A man's greatest virtue is his family.
— Solomon Woods
-Miles, you're the smartest man I know.

-Aw, thanks.

— Solomon conversing with his brother, Miles

Solomon Woods is one of the three leaders of The Titans, and is the older brother of Miles "Krampus" Woods

Solomon Woods
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(co)Leader of

The Titans




Big Brother


Baseball Bat



Desert Eagle


Pass Times



Family time




Miles "Krampus" Woods (Brother)

Jessica Woods (Sister)

Agnes Woods (Mother)

Isaac Woods (Father)


Holly Woods (Wife)

Cecilia Woods (Daughter

Elizabeth Woods (Daughter)

Place of birth

San Fransico


Solomon Woods was born in San Franscio. He was the son of an American police officer, and a German woman. He is also the older brother of Miles "Krampus" Woods, and Jessica Woods. Solomon would often hang out with his siblings, and walk to school with them. Solomon would often get good grades in class. After High School, Solomon got into the drug dealing buisness, and got his younger brother involved. The two would sell their product in the neighborhoods. Soon, they met a rival dealer, which resulted in a gun fight, and the death of the rival dealer. After this, the two got some friends together, and formed a small gang. But the dealer's gang found out about his killing, and tried to kill the small gang of friends. The smaller gang was able to win the gun battle with the gang. The gang of friends expanded, and is now the The Titans.

Some time, after this, Solomon went to college. He met a woman named Holly. After a time of bonding, and two got married. Solomon had two daughters. As the Titans expanded to two more of major Californian cities, the gang realized they would need a leader of the gang in Los Angeles. Solomon moved to the city with his family, and now runs a portion of the gang there. 


Solomon is often very friendly towards people. He is always eager to speak/meet with his brother, or other family members. Being a father, he has learned to be patient, but strict. He is also a family man, and will spend lots of time with his family. He is fiercely protective of women, especially his wife and daughters.