The Titans
Founded By

Miles "Krampus" Woods

Years Active



Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego


~ 3,000 members


Drug Trafficking, Arms Trafficking, Contract Killing, Arson




The Desert Vipers

Annual Income

$1,500,000 ($1.5 million)

Glory to the three.
— Titan motto

The Titans were a gang founded by Miles "Krampus" Woods, and Solomon Woods. They occupy San Fransisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego. 


The gang was founded by two brothers, Miles and Solomon Woods. Miles and Solomon got some friends together, and got those friend's friends together. Miles, his brother, and the gang sold cheap drugs in the neighborhood, when a rival dealer threatened them to stop. The dealer ended up getting killed, and his gang went to war with the friends. The group teamed up, and were able to defeat the gang. More peole joined the gang, and Miles eventually came up with the name, the Titians. 

The Titans fought for control over San Fransisco, and were able to gain control over most of the city. Solomon Woods took half of the gang, and fought for control over LA. Half control was gained over the city. Years later, Miles sent some gang members to San Diego to establish a base, which they were able to do, despite being shot at by rival gangs. More men were sent, and the base was able to expand. Now the gang holds major control on San Fransico, and minor control over LA and San Diego. 

Current LeadersEdit

Miles "Krampus" Woods: One of the two main gang leaders. Sometimes likes to wear a mask depicting the creature known as the Krampus. Runs the gang in San Fransisco.

Solomon Woods: The other leader of the Titans. The older brother of Miles. Runs the gang in Los Angeles. 

Keith King: The third in command. Runs the gang in San Diego. 

Personality Edit

The gang takes it's work seriously, but tries to avoid civilian and police deaths at all costs. They do this so it doesn't reflect badly on the gang, and so they don't take out innocent people. Outside of gang work, they like to race, and generally be nice towards the people, and often throw block parties. 


Most gang members wear normal clothes. Some like to wear masks when they do gang buisness. Some maks include Krampus masks, Halloween masks, and other types. 


The gang has hundreds of weapons in their arsenal, but here are a few they have been seen using.

Melee Edit

An array of knives

Baseball Bats




Magnum Pistols

Desert Eagles