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"Ignorance is bliss." Oh how true that is, my friend. Oh how true it is...
— Robert Palmer

Robert Palmer is a general and the communcations officer of the Appalachian Vipers, as well as a drug kingpin of the southern regions of the Appalachian Mountains. After siding with Salasco in the Viper Civil War, Palmer was assassinated by former-employee-turned-freelance assassin Alejandro.

Biography Edit

A washed up child prodigy, Robert Palmer was often angered at himself because of his eidetic memory made him unsure of what was "interesting" to others as it was himself. Graduating high school, Robert was accepted into Princeton University with a speacilty in law. Palmer excelled in all his classes, and was soon the owner a very successful law firm. This all changed, however, when Palmer took to gambling. Though he managed to keep his law firm, he was forced to move from his fairly nice three-story building to a loft above a Chinese restaurant, abandon his mansion to a shitty apartment, and fire a majority of his staff to just himself. Finding himself out of money and deep in debt, Palmer turned to defending mob bosses in court in corrupt trials. 

One of Palmer's more frequent clients, Damien DeLuca, came to the lawyer and offered him to partake in an operation that included the businessmen Christopher Salasco and a small time teacher Jedidiah Greer. Palmer agreed, and soon founded the Appalachian Vipers alongside the three others. Taking base in his alma mater Montgomery, Palmer soon became a rising drugpin in the city as well. 

His empire running from the Georgia, Alabama, the Carolinas, and even reaching into the tip of Florida, Palmer soon grew very rich very quickly. Keeping up several law firms as a cover for his operations, Palmer was attacked by a rival cartel after he opened his businesses. Confined to a wheelchair permanetly after the incident, Palmer ordered the destruction of the entire cartel. Palmer retreated into his work, barely speaking to anybody with the exception of his fellow Inner Circle members. 

Personality Edit

Robert Palmer often attempts to throw up a facade of arrogance, but suffers mild depression because of his crippling status. He is addicted to gambling as well, often willing to risk large amounts of money just for the thrill. Despite his depression and addiction, Robert is an incredibly deceptive and manipulative man who often tries to seek the best possible outcome for himself.