help us get business done. These gangs have even tried to take over some of our rackets with no success. They need to be stopped. These are the kinds of people who recruit children to run drugs and kill people. I will need some help form outside the city in order to take them down. We will burn down their drug labs, stop the drug trade in the city, kill their leaders and beat their members senseless, protect the people who live in those neighborhoods and teach them not to mess with the Mafia. So far, the Mannino Family, the Japanese Yakuza and a few other organizations have volunteered to help clean the streets. If you help us, we will reward you with either money or rackets in the city.