Season 2 begins where the previous Season left off, with the United Crime Corps. gathering fellow criminal syndicates for a raid on a Sudan warlord's compound. The heist ends successfully with the warlord and hundreds of his men dying and all valuables taken from the compound. However, an argument between Los Sicarios and the rest of the heist crew ends the mission on a sour note, setting up future conflict for LS and the New York Alliance.

When the family of Toni Leone was murdered, the Golden Stars Yakuza saw it as an opportunity to strike at the weakened Leones, and hired both Cicada and Omnia Venena to drive them out of Asian territories and strike them in the United States. The war eventually escalated after the Leones incited a riot resulting in the deaths of several Cicada and Golden Stars members. This caused the Yakuza and their allies to raid the mansion of Toni Leone, and cause the fall of the family as a whole.

On the other end of the spectrum, when Los Sicarios planned another attack on New York after their earlier failure, the Zolnerowich Bratva alerted the New York Alliance of the coming war. Months of planning commenced, and the Bravta opened shots, causing both Los Sicarios and the Leone Crime Family to back out of the Florida territory shortly before their demise, resulting in the Alliance and Bravta taking control over the states.

After the Zolnerowich Bratva betrayed Los Sicarios, Lloyd Kumar convinced Los Espartono to help in destroying the cartel. A siege occurred, resulting in the deaths of Declan von Braun and Albert Borg, as well as Hector at the hands of his nemesis the Mastermind. Los Sicarios fell into disarray without leadership, with surviving members abandoning the group.


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S2E1 Title Synopsis
S2E2 Title End of African Job


Summer Soft, war with the Leones starts
S2E4 Title Synopsis


S2E6 Title Bratva's Betrayal


Toni dies, start of fall of LS.
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S2E10 Title Hector dies, OV leaves NYA