"It's been done."

"Are you positive it's her?"

"Patton will need to run some DNA tests, but it's likely she's the right one."

"Excellent. Your reward shall be transferred to your accounts by tomorrow afternoon. Good-bye, old friend."

Nikolai hung up on Alejandro, and leaned back from his desk. He knew that Marshall was likely in the same position as him across the Atlantic in London- notified of the demise of the so-called "Master of Murder" by his man, and awaiting the word.

As far as he was concerned, the peacetimes were over. These Suns of Vulcan have grown far too strong for him to sit comfortably, and they needed to be eliminated. Lucky for the Soviet, Marshall thought likewise.

Some time ago...

A ring to shatter the silence. Nikolai's eyes shot open, but his body remained relaxed and calm. Satisfied that there was no assailant in his Massachusetts manor, he arose and walked to the phone.

"Nikolai- speak."

"Mr. Orelov- a pleasure, as always."

Nikolai struggled slightly to recall the voice, but he found the name. "Grant, why are you calling?"

"From what I've gathered, you've been chipping away at the Vulcans' territory. Lloyd's noticed too, and we both happen to be open for negotiations..."

Present day...

And thus, the backroom planning had begun. A single, coordinated strike against his sole rivals in the United States. The final blow. For the last several months, the underworld rested. It's more confident residents- such as the Vulcans- had been lulled into a state of calmness.

Nikolai looked callously at the bar, Crusty's Pitstop, below from his Houston hotel. It was a quant business that served traditional Mexican cuisine- also a front for the Houston Chapter's main hub of organization.

Naturally, he'd done his research- he knew five armed guards kept on all entrances. He knew that, on an eventless night like this, about twenty-five bikers would be chugging cheap beer and playing pool on an old oak table. He knew about the safe behind the mirror in the bathroom, which held all records on the chapter's membership and income. Nikolai also knew about the meeting that was going on tonight behind closed doors- fifteen of the chapter's senior bikers, discussing any recent news, changes, and actions for the future..

The final tidbit of information- he knew about the forty-five Viper assassins converging on the building waiting for his signal. They would enter through the back alley- take out the guards from there, and sneak in to eliminate the manager/chapter head.

Nikolai, with an eerie coldness and apathy, called his head agent.

"Do it."

Casualties: Forty Suns killed, five Vipers wounded, all information on the Houston Chapter leaked to the police (including the remaining seventeen members)

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