The Desert Vipers
Appalachian Vipers
Founded By

Jedidiah Greer

Years Active





137 full membership (as of 10/25/14)


Arms Trafficking, Contract Killing, Prostitution, Drug Trafficking


Cicada, Heiwajima Syndicate, Mojave Pythons


The Wolves, The Titans, The Circus

Annual Income

$2 million ($300,000 tax to Cicada active December 31, 2014)

We aren't your typical thugs with guns. The Vipers are intelligent thugs with guns.
Jedidiah Greer, describing the style of how the Vipers work

The Desert Vipers, formerly the Appalachian Vipers, are a group of multi-cultural criminals under the leadership of Christopher Salasco, once led by Jedidiah Greer in secrecy. The Vipers primarily ruled the states in the Appalachian Mountain ranges, with their HQ in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania prior to the New York Alliance Civil War.

After the Civil War, the Vipers have moved westward under the protection of Cicada, a group of former enemies made reluctant allies. Taking out the Titans and setting up shop there, the Vipers have been a central focus on various higher-up criminal groups since their downfall.

. The group's main business profits come from the illegal arms trade and from the murder/sabotage of police reports and/or other gang members. However, the Vipers do have a strict code of ethics  and a "moral" code regarding their crimes and public image. 

Black Market Operations



Interactions with other gangsEdit

  • 3/2/2014: Hector of the Los Sicarios offers to buy several heavy weaponry from the Vipers. The order is later cancelled.
  • 3/7/2014: Toni Leone of the Leone Crime Family threatens the New York branch of the Vipers to remove themselves from his property.
  • 3/8/2014: Toni Leone accepts the peace offering offered to him by the "head" of the Vipers, Christopher Salasco
  • 3/14/2014: Christopher Salasco offers alliance to Alpha Wolf in preparation for the war against the Circus
  • 3/15/2014: Vipers broker deal with the Los Sicaros in delivering 15 Mesa jeeps, 10 normal and 5 modified, to their arsenal for 332,500 USD.
  • 3/16/2014: Vipers are asked to supply several forms of heavy weaponry by the  Omnia Venena. Results of the deal are still undetermined. 
  • 3/17/2014: The Appalachian Vipers send a soldier to hit The Circus's Meth Labs. Four of The Circus's meth cookers are killed, and the lab is set aflame.
  • 3/18/2014: The Vipers accept the surrender of The Circus and split the city of Ithaca with The Wolves
  • 3/18/2014: The Vipers offer large amounts of equipment and 10 men to support African heist proposed by the United Crime Corps.
  • 3/19/2014: The Vipres solidify the deal with the Omnia Venena and deliver 2 Milkor MGL's and 10 M249 machine guns to Alaska. 
  • 3/21/2014: Christopher Salasco officially declares war against The Circus, shortly before getting extremely angry for Duke losing to Mercer. 
  • 3/21/2014-3/26/2014: See involvement in Expulsion of the Circus
  • 4/1/2014-5/1/2014:: See involvement in The African Job
  • 5/9/2014-5/18/2014: See involvement in Fall of the Miami Triangle
  • 5/26/2014-6/7/2014: See involvement in the New York Alliance Civil War.
  • 8/17/2014-8/29/2014: See involvement in The California War
  • 9/2/2014: See involvement in The Pacific Heist. (working title)
  • 10/2/2014: See involvement in The Caribbean Heist
  • 10/3/2014-10/25/2014: See involvement in Vipers - Princess Thieves War
  • 11/6/2014: The Vipers go underground, with their leaders disappearing to be on their own.