Up until early 2013, the wiki operated very differently. It had very strict realism rules. Everything had to be realistic. There was a lot of restriction on what you could do. Real worl gangs such as the Gambino Crime Family had a lot of influence on you. You couldn't post up in cities controlled by a certain real gang without giving them a cut of your profits, you could not go to war with them either. Your number of members were highly restricted based on gang type and location. You could not create a "unique" organization. Meaning all organizations had to be a real type of gang (I.E Italian Mafia, Outlaw Motorcycle Club). These are just a few among many restrictions. For a long time most people really liked this, and the wiki had a lot of activity. However, in mid 2012 activity started to heavily die down. In late 2012 it was deemed that this was due to the realism rules which were fun at first, but in the end got boring and set us back. So we decided to reboot the whole wiki by heavily cutting down on the realism rules. Most people made new gangs or heavily modified their old ones to be much less realistic. However, people here have put a lot of work into their gangs in many ways. People here did not want to have all their hard work go to waste. So it was decided there would be an archive containing all of this.

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Organizations made by LasiferEdit

The Cats
The Cats Logo
The Cats Logo

Located In

HQ is located in San Francisco. The Second Cats HQ is Paris, France.

Founded By

The Grey Tiger, Jerry Manso

Years Active



California, Arizona, Kansas, Georgia, Florida, and France. Formerly Texas and New Mexico


American, Mexican-American, French, German, British, and Japanese


Around 275 official members and 100 associates at it's height.

Criminal Activities

Racketeering, Extortion, Illegal Gambling, Prostitution, Money Laundering, Murder, Forgery, Grand Theft Auto, Arms Trafficing, Contract Killing, and Smuggling


The Mannino Crime Family


Mexican Mafia and Kingdom of Angels

The Cats were Califorian gang located in San Francisco and its surrounding areas. At it's height it was the most powerful gang in the state of California. As of May of 2012, an official FBI report reveals that the Cats are no longer active and after constant federal investigation many members have been jailed.


The Tigers were founded in 1998 by The Grey Tiger, Jerry Manso, as a small gang that terrorized San Francisco. By 2001, they had taken over San Diego territory and Los Angeles followed in 2002.

The Tigers soon reached deeper into Southern California by taking over San Clemente and Dana Point in 2003. That same year, The Grey Tiger died from heart failure and The Tigers were soon taken over by a rival gang, The White Lions. The White Lions merged gangs with The Tigers soon after, the name was changed to The Cats. The leader of the White Lions took power of The Cats as The Panther, the highest rank in the gang.

Sometime in 2004, a majority of the members joined the military to get military training for The Cats. Afterwards In 2005, a large heist was pulled on Camp Pentleton by The Cats. They stole over 100 arms and armor for the gang. The Cats then expanded all the way to Texas, taking over a majority of Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas territory.

They soon made more rivals than allies in late 2005 when many large and smaller gangs tried to take back territory. One of the gangs included the Mexican Mafia, who The Cats became Rivals with quickly.

In Mid-2006, The Cats rose from a large gang, into a large Crime Family when over 100 new members joined the gang. A large Gang War took place between The Cats and Mexican Mafia, The Mexican Mafia rose victorious, killing over 200 of The Cats members, although they lost about 100 themselves. After the Gang War, The Cats lost Texas and New Mexico territory in late 2007.

The Cats opened a small club called "The Feline's Place" in Mid-2008. They expanded it into a three story club in early 2009, and opened up a VIP Club on the third floor titled "The Litter Box" which was for Gang Members only, they also held they're meetings there.

In 2010, they had gotten a hold of 600 pounds of C4 from The Black Market. They had created a plan to use it in Mid-2010 and put it to the test in late 2010 when 50 Cat Members traveled to Mexico and bombed Mexico City with 200 pounds of C4, and bombed the Mexican Mafia HQ with 300 pounds of C4. Only 17 Members of The Cats manged to get back to San Francisco with the 100 pounds of C4.

