Ray Hill




Years Active





Kidnapping, Extortion, Money Laundering, Murder, Hijacking, Contract Killing, Smuggling



Raymond "Ray" Hill is a General in Cicada, being one of the earliest and most trusted members apart of the organization. He is a respected and experienced former hitman and bodyguard, now one of the Mastermind's personal friends and high-ranking Cicada commander.


Ray Hill was born to a pair of rural farmers in Central California, focusing mostly on school during his childhood and teenage year, becoming a well-respected Honor Roll student and athlete, with primary interests in science and football.

After graduating high school and college, Ray became crime scene investigator in the Scientific Investigation Department apart of the Los Angeles Police Department. Despite living an easy going and normal life, a fire caused by a drug dealer burnt down his family farm, killing parents in the process. An enraged Ray tracked the dealer down and shot him dead, costing him his job and 14 years in prison.

Upon release, Hill took up a job as a bouncer for gang-owned club, eventually rising up in ranks and becoming a cleaner and hitman for the gang. The group was eventually taken down by the police, leaving Hill on the run.

Ray took up several more jobs as a bodyguard and club bouncer for numerous gangs over his career, and was eventually contacted by the newly-founded Cicada to be a highly paid bodyguard for the Mastermind.

Overtime, Ray became a well respected and liked figure among other members, including the Mastermind, who Ray became a loyal friend with. Ray was eventually given the rank of general for his experience and loyalty, overseeing many branches of the organization.



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