Timothy Phillips
Timothy Phillips








Tara Phillips (Wife)
Marcus Phillips (Son)
James Phillips (Son)
Alice Phillips (Daughter)

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Timothy Phillips is the current Don of the Phillips Crime Family. He was born into a American Crime Family with his Grandfather, then father as the Head of the Crime family. 


Early LifeEdit

Tim was born on October 12, 1968. His father and Grandfather were both in the room when Tim was born. His Mother, Catalina Phillips died shortly after the birth. Tim grew up homeschooled and in big mansions surrounded by bodyguards. His Grandfather, James Phillips, the Don of the Crime Family died on July 11, 1971 and it changed his Life. His father became the Don of the Phillips Crime Family and suddenly, Tim was Heir to the Legacy and power of the Phillips Crime Family. 

The Death of a FatherEdit

Tim's Father, Kevin died of terminal heart disease in 2003. Tim had been Acting Boss of the Crime Family since 2002, when Kevin was diagnosed. Tim was instantly promoted to Boss of the Crime Family at the death of Don Kevin Phillips. Tim brought change into the Family. He hired new hitman and new UnderDons. His Wife, Tara Phillips has been very supportive of him. Don Phillips has two kids, Marcus and James. Tim has billions of dollar in Incomes and also several Mansions in LA, D.C., Miami and New York. His Heir is Marcus Phillips. Don Phillips usually has about four bodyguards on him and several watching him at all times.

Assets Edit

Residences: Edit

  • Miami Mansion
  • Manhattan Mansion
  • Beverly Hills Mansion
  • Richmond Mansion

Front Companies Edit

  • TimCorp
  • Accutech
  • MediSup