In early 2011, The Mannino Crime Family became allies with The Cats after The Cats helped them by protecting Counterfeit from South Korea from the Chinese Triads. Also in early 2011, The Cats decided to open up a very private Chop Shop that only Cat Members, neutral gangs, or allies knew about. They kept it a secret from the local Cops as much as possible.

On March 1st, 2012, The Cat's leader, Snowball, Was slain when Cigar hire The Vigil take him down for Cigar to take power, and he did so. He eventually spread The Cats to Kansas, Georgia, and Florida, forming three new chapters.

The Cat's became increasingly ineffective in doing business and failing to launder their profits. Their leadership began to falter and by late April of 2012 after months of being forced to go underground, most of the high ranking members were convicted of gang related charges and received lengthy prison sentences. By early May, the remaining members of the gang had scattered and their operations ceased. As of May 2012, they are defunct.

The Second CatsEdit

A Second Group of Cats were formed in Europe. With a primary gang built-up in Paris, France. This gang was founded in February 2012 after a large gig from the original Cats gang left a large portion of members behind in Europe. The remaining section formed a new gang, The Second Cats aka The French Felines. The New Gang kept the same ranks as The Original Gang. This new gang, although similar to the first gang, was equipped with the same basic ranks and rules, but committed new types of crimes and different weaponry. Their current status is unknown to U.S. law enforcement.


There were a total of 8 ranks in The Cats.

  • The Lion: Highest Rank in The Cats; Leader of the Gang
  • The Tiger: Second in Command of The Cats; The Panther's Most Trusted Member
  • Leopards: Chapter Leaders
  • Panthers: Highly Trained and Skilled Allies and Assassins
  • Cheetahs: Special Veteran Members with Military Training
  • Jaguar: Brutish Bouncers that Work at The Feline's Place
  • Cougars: Well Known and High Ranked Soldiers
  • Ocelots: The main foot soldiers of The Cats
  • Kittens: The New Members of The Cats

Notable MembersEdit

These were some of The Cats Notable Members:

  • The Grey Tiger aka Jerry Manso: Founder of the Original Tiger Gang (Status unknown)
  • Snowball: 2003-2012 Leader of The Cats (Deceased)
  • Cigar: Last leader. (Currently serving a life sentence)
California ChapterEdit
  • Jessy: The Operator of "The Feline's Place" and Chapter Leader- Tiger
  • Bradon: Snowball's Lackey - Ocelot
  • Ricardio: The Arms Dealer- Cheetah

Arizona ChapterEdit

  • Rain: Leader of The Arizona Chapter- Tiger


The Cats Profit Percentage

  • 25% of The Cats Money made off of The Feline's Place
  • 15% of The Cats Money made off of The Chop Shop
  • 25% of The Cats Money made off of Arms Dealing
  • 35% of The Cats Money made off of Dealing with Allied Gangs

Weapons Used by The CatsEdit

This is a List of Weapons that were used by The Cats and The Second Cats:

Melee WeaponsEdit
  • Machetes
  • Baseball Bats
  • Golf Clubs
  • Axes
  • M1911 Pistols
  • .357 Revovlers
  • Glock 19s
  • Smith & Wesson Model 29
  • Colt Python
  • Webley Mk VI (The Second Cats Only)
  • Luger P08s (The Second Cats Only)
Sub-Machine GunsEdit
  • Uzis
  • Mini-Uzis
  • MPLs
  • MP5Ks
  • Heckler & Kolch UMP (The Second Cats Only)
  • PP-90M1 (The Second Cats Only)
  • STEN Guns (The Second Cats Only)
  • SPAS-12
  • Model 1887
  • AA-12
  • Sagia-12 (The Second Cats Only)
Assault RiflesEdit
  • AK-47s
  • SCAR-L
  • Type 95 (The Second Cats Only)
Machine GunsEdit
  • MG42 (The Second Cats Only)
  • M2 Browning
  • FN MAG
Sniper RiflesEdit
  • M25
  • C14 Timberwolf
  • CheyTac Intervention
  • Accuracy International AWM (The Second Cats Only)
  • Flashbangs
  • C4
  • M67 Grenades
  • Riot Shields


At Kitten, Cat, and sometimes Bobcat ranks, The Cats Gang Members commonly wore street clothing that range from T-Shirts, Tanktops, Jackets, and Jeans. Some Higher Ranks like Lynx, Cheetah, and Tiger, They wore Tuxedos with Bullet Proof Vests underneath.

