The Sicilian Commission is similar to The Commission in America and Canada. Yet different in someways. Since the 1950s, the Mafia has maintained multiple commissions to resolve disputes and promote cooperation among clans. Each province of Sicily has its own Commission. Clans are organized into districts (mandamenti) of three or four geographically adjacent clans. Each district elects a representative (capo mandamento) to sit on its Provincial Commission Mafia Brotherhoods. Contrary to popular belief, the commissions do not serve as a centralized government for the Mafia. The power of the commissions are limited and clans are autonomous and independent. Rather, each Commission serves as a representative mechanism for consultation of independent clans who decide by consensus. "Contrary to the wide-spread image presented by the media, these superordinate bodies of coordination cannot be compared with the executive boards of major legal firms. Their power is intentionally limited. And it would be entirely wrong to see in the Cosa Nostra a centrally managed, internationally active Mafia holding company," according to criminologist Letizia Paoli. A major function of the Commission is to regulate the use of violence. The Sicilian Mafia. For instance, a mafioso who wants to commit a murder in another clan's territory must ask the permission of the local boss; the commission enforces this rule. Any murder of a mafioso or prominent individual (police, lawyers, politicians, journalists, etc.) must be approved by the commission. Paoli, Mafia Brotherhoods. Such acts can potentially upset other clans and spark a war, so the Commission provides a means by which to obtain their approval. The Commission also deals with matters of succession. When a boss dies or retires, his clan's reputation often crumbles with his departure. This can cause clients to abandon the clan and turn to neighboring clans for protection. These clans would grow greatly in status and power relative to their rivals, potentially destabilizing the region and precipitating war. The Sicilian Mafia, The Commission may choose to divide up the clan's territory and members among its neighbors. Alternatively, the commission has the power to appoint a regent for the clan until it can elect a new boss. Today the Italian Mafia remains the dominant syndicate in Italy.

Active Families With a Seat on the CommissionEdit

The commission's current leader is the Squillante clan boss Alfredo Squillante and the commission is headed by the 50 biggest clans


Location Made men Associates Don
Squillante clan Sicily 5,000 35,000 Alfredo "Al" Squillante
Frassu Clan Sicily 4,990 35,000 Gasparino Galeotafiore
DeLaurentis clan Sicily 4,970 33,500 Adriano Peconie
Pennino clan Sicily 4,960 32,400 Gianluigi "Piddu" Pennino
Caldara Clan Sicily 4,940 31,900 Vittorio "Vito Paradiso" Zaluchi
Borelli clan Sicily 4,920 31,700 Giacobbe LaCoffara
Ubolisso clan Sicily 2,920 27,000 Almadena "The Weasel" Fappiana
Gallina clan Sicily 2,600 24,300 Alberto Pannagli
DiMarie clan Sicily 2,200 24,000 Ricardo Esposio
Paglieri clan Sicily 1,490 22,200 Pietro Trevisan
Barzini clan Sicily 1,220 20,500 Salvatore " Il Greco" Giacomo
Balboa clan Sicily 1,070 20,000 Roberto "Roccioso" Balboa
Coniglie clan Sicily 990 19,800 Doffo Sciascie
Progresso clan Sicily 970 19,400 Sergio Terranova
Cassone clan Sicily 940 19,000 Davide Profamo
Ronzoni clan Sicily 920 18,800 Stefano Barilla
Gambetti clan Sicily 900 18,700 Giovanni Gambetti
Pede clan Sicily 890 18,410 Giancarlo Pede
Germani clan Sicily 870 18,350 Ludovico "Grande Lou" Germani
Angelo clan Sicily 850 18,270 Orlando Tempe
Ribisi clan Sicily 830 18,250 Gaetano Toffolo
Paestume clan Sicily 820 18,230 Antonino "Nino" Nestico
Delmonico clan Sicily 800 18,210 Michele Zefferini
Trecori clan Sicily 780 17,990 Vincenzo Vavre
Ventimiglia clan Sicily 760 17,980 Carlino Capotorta
Imbessi clan Sicily 750 17,960 Eugenio Pontecorvo
Cizella clan Sicily 740 17,940 Santino Largo
Intintola clan Sicily 730 17,930 Carmine Sacrimoni
Savarino clan Sicily 720 17,910 Corrado Marrone
La Fave clan Sicily 700 17,890 Hugo Zedda
Quaquero clan Sicily 690 17,870 Massimo Sanna
Augusto clan Sicily 680 17,860 Angelino Andreatta
Cianflone clan Sicily 670 17,850 Lego Cianflone
Luvinner clan Sicily 650 17,830 Luciano DeConcini
Macellari clan Sicily 640 17,810 Bernardo Cristina
Serriu clan Sicily 630 17,800 Carmine Serriu
Caifanu clan Sicily 620 17,790 Davide Iaforte
Masari clan Sicily 610 17,780 Pasquale Rocchio
Bellomo clan Sicily 610 17,770 Venero Liboriu
Damiane clan Sicily 600 17,760 Teodoro Giaquinte
Rina clan Sicily 590 17,750 Massimo Amabili
Laguaragnelli clan Sicily 580 17,740 Lilo Cinturrino
D'Pasqu clan Sicily 570 17,730 Carmelo Stracuzziampa
DeSantis clan Sicily 560 17,720 Santi DeAngelis
Giubrone clan Sicily 550 17,710 Flavio Giampolo
Pantano clan Sicily 540 17,700 Filippo Sferazza
Empina clan Sicily 530 17,690 Danilo La Chini
Ciancaglini clan Sicily 520 17,680 Demetrio Maver
Ianeccu clan Sicily 510 17,650 Cosimo Oppesidani
Piccin clan Sicily 500 17,640 Aniello Verducu

Meetings and the factionsEdit

The heads of the clans often meet in discrete places located outside of Sicily, like in Sardinia or in other European countries. They sometimes meet in America/Canada to discuss business with their American brethren. 

There are two factions led by the two biggest clans:

The Squillante faction

The Frassu faction

Each faction has a different set of ideas, views, opinions, minds, notion and beliefs on what is discussed in the meetings, but combined there activities are the same to reach the top goal there is: money.