These are the rules that every user must abide by-

  1. No adding stuff to other users organization's pages without their permission. However, if something is unrealistic on a page, admins may change it.
  2. No flaming, flaming may result in a 3 day to 1 week ban from chat for from the wiki as a whole.
  3. No excessive profanity towards other users while not role playing.
  4. Do not steal ideas from another user.
  5. No changing the features of the wiki without permission.
  6. No vandalism.
  7. Non admins can't tell other users what to do with their organizations.
  8. No sock puppeting. Sock puppeting is illegal on all wikis and will result in a 45 day ban. The next time a permanent ban.
  9. No anti-gay or racist remarks etc. Remarks like that may result in a 3 day to 2 week ban depending on what it was and how it was said and presented.
  10. You may link most forms of media. However, viruses, pornography, and/or other inappropriate links will be permanently banned, and may be reported to wikia and/or local law enforcement agencies.

These are the rules that all users organization's must abide by-

  1. Depending on your type organization you will have different rules to abide by. (See: Organization Rules)

Gang War Guidelines&Rules-

See here: Making a Gang War (Guidelines and Rules)