A Tuxedo

Organizations made by LeolabEdit

The Silver Order:

Pre-2013 Wiki Archive
A computer-generated image of Aldo Trapani, the group's leader.


Operates mainly out of India, but are mobile enough to be able to leave the country.


Aldo Trapani.

Years Active

August 2012-current


Several Safe Houses, also sometimes takes rooms near Vigil-owned buisnesses or in Vigil-owned hotels.

Other leaders, in command order

Deo Nilesh, Allan McAdory, Agam Cohen, Mitchell Greyson



Criminal Activities

Hacking, Hijacking, Theft, Contract killing, Other contract jobs(including but not limited to: Arson, Bombings, Extortion, and Beatings), middlemen for other crime families





Annual income

Unknown, but in the millions


The Silver Order was founded in mid-2012 by Aldo Trapani, who was dissatisfied with The Vigil's move to legitimacy. It contains the few members of the former criminal organization that were wholly against the move. While not officially part of the new, legitimate business, they tend to use The Vigil's bars and other locations to meet. A very recent group, but one that retains most of the contacts of The Vigil, they are a crime group that is high on most watch lists. They tend to take the same neutral stance as The Vigil once did.


  • General
  • Commander
  • Captain
  • Soldier

There is one General, one Commander, and three Captains. Currently, each Captain commands seven soldiers.

Important Members:Edit

  • Aldo Trapani - founding and current General
  • Deo Nilesh - founding and current Commander
  • Allan McAdory - founding and current Captain
  • Agam Cohen - founding and current Captain
  • Mitchell Greyson - founding and current Captain

The Vigil:

The Vigil
The Vigil’s Logo, the Eye on white

Former Location

HQ is located near Philadelphia, PA. Has a presence throughout the USA, centralized by region in Houses, and in some foreign countries, centralized by continent in Houses, with the exception of Asia being split into two subunits: Asia and India.


Unknown, goes by the pseudonym “Linkmaster”.

Years Active



Philadelphia and surrounding area, small towns across the US, Europe, and Asia, more concentrated in India.

Houses, in command order

Linkmaster: HQ for US, and all ops.
Tycho: India HQ.
Mateus: South America HQ.
Achraeon: Asia HQ
Lloyd: Europe HQ
Hiero: North America HQ.
Lynd: Africa / Middle East HQ.

Former Membership by House

Linkmaster: 100.
Tycho: 200.
Mateus: 150.
Achraeon: 250
Lloyd: 150
Hiero: 100.
Lynd: 100.
Unaligned: 50
Total: 1100 members

Former Criminal Activities

Gun running, Assassination, Hacking / illegal modifications to electronics, Illegal gun modifications, Money Laundering, Contract killing, Other contract jobs(including but not limited to: Arson, Bombings, Extortion, and Beatings), middlemen for other crime families





Annual income

Unknown, but in the billions


Founded in 1970, The Vigil was formed as a pastime between morally bankrupt friends, but it quickly grew into one of the largest and best-funded criminal syndicates in the world. A truly global organization, it has several members stationed in each part of the world, though they are most concentrated in the US. The syndicate is organized by "Houses", which oversee regions. They tend to operate more quietly than other crime families, with executions done quietly and takeovers done in the dead of night, so it is currently unsure when exactly they took control of the Philadelphia area, save that it was before 1980.

The use of the Eye as their symbol started around 1973; for the first three years, it was simply a normal eye, but The Vigil redesigned it, changing the colors and how the pupil is shaped. The original leader showed an extreme fondness for it, and Eye is now capitalized when referring to their standard.

