The California War





Decisive Vipers victory. Titans collapse.


The Vipers and Allies

The Titans and Allies


New York Alliance Civil War


When the Appalachian Vipers were in shambles after the New York Alliance Civil War, the group responsible for their demise, Cicada, offered to help move the group and share territory in California, in exchange for paying off moving debt and imposing a monthly tax 15% of profits made in the shared territory.

The Titans, however, were in the way of this plan. Currently paying 10% of California profits to Cicada, the group accepted the Viper's better offer, and war was waged.

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The Vipers and AlliesEdit

The Titans and AlliesEdit


Opening ShotsEdit

Actual WarEdit

  • 8/18/2014
    • The Vipers send Nikolai Orelov to attack and secure a drug shipment.
    • The Vipers send Alejadro to raid a Titans-owned strip club.
    • The Titans strike a Vipers-run shipping dock, stealing a weapons crate.
  • 8/19/2014
    • Jack Dalton kidnaps Anthony Marvin and another Viper, delivering them to the Titans. Unknown to the Titans, Dalton has placed a tracker in Marvin's shoe. 
    • Mok Shi kidnaps Solomon Woods, as well as killing 4 Titans and seriously wounding another. He delivers Woods to Damien DeLuca.
    • The United Crime Corps. stages an attack on a shipment of weapons the Titans made.
    • The Titans attack a Princess Thieves-owned bar, attempting to kill several Vipers drinking there.
  • 8/20/2014
    • The Vipers attack a Titans warehouse, killing sentries and stealing a large quantity of data, which is then leaked anonymously to the police.
  • 8/20-8/21/2014
    • The Princess Thieves assault a Titans-owned shipping dock, injuring nine, leading to their arrest, and stealing cash.
  • 8/22/2014
    • Damien DeLuca tortures Solomon Woods on camera, tape is sent to Miles.
  • 8/23/2014
    • The Grimm Riders MC attacks a Titans-owned shipping dock, killing several and stealing drugs.
  • 8/24/2014
    • The Titans attempt to sue for peace, giving no terms and offering to unconditionally leave California.
  • 8/25/2014
    • The Vipers reject the Titans' terms
  • 8/26/2013
    • Several Vipers attack a Titans-owned business, taking it for themselves.
  • 8/27/2014
    • Several Mojave Pythons raid a Titans compound, stealing a large amount of cash.
    • Several members of The Wolves steal the cash back, splitting it evenly between them, Cicada, and the Vipers
  • 8/29/2014
    • With the aid of defector Keith, Cicada kills Miles "Krampus" Woods, leaving the Titans headless.
    • Daimen DeLuca kills Solomon Woods



  • Decisive Desert Vipers victory
  • Dissolution of the Titans

Territorial ChangesEdit

  • Desert Vipers move into L.A and cut up street tax to Cicada
  • Titan finance and leadership collapses, gang scatters.