The Serbian Mafia, is a series of various organized crime groups based in Serbia. It is composed of Serbs, and Montenegrins. Like the Russian Mafia the Serbian Mafia gave many Serbs a "way out" of economic disaster. They operate in Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, the EU, North America, and Australia. They generally have similar membership to the Russian Mafia, ranging from 200 to 5,000 members. However, most Serbian as well as Russian Mobs will not have more then 2,000 members. They operate almost every criminal activity in the world including, Arms Trafficking, Assassination, Fraud, Drug Trafficking, Human Trafficking, Drug Dealing, Infiltration of Politics, Illegal gambling, Insurance Fraud, Money Laundering, Bank Robbery, Extortion, Jewelry Theft, Grand Theft, Grand Theft Auto, Blackmailing, Bodyguarding, Contract Killing, Police Corruption, Tax Evasion, Kidnapping, Assault, etc. Today they remain the most powerful criminal organization in Serbia, and have a strong presence world wide.