After 1980, the syndicate rapidly grew in power when one of its leaders took political office. In the space of ten years it purchased several discrete houses in shady neighborhoods and slowly turned them respectable. Internationally, The Vigil had its elite operatives maintain safe houses and stores in multiple countries. To this day a post in an international House is considered one of the most prestigious marks of achievement any ranked member can have.

After consolidating its power around 1982, The Vigil made a formal declaration of neutrality unless personally attacked, offering services as both suppliers and middlemen to other families. Their official statement was that peace was more profitable than war, and so they refused to start a conflict. This stance, coupled with both their location in and around the Philadelphia Area and their meritocratic policies, caused some to nickname them the "Quaker Mafia," a name they would occasionally use to take credit for a particularly bloody job within the crime community. It was also around this time that it became apparent that all the pseudonyms were passed down to each successor, rather than each taking their own codename.

The syndicate has an interesting fascination with melee combat, often using Renaissance Fairs, medieval battle reenactments, and other such events as an excuse to meet. Every member is required to be proficient with at least one type of close-quarters weapon, and their advancement depends on skill with them as well as with firearms.

In mid-2012, The Vigil stopped performing illegal activities. It went fully legitimate, now operating an international, multi-service chain which is primarily gun shops, but also includes bars, restaurants, and other such businesses. These stores continue to be a meeting place for members of other organized crime groups, and members of gangs that The Vigil was on good terms with tend to receive discounts.

Aldo Trapani, the former second-in-command of The Vigil, disagreed with this move, and he and a small group of 25 people continue to take hits. While the Fourth Linkmaster disapproved, he turned a blind eye to the drop boxes installed in the back of The Vigil's buildings. This remnant has been named The Silver Order.

High-profile jobsEdit

The Vigil really only started taking public credit for jobs in March of 2012, so here are the details afterwards:

3/6/2012: Assassination order from Cigar on his leader, Snowball; followed through.

3/9/2012: Assassination order from Canadian mobsters; followed through.

3/30/2012: Worked with Zolnerowich bratva to steal gun shipments.

4/13/2012: Assassinated members of the Juarez Cartel on behalf of the Southern Riders, reigniting the war between the Juarez and Sinaloa Cartels.

4/15/2012: Worked with the Westmore Syndicate to steal gun shipments.

4/17/2012: Hired by The Ukraine Connection to expose the Men of Mayhem's mole in the Vermont Police.

4/26/2012: Hired by The Ukraine Connection to bust a Men of Mayhem drug deal.

4/27/2012: Hired by the Men of Mayhem to strike at The Ukraine Connection.

5/10/2012: Hired by the Southern Riders to strike at the Yankee Riders.

6/6/2012: Hired by the Cobranie Crime Family to be a surrogate in the Men of Mayhem- Doyle Family War.

6/9/2012: Hired to hit the Loup Garou; straight shooting
6/9/2012: Hired to hit the Men of Mayhem; initiated a police drug bust
6/9/2012: Hired to hit the Loup Garou; shooting
6/9/2012: Hired to hit the New Raj; Sniping.

7/7/2012: Hired by the Westmore Syndicate to help with busting a trade. Successful.

8/25/2012: Goes Legitimate

Rankings / PseudonymsEdit

Pseudonyms in ranking order:

  • Linkmaster: Leader
  • Tycho: Second-in-command, Master of Contracts
  • Mateus: Head of Assassination
  • Achraeon: Head of Electronics
  • Lloyd: Head of Intelligence
  • Hiero: Quartermaster
  • Lynd: Head of Recruitment


  1. Vigil: Leads up to 2 Captains
  2. Captain: Leads up to 5 Knights
  3. Knight: Leads up to 5 Footmen
  4. Footman: Basic thugs
  5. Squire: Newest Recruits


All members wear casual clothing to remain inconspicuous, unless otherwise necessary. Most members wear a bulletproof vest underneath. All members have a tattoo of the Eye on their shoulder, where it's inconspicuous but easy to show to those who try to rob them and to other families. Non-members discovered with this tattoo are executed, along with the tattoo artist who gave it to them.

