United Crime Corps.
Rick Grimes
Marshal S. Grant

Based In


Founded By

Marshal S. Grant

Years Active



Global crime organization with divisions all over the world. New York City, Chicago, Seattle, Ontario, Toronto, France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, England, various African nations, China, Japan, Taiwan, Australia and New Zealand


Various races are involved


Unknown. Estimated to have several thousand members


Drug Trafficking, Smuggling, Assassination, Stealing from various warlords, Smuggling, taking government contracts





Average Income

7.5 Billion

Leave nothing to chance; and nothing alive.
— Marshal S. Grant
The old world of crime is gone. We aren't restricted by race or continents, we are a new form of crime that doesn't discriminate just because a man's skin color or his nation. We've spread around the globe and as human beings have worked together to achieve to become a truly become unique evolution of crime. You'll hear from us soon.
— Marshal S. Grant. This can be used to solidify partnerships or enemies.


The United Crime Corps. (U.C.C) has come to the attention of the crime world sometime around the 1990s and has become widely known for its effective methods and the way the organization is structured by being multi-diverse rather than operating under a single race. They operate on a global scale with divisions all over the globe and membership appears to be several thousand to sustain itself with the amount of territory it has over the globe. Marshal S. Grant is the current head of the organization and under his leadership is what helped lead the organization to gain its territory. The organization has also worked with governments take to down certain people whether it be warlords in Africa, small terrorist cells or a crime lord who thought he could take what he wanted and threaten/kill government officials.

Despite Marshal's leadership and the organization's growth rate in past decade there has been some questions raised about it. Some question how fast the organization managed to expand and believe the organization was established long before Marshal and its recent rise to power was due to seeds that were planted before. Marshal has hinted that some of these claims may be correct although he has never given an exact answer to these claims that directly confirm these supicsions. Although it is known that Marshal has lead the gang to becoming rather large while owning a large amount of income due to its abilities. The diversity of the group has made it appealing to people seeking to claim their own stake in the organization. As time passes on the organization continues to grow under Marshal's effective leadership and maintains control while under  it. 

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