Suns of Vulcan Motorcycle Club
Founded By

Eddie "Vulcan" Brooksford

Years Active



United States, England, France, Australia


970 members, 320 prospects, 500 associates. 31 Chapters (20-30 members each chapter)


Arms Trafficking, Drug Smuggling, Contract Killing, Bodyguard, Professional Wreckers.





Annual Income

5.5 Billion

The Suns of Vulcan Motorcycle Club (SOVMC) is a motorcycle gang founded in Agavo, TX by Agavo native and former Gulf War Veteran, Eddie "Vulcan" Brooksford, along with his 9 brothers in arm and childhood friends. The Suns of Vulcan initially began as the friends way of causing vast amount of vandalism and property damage to begin their life anew as wandering outlaws, before deciding to use their military training and skills in the criminal underworld as hired bodyguards. As their business prosper and their gang growing in numbers, they began to set more motorcycle chapters in other cities and began operations in arms dealing and drug trafficking. As one of the most powerful motorcycle gang in Texas, The Suns of Vulcans have made various dealings with black and latin gangs alike stateside, while also handling business with the violent cartles along the Mexican border.



Code of Ethics and MembershipEdit


When it comes to enlisting members into the gang, the Vulcans often have a "strict" set of diciplines a future member must have before being sworn in to the brotherhood. They usually look for men of military background, usually coming from a military familiy or have served in the armed forces for an undiclosed amount of time. Future prospects must have an unyielding sense of loyalty for their fellow man. Vulcans look for people who will lay down their lives and freedom for their brothers under the most dire situation, and oftern perform a series of "mock tests" ,such as fake ambushes and busts, in order to weed out those who cherish their own lives more than their fellow man. Future Legionares must be ambitious and have the desire to better themselves, their club, their bikes, and the Vulcan way of life. Most importantly, future members must have a clean or minor criminal on paper in order to keep The Suns of Motorcycle Club cover as a legitimate motorcycle club to the public eyes. Race and religion mean little to the club when it comes to membership.

Code of EthicsEdit

Charter HeirarchyEdit