To maintain inconspicuousness, a majority of the weapons carried by the Vigil's members are small and easily concealable. In fact, the only time the heavy weapons come out at all are during special jobs or during times of war.


All weapons that can be silenced have silencers.

  • Modern Colt M1911
  • Colt .45 Magnum
  • Glock-18
  • HK USP
  • Walther PPK
  • Sig-Sauer P226
  • Browning Hi-Power
  • MP-25
  • Beretta 3032 Tomcat
  • Ruger LCR
  • FN Five-seveN
  • Taurus Judge Magnum Edition
  • Modified Flare Gun
  • Bersa Thunder 380
  • Jericho 941
  • Zamorana
  • Mamba
  • Vektor CP1
  • Caracal
  • Akdal Ghost
  • 0.44 Magnum
Sub Machine GunsEdit
  • MAC-10
  • Skorpion vz. 61 w/ drum mag
  • Uzi
  • MAC-11
  • Colt MARS
  • TEC-9
  • Patria Mod 2
  • Grot CH-9/25
  • Sanna 77
  • Bushmaster Carbon 15 PDW
Assault Rifles*Edit
  • Refurbished IMI Galil
  • Bushmaster Carbon 15 AR
  • INSAS rifle variants
  • R4
Machine Guns*Edit
  • Sawn-off RPD
  • M60
  • INSAS LMG variant
  • RPG-7
  • IEDs
  • Molotov Cocktails
  • Sawed-off Shotgun
  • SPAS-12
  • Ithaca 37
  • Stoeger Coach Gun
  • 7" Striker model
  • Benelli Supernova
  • ENARM Pentagun
  • H&K CAWS
  • Pancor Jackhammer
  • Members were encouraged to pick from a wide variety of melee weapons, so the actual weapons are individualized.

Sniper Rifles*Edit

  • AWP
  • Mosin-Nagant 1801/30
  • Dragunov SVD
  • ČZW-127
  • Garrotte
  • Ice Pick
  • Fist fighting
  • Brass knuckles

*These weapons are only used for necessary ops or in gang wars, and are almost never owned by individual members, instead being kept in each House's Compound.

Notable MembersEdit

The Linkmasters and their distinguishing marksEdit
  • Linkmaster, 1970-1977, an elderly gentleman who was blind in his right eye. Lost a battle against Smallpox, became one of the last deaths before the eradication of the disease. Used a switchblade.
  • Linkmaster, 1977-1992, longest serving Linkmaster, born without a right eye. Left vestigial socket uncovered for intimidation purposes. Retired, served as a mentor for the current Linkmaster. Took poison upon The Vigil going legit. Used a knife.
  • Linkmaster, 1992-2000, a young man who had tattooed both his eyes to resemble the Eye, assassinated during a mission. Used a fire axe.
  • The current Linkmaster 2000-2012, a young man who has his right eye tattooed all black. Leaves right eye closed in public, to give dramatic effect when he shows who he is. Uses a dagger.
Members whose names are knownEdit
  • Aldo Trapani: Vigil assigned to Linkmaster House; sociopathic enforcer but a brilliant tactical mind. Disappeared as of 2003 - suspected to be the current Tycho. Uses a section of weighted pipe.
  • Leo Madan: Vigil assigned to Tycho House; is emotionally cold during a job but is very jovial otherwise. Uses a Trench Knife.
  • Jacob Ames: Captain in Linkmaster House, formerly under Aldo; has served for well over twenty years, since his excessive bloodlust keeps him from climbing. Uses a shortsword hidden in his jacket.

