After The Circus publicly broadcasted their killing of an NYPD police officer, several New York-based organizations were understandably upset. One of these, The Wolves, hired the hacker group Cicada to flush out any information they could on The Circus. The interrogation and subsequent execution of Bill Quinn was broadcast to the Circus's leader, The Ace of Spades. This kicked off a war between The Wolves and The Circus.

This was not, however, the sole face of the war. Various back room dealings lead to the formation of the Miami Triangle and the New York Alliance, in opposition to not only each other but also to The Circus. What had started as a petty feud had blown up into a war that would decide the fate of New York's criminal element.

After the end of The War for New York, The Circus set up shop in Pennsylvania, the home turf of the Appalachian Vipers. Irritated at the continuing encroachment on their territory, the Vipers declared war on the Circus to kick them out of PA.

The Season ends with Marshal S. Grant assembling the crew for The African Job.


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S1E1 Empires Start With a Whimper La Muneca meets Lloyd in his office. Ace and Mastermind finish up phone conversation. On New York's streets, all electronics transition to a feed of a NYPD officer, who is tortured and then murdered by The Circus. Bill Quinn is kidnapped after robbing a McDonald's, wakes up to see Lullaby torturing him in front of a video camera. Watching the tape, Ace declares war on Cicada. Lullaby delivers package to Le Renard. Ace makes a phone call to Mastermind, he reverses this decision and declares war on the Wolves. Hector calls Lloyd, offers money to aid in his bid for control of NY, starting by aiding the Circus. Lullaby meets with Circus members, while Patton Trask watches through his scope.
S1E2 It's Good To Have Friends.... Lullaby's meeting goes sour, Patton snipes most of the Circus members. Lullaby shoots Ace in the arm, as Francis calls Alpha to offer his services for the rest of the war. Attacks happen, Los Sicarios and the Leones send help to the Circus and Cicada. Appalachian Vipers enter war on the Wolves' side. Mastermind, Alpha Wolf, Jedidiah Greer, and Marshall S. Grant meet Lloyd in his office.

Alliance and Entente

Two alliances are formed creating a big wedge in the underworld. A look into the lives of Alpha and his cult gang: The Wolves. Ace begins his counterattack against his enemies. Testing her loyalty, Lloyd sends the assassin Muneca on a retcon mission.
S1E4 Double Cross or Double Crossed Mastermind, Hector, and Lloyd initiate their own schemes. The Wolves and Vipers strike back against the Circus fast and hard, leaving the noose tight around Ace's neck. Toni Leone and his boys deal with a biker problem...and then some. Patton continues his rogue spree during the war. Muneca infiltrates The Circus, only to be caught in a ploy designed by Kumar.

Come One...

Lullaby robs a bank...for clowns. Hector's plans for domination backfires with disastrous results. Toni begins his oldest son, Sonny, grooming. Lloyd and Muneca play a dangerous game of cat and mouse. A disgraced beta vies for redemption and Top Beta among The Wolves. At his wits end, Ace of Spades receives a blessing in disguise...or a curse.
S1E6 ....Come All. The war draws to a close leaving some gangs in overwhelming victory, while the others are left in the dust. Patton returns to the fold once again. Mastermind enjoys his small victory against his old nemesis, Hector, while the masked man heads to Russia to reel in from his loss. Toni takes the family to Miami as a thinly veiled to discuss the new "status quo" with The Triangle. Lloyd begins to ponder what to do next, continue his scheme or play the newest video gam that came out? A new kind of trouble for the Vipers are in the horizon.

The Big Top Goes Down

Ace of Spades and the Circus set up shop in Pennsylvania, only to be welcomed as univited guests. Toni begins to wonder what is his and his syndicate place is in the criminal underworld. A look into the life of the mysterious leader of The Appalachia Vipers: Jedidiah Greer. The Beta slowly climbs his way to the top. Lullaby and Sicario hitman team up in a mission in the Australian outback.
S1E8 The Show Draws To A Close... Ace and The Circus are surrounded on every side, only to be saved by an unexpected ally. Muneca comes for Lloyd. Jedidiah Greer ponders the choices he has made in the past decade. Meanwhile, Toni Leone returns with new vigor. With his organization fully recouperated, Hector once again begins his scheme for domination. Mastermind handles an inner problem in Cicada, personally. Lullaby and Omni hit a snag in the Australia.

....With An Underwhelming Ovation.

The war for Pennsylvania draws to a close with an unexpected overwhelming victory for The Vipers. A crack appears in the alliance between the Vipers and Wolves. Seeing each other as equal, Lloyd and Muneca join forces and begin their conspiracy. Alpha crowns a new Beta. An unexpected friendship forms between Lullaby and Omni-Key. As peace dawns once again, mysterious leader of the United Crime Corps. sends an invitation online.
S1E10 The Sudanese Job, Part 1 Omnia Venena, Los Sicarios, the Zolnerowich Bratva, the Vipers, Cicada, and the Wolves all respond, sending men and materiel to the meeting spot in Sudan, a luxury hotel, lead by one of the prominent assassins in each organization. The assassins and their men eat, drink, and plan out their operation. Just before sundown, the groups enter several jeeps and head off to start the heist.