See this clover? This clover represents unity. If one of the leaves is plucked, it's not lucky anymore is it?
— Ardan O'Sullivan
O'Sullivan Crime Family
Family coat of arms


Boston, MA




Aedan O'Sullivan


Irish American





Criminal Activities

Illegal Gambling, Contract Killing, Loansharking, Tax Evasion, Smuggling, Extortion, Drug Trafficking, Forgery, Insurance Fraud, Mail Fraud, Weapons Trafficking, Grand Theft Auto, Chop Shop


Headquarters in Boston and a small base in Connecticut. Small operations all over New England





The O'Sullivan Crime Family is a Boston MA based Irish Crime Family founded in 1965. It remains one of the more powerful Irish Mafias in Boston. They have been laying low for some time, but are beginning to rise up once again.

History Edit

The O'Sullivan Family was founded in 1965 by Aedan O'Sullivan, a young man in his teens who was attending high school in Boston. He and his closest friend, Bartley Doyle, formed the gang originally to simply cause trouble. That changed when O'Sullivan's family went bankrupt in 1966. O'Sullivan and Doyle decided to use their (then) small-scale gang to make the money to pay the bills.

The gang took a tragic turn in 1970 when Doyle was shot during a job and died. He was carried back to headquarters, where he was buried nearby. The bitter O'Sullivan decided then to bring his group to the top and make more money than ever. The O'Sullivan Family had a firm hold of Boston until O'Sullivan's death in 1990.

After O'Sullivan's death, his son, Ardan, took over as the boss. Ardan decided to expand his activities, and as a result set up multiple posts around the New England area. He also added to the family's repertoire, adding tax evasion and smuggling to the list of criminal activities.

The family has also been distributing a new designer drug dubbed "Clover Dust" throughout Boston.

O'Sullivan now has a son named Liam and a daughter named Clover. Liam is set to inherit leadership in the event of O'Sullivan's death.

For unknown reasons, the family had been inactive for roughly four years.

Resurgence Edit

In winter of 2016, Ardan O'Sullivan was spotted in the Boston area. It was the first time in four years that he had appeared in public. This coupled with the recent rise in crime rates have led Boston authorities to believe that the O'Sullivan Family has returned to its criminal operations.

Ranks Edit

  • Boss- The leader of an Irish crime family or gang.
  • Right Hand Man- The advisor to the Boss.
  • Street Boss- The controler of all the family or gang's operations.
  • Captian- A leader of a group of Enforcers.
  • Enforcer- A member of the family or gang who carries out crimes and operates rackets.
  • Outsider- A criminal associate who does jobs for the family or gang but isn't a full member.

(Left to Right) Conan Doyle, Ardan O'Sullivan, and Cian O'Sullivan

Current Leadership Edit

  • Boss- Ardan O'Sullivan
  • Right Hand Man- Conan Doyle (nephew of Barley Doyle)
  • Street Boss- Cian O'Sullivan (Ardan's cousin)
  • Captain- Daire Clarke, Luke Ryan, Matthew Conolly