After the bloodbath that was the Fall of the Miami Triangle, Lloyd hosts a meeting with other high-ranking Omnia Venena members, resulting in a change in rank management and backing out of the New York Alliance. Shortly after leaving Mexico, The Mastermind meets with Jack Dalton through Harry Evans, hiring the Mojave Pythons to dispose of Los Sicarios remnants.

Weeks later, the Pythons launch an attack on Alpha Wolf of The Wolves. The Appalachian Vipers, in an attempt to knock The Wolves down a peg, claimed responsibility for hiring the Pythons. They then declare war on the cult during a meeting set up by Cicada.

The two reach out to all their allies, but the two other members of the New York Alliance remain neutral. Each side hires out as many contractors as they can, with both sides contracting Omnia Venena and Muneca for various strikes during the war.

Unknown to both sides, however, was that Cicada and the United Crime Corps. had contracted Omnia Venena and The Princess Thieves to help with their own plans. While making a show of helping the Wolves and the Vipers, they quietly make preparations to betray them both into Cicada's hands.

Utilizing the element of surprise, they carry out their plans and capture the leading figures of both the Vipers and the Wolves. Left leaderless, casualties mounted on both sides as they tried to figure out what to do.

Eventually, the two sides come to a meeting, again brokered by Cicada, to end the war. Omnia Venena announces that they will go underground for a short amount of time. It is later revealed that the Mastermind hired the Mojave Pythons to "send a message" to Alpha Wolf and manipulated the Wolves and Vipers into fighting eachother.


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