The Russian Mafia is a collection of Russian criminals across the world in loose association with one another. Comprising mostly of former Russian military or criminals who left Russia for other countries , the Russian Mafia started appearing after the collapse of the Soviet Union and in a short period of time have made their presence in the United States known. While the Russian Mafia exists on a worldwide scale operating every kind of racket from caviar smuggling to the illegal selling of nuclear technology to rouge states, the Russian Mafia in America though not as powerful as the international Russian Mafia, dominate the rackets in their respective territories. There is no governing body for the Russian Mafia but the families and gangs often work together. Solntsevkaya Bratva (the strongest Russian Mob) is considered to be the most dangerous criminal organization in the world, though their membership is small compared to most Chinese Triads and Japanese Yakuzas they remain just as powerful and may bring in just as much money. The Russian Mafia remains the dominant criminal organization in Russia, and one of the strongest in America and other countries. Today the Russian Mafia is without a doubt one of the strongest criminal organizations in the world.


  • Pakhan- Leader of a Russian crime family or gang.
  • Sovietnik- The advisor to the Pakhan.
  • Obshchak- The treasurer and chief bookmarker.
  • Brigadier- A leader of a group of lower ranking members of the family or gang.
  • Boyevik- A member of the family or gang who carrys out crimes and operates rackets.
  • Kryshas- An enforcer and debt collector.
  • Torpedo- A hitman for the family or gang.
  • Byki- A bodyguard for higher ranking membersof the family or gang.
  • Shestyorka- An associate who does jobs for the family or gang but is not a full member.