The Western War

October 13 2014-TBA


Western USA


Suns of Vulcan and Desert Vipers victory.


Desert Vipers and Allies

Princess Thieves and Allies

Suns of Vulcan and Allies


The California War


Wolves - Pythons War

In a bid to gather more power and land the Mojave Pythons push the Princess Thieves and Desert Vipers into war. The Suns of Vulcan, meanwhile, have their own agenda, seeking to take the Princess Thieves' fortune and lands; to this end, they help the Vipers, but remain on their own side.

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Princess Thieves and AlliesEdit

Desert Vipers and AlliesEdit

Suns of Vulcan and AlliesEdit

Opening ShotsEdit

  • 10/13/2014
    • Vipers start off the war by robbing, beating, raping, and killing the employees in a PT-owned establishment


  • 10/15/2014
    • Omnia Venena hits a Vipers brothel, killing workers and robbing them of cash.
  • 10/16/2014
    • Princess Thieves hit a Vipers convoy, robbing them of cash and weaponry.
    • The Princess Thief 'Spy' engages Maxis Rockford in a car chase which ends with Rockford being severely injured and his small escort team dead.
    • Omnia Venena member Ollie Lindon assassinates a ranking Princess Thieves member
    • Omnia Venena members infect Vipers prostitutes with diseases mimicking Ebola
    • Omnia Venena forgers craft a warrant to search a safehouse, with evidence pointing to 'Spy' and 'Demon' planted inside.
    • The Princess Thieves rob a Vipers-owned casino
  • 10/17/2014
    • Omnia Venena members raid a Vipers warehouse
    • Omnia Venena members attack a Princess Thieves warehouse
    • Omnia Venena members intercept a Princess Thieves raid
  • 10/18/2014
    • Omnia Venena forces transfer of casino to their hands
    • Omnia Venena assaults and burns down a Thieves' warehouse
    • Patton Trask snipes several Princess Thieves with tranquilizers, leaving them for the police
    • Patton Trask stalls a Vipers arms convoy, leaving them for the police
  • 10/19/2014
    • The Thieves leave information pointing to the Vipers to police
    • The Princess Thieves rob a Vipers safehouse
    • Omnia Venena robs a Vipers business front
  • 10/20/2014
    • Omnia Venena engineers a firefight between the Princess Thieves, Vipers, and police
  • 10/21/2014
    • Omnia Venena members attack a Vipers bothel
  • 10/22/2014
    • Omnia Venena members rob a Princess Thieves warehouse
  • 10/23/2014
    • Omnia Venena members kill a prominent drug dealer working for the Vipers
  • 10/25/2014
    • Princess Thieves intercept a Vipers drug deal and steals a payment of cash from it.
  • 10/26/2014
    • The Suns of Vulcan rob a Princess Thieves cache of weapons, tricking them into fleeing with a fake bomb.
    • Muneca travels to Australia and kidnaps Valerie Smith, holding her for ransom.


Suns of Vulcan and Desert Vipers victory over the Princess Thieves.

  • Princess Thieves give their entire fortune to the Suns, who split it with the Vipers
  • Princess Thieves give their territory to the Suns
  • Princess Thieves disband


Territory ChangesEdit