Organizations made by Coool31Edit

"I'm glad you like the toys the Carneles decided to set us up with. Up until now, we have been toying with the Carnales and Ricardo. I mean kill his girl here, steal his guns, money and drugs there... Well we are done playing. We know where he lives, we have his guns lets take out what left of Los Carneles
— "Damian Bridgeman, Giving a morale boosting speech before a gang fight.
Doyle Crime Family
Doyle Admin
The Current Doyle Administration


Damian Bridgeman

Years Active:



Canadian Faction:Brandon, London, Niagara Falls, North-Bay, Ottawa-Gatineau, Sudbury, Thunder Bay, Timmins, Toronto and Winnipeg
American Faction: Albany, Atlantic City, Carson City, Las-Vgeas, New Jersey, Reno and Yonkers


Dominated by but not exclusive to members of Irish decent


~110 Enforcers
~220 Outsiders
~150 Puppets

Businesses in order of Profit:

Major: Chop shops, Prostitution, The Arm's Trade, Illegal Gambling, The Drug Trade, Loan Sharking, Money Laundering and Pornography
Minor: Racketeering, Extortion, Fencing, Labor Unions, Construction, Cyber-crimes, Armed Robbery, Counterfeiting, Protection and Blackmail


The Rizzuto Crime Family, West End Gang, Crips, Outlaws MC, Hell's Angels, Westmore Syndicate, Men of Mayhem (Business only), The Napoleon Coalition , The Blu-Jayz Mc, Sinola Cartel, Most Italian and Irish Crime families


Red Scorpions, Bloods, Banditos MC, The Loup Garou, Mad Kowz , The Arian Brotherhood, The Sleeping Samurai Gang and Cotroni Crime Family

Other names

The Irish Outfit
The Doyles
La Clover Nostra
The Irish Mafia,
The Irishmen

Average annual profit:

(1.3 Billion)

The Doyle Crime Family is a Irish crime syndicate operating in central Canada known for their legendary brutality and mafia like behavior. The gang consists of mostly of tuners, pimps, pushers and arms dealers. Making chop shops, prostitution and the arms and drug trades is their top buissnesses. They are known for their young members and promoting talented members at a young age. They're the 3rd most powerful criminal organization in Canada after the Rizzuto Crime Family and the West End Gang.


Founded in the late fifties, a young Patrick Doyle always wanted to be an Italian gangster, but being Irish he never could, which is why the Doyle Crime Family was created. Born in a power vacuum which they filled it with a small family with few good men and and they were spread thin. Soon, four other gangs came into the picture and took almost everything that the Doyle's had. After years of scraping the off of the bottom making only about 300 million dollars a year after operating costs, after almost 60 years of building slowly and getting better men they became the one of the most powerful criminal organizations in Canada. The authorities once called them The Irishmen, but they soon found out that thing was certain they were way more organized then any gang, they were a crime family, and this worried the Law enforcement more then ever.

Rise To PowerEdit

The family, born in Ottawa, spent years doing small time work, but that all changed when their current boss joined the family as he lead several, sometimes lethal campaigns to take over the rival gangs business, other assets and crime rings. Patrick and his Street Boss, Damian planed the death of each of the gang leaders. They chose a day, and had them followed and killed when they were most vulnerable:

  • Ricardo Montana: executed by by Richard and Denis Harper: The pair put two bullets in his head side by side.
  • Ben Vogel: executed by by Michael Kreane: Stabed him ritual style in the The Blu-Jayz Mc Clubhouse while he was high.
  • Kenji Akuji: executed by by John Coonan: 8 shotgun shells inside McDonald's bathroom killed him.
  • Jimmy "James" Malone: executed by Damian killed himself one shot in the leg, one in the shoulder and one in the stomach and watched him die, after sevreal hours of torture.

After Damian's RiseEdit

After the mass slaughter, the family made significant gains in respect, money, members and assets in the Canadian underworld. Most of Malone's and Montana's gang members defected to the Doyle's out of fear of further massacres and out of recpect and Sleeping Samurai was destroyed completely and the Blu-Jayz Became allies to the family, the gang sadly lost significant assets, their best assassins: The Twins and John Coonan were arrested in connection to this slaughter. After the slaughter the family started investing in Las Vegas casinos, and spread like a cancer to Northern Ontario and Southern Ontario to start rackets. And after all, the police in Northern Ontario were less prepared for organized crime.

