The Wyld Bunch
Founded By

Tyrell Underwood

Years Active



Mississippi, North Carolina




Robbery, Drug Dealing, Arms Dealing, Grand Theft Auto, Bank Robbery, Contract Killing





Annual Income


The Wyld Bunch were a street gang located in the region of Tallahassee, Florida to Yazoo City, Mississippi. They were considered by many police departments in the area to be the deadliest street gang in their region before their fall.



When Tyrell Underwood  was released from prison after serving 12 years for armed robbery of a bank, he discovered his old gang had disbanded. Meeting with his ex-cell mate, Osvaldo Calderon, they official began recruiting for their new gang. Some of their most powerful members were recruited that first month; including former US Army gang member Keyshawn Brooks, former hate group member Masahiro Suzuki and a corrupt ex-security guard Thomas Richardson.

The Miami TriangleEdit

When several criminal groups were interested in taking Miami as a base of operations, including Los Sicarios and Zolnerowich Bratva, they discovered that the city was currently occupied by the Wyld Bunch. In an effort to get rid of the gang without attracting police attention, the newly formed "Miami Triangle" contacted and hired Cicada to deal with them, doing so by instead bringing police attention to the Wyld Bunch, anonymously sending information on the gang's members and dealings to the police, resulting in several members of the gang's arrest as well as a territory move to the south.

Fall of the Wyld BunchEdit

The Circus launched a surprise attack against the Wyld Bunch, hacking and stealing into their funds, as well as killing Tyrell and Osvaldo, sending the gang into disarray. Masahiro Suzuki and Thomas Richardson left the gang in fear, though some members, including Keyshawn Brooks, stayed and launched counter-attacks against the Circus after Ace's disappearance.

This war lasted months, resulting in a large death and arrest count on both sides. Things were to come to a close in August of 2014, when Keyshawn and Circus leader Gianna Cohna agreed to a meeting in an effort to end the war. Keyshawn, however, was planning to kill his rival in revenge for the deaths of Tyrell and Osvaldo. This eventually conflicted with the assassin Lullaby, hired by Cicada to kill Cohna in order to draw Ace out of hiding.

Lullaby ambushed the meeting, killing several members in a surprise attack. Keyshawn and Cohna survived however, the former managed to pin Lullaby down by surprise, attacking him with a knife. This backfired, as the assassin managed to twist the knife towards his attacker and stab him in the neck, indirectly killing himself. Lullaby killed Gianna shortly afterwards. The bodies were disposed of by Cicada after the bloodbath.

The Wyld Bunch fell into disarray without leadership, members disbanded, leaving crime altogether or joining new gangs.