Terry Dillard




Years Active



Robbery, Drug Dealing, Grand Theft Auto



Terry Dillard is a Private in Cicada. A former small-time crook, brought into the group by Ray Hill, Terry has shown much promise as a figure in the group, gaining the attention of Hill and the Mastermind, who he does jobs for and with regularly.


Terry Dillard grew up in the slums of Los Angeles to deadbeat, drug-addicted parents who were rarely there for him. This lead Dillard himself to start taking and dealing drugs as early as middle school, getting him involved in a street gang known as The Titans.

Over his criminal career, Dillard was in and out of jail several times for robberies, mugging, drug deals, and gang affiliations. This lead Dillard to meet Ray Hill, who saw potential in him and talked with Dillard regularly, convincing him to leave the Titans. Hill became friends and a father-figure to Dillard overtime, keeping his night job as a bouncer a secret from him.

When Hill was contacted for a job in Cicada and gained the trust of the Mastermind, he brought Dillard on board, telling him that the "job would change his future."

Dillard has quickly become a prodigy in Cicada, and often works with Hill on jobs. The Mastermind does not fully trust Dillard, but sees potential and takes Hill's word on him.