Damian bought a large amount of land and had a lavish estate built on the property as well as several smaller houses were bought in the neighborhood to house the family's highest ranking men and their families. Damian also opened an Irish themed restaurant chain in the memory of Patrick, which is now an international chain and profitable in it's own right, with franchises all over Ontario and the State of New York. The Doyle family is now multi-national with operations in the states of New York, Nevada and New Jersey.

The ConsortiumEdit

Since Damian's rise, the Family has formulated strong ties to the Montreal Based Rizzuto Crime Family, West End Gang and the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club. The Four organizations make up the "Consortium" similar to New York City's "Commission". Together the four groups leaders fix the price of drugs and other goods for the wholesale and retail markets. The majority of the drugs smuggled through Canada are ultimately retailed in the United States, with a small remainder being distributed across Canada. The Doyles handle the marijuana end of the drug bussiness and leaves the other drugs to the other families. Since the Doyle's are not founding members of the "Consortium" , they have no veto rights in meetings. The Doyle's are generally on good terms terms with the Italian and Irish Mafias as well as other powerful criminal organizations across North America and Europe. such as the Sinaloa Cartel who are the Doyles biggest buyer of guns and amunition.

The Doyle family's intrests are represented on the Italian Mafia Commision by the Rizzuto crime family and the Doyle family represents the Rizzutos intrests whem the irish syndicates meet up.

The MOM-Doyle warEdit

The Men of Mayhem-Doyle Family war, was a war between the Men of Mayhem street gang and The Doyle Crime Family after the Men of Mayhem gave the The Loup Garou a 25% cut of their profits in order to move into Quebec. They also wanted to move into Ontario, however Damian also demanded a 25% cut of their profits. The Men of Mayhem counter-offered with 15%. Damian Insulted by the low ball offer, he politely rejected it, and then gave an order to John to tell the boys to be ready for a mob war.

Damian was right. The Men Of Mayhem attacked the next day, Damian called out to his allies for assistance due to police pressure. The Cobranie Family hired The Vigil to act as a proxy, the Westmore Syndicate soon joined in and so did the Ukraine Connection for reasons unknown.

The two sides attacked each other in a Tit for Tat manner resulting in a total body count exedeing 100. Damian angered by all the attacks on his bussines and men, ordered the death of all the high ranking members of The Men of Mayhem. This lead to The MOM loosing their Senior Commander, Commanders And Junior Commanders in a slaughter. Following the the mass execution, the Men of Mayhem surrendered and did not move into Ontario. The Loup Garou surrender as well fearing a similar massacre which was a good thing as Damian was planning a similar attack on them. The Doyle's also made a deal with the Black Unity Movement. Backing out, the B.U.M. took 33% percent of the Doyle's drug dealing turf and then soon they altered the deal due to a large loss of profits and lowered it to 25%.

But Damian was not going to just let them oprate on their turf, Damian sent some men to infiltrate the B.U.M. and take incriminateing photoghaphs, his plan was to sick the police on the B.U.M. this plan wich never came to light as the B.U.M. is now defunct, and the Doyles were quick to push out the remainder of there men off there turf and once again the Doyle family has near total control of the Ontario's very valuable drug market.

New York expansionEdit

After some thought, Damian made a decision to expand in to New York City using a plan wich never came to light due to the cost, so Damian made a deal with both the Cobraine ane DeCavalcante families to move into their turf. Damian also took advantage of the New Jersey mobs weakened state to their advantage. Damian cut a deal that helped him gain a massive amount of power in the tri-state area; He bought most of the Rackets that the DeCavalcante family lost to the Five Families as well as setting up new ones. As for New York, the Doyle Family works with the Cobranie Family in Albany, New York. Recentley Damian was contacted by Marty McReary, who is in charge of the Doyle operations in the Tri-state area. His cousin Mike wanted to have his small Irish street gang to get absorbed into the Doyle family. Damian accpeted as long as they pass all the tests, which they did.

Nevada ExpansionEdit

The Doyle family now with 30 more men, divided Mikes gang into 2 groups; one stayed in New York, the other was moving to Nevada to help expand operations to Reno and Carson City. The Doyle family are now at the height of their power. The Doyle Family met minimal Resistance from the local gangs and all went as planed planned. The Bandits Crew are now the Doyles Foothold in to the West coast of America. Due to the sucess ot the expansion Damian will promote Esteban Diaz Coonan to a new position, the newley created "Underboss" position. Esteban will be the Doyle family's American Faction Leader, and the Number 3 man overall


The Doyle family controls and dominates the rackets in Ottawa-Gatineau, Toronto, Sudbury, and Timmins areas and their major illegal operations include: Chop shops, prostitution, arm's Trade, illegal gambling and drug trafficking. All the others are considered minor businesses. Anyone wanting to operate on there turf has to pay them tribute or face the threats of violence. The family owns many legitimate buisnesses such as restaurants, bars, stores, and nightclubs where they launder their illicit profits. Also, they distribute a designer drug they developed that they like to call: Clover Dust, in every city they operate in. It is also distributed in Boston by the O'Sullivan Crime Family. the familyy also has crews operating in Las Vegas and in the New York New Jersey area who also distribute the drug.

Member owned BusinessesEdit

Money EmpireEdit

(Average yearly profit made from each Individual Business after operating costs, bribes etc.)

Chop Shop 350,000,000
Prostitution 315,000,000
The Arms Trade 200,000,000
The Drug Trade 150,000,000
Illegal Gambling 110,000,000
Loansharking 55,000,000
Money Laundering 35,000,000
Pornography 35,000,000
Extortion 35,000,000
Fencing 30,000,000
Labor Unions 30,000,000
Construction&Union Control 25,000,000
Counterfeiting 20,000,000
Cyber Crimes 15,000,000
Armed Robbery 15,000,000
Blackmail 10,000,000
Money made from Legit Businesses* 70,000,000
Money made from other organizations paying them to operate in their area or other things 70,000,000
Total annual profit 1,300,000,000$ (1.3 Billion)

(*This dose not include profits from Damian's legitimate buissines)

Turf and CrewsEdit

Doyle family Turf is mainly on the east coast on North America and it is prominent in Ontario, Manitoba, New York, New Jersey and Nevada the Doyle family controls the Ports in: Toronto, Hamilton (control shared with Mustiano Family),Thunder Bay and New Jersey.

The Doyle family is divided in to two Factions, (The Canadian and American Factions) and 5 Crews within those two factions (Heights, Northerners, Morningstar, Cascade and Bandits Crews) as well as having 6 puppet gangs under their control further augmenting their power.

Canadian FactionEdit

The Cadadian Faction is the larger of the two factions with 75 Enforcers and 105 Outsiders. the factions Crews are active in the Canadian provences of: Ontario and Manitoba, as well as haveing ties to meany other canadian criminal empires.

American Faction Edit

The American Faction is the smaller of the two factions it has 35 enforcers and 70 Outsiders, the factions Crews are active in the tri-state area as well as the state of Nevada,as well as haveing ties to Mafia Families, and Irish Crime syndicates across the states.

Division SystemEdit
Faction Crew Enforcers Outsiders Cities Hub City Leader
Canadian Faction Heights Crew 30 60 Ottawa, Toronto, Niagara falls, London Ottawa and Toronto Donnie Price
Canadian Faction Northerners Crew 25 50 Sudbury, North bay, Timmins, Kapusksing Timmins Michael Kreane
Canadian Faction Morningstar Crew 20 40 Winnipeg, Brandon Winnipeg Paulie King
Americian Faction Cascade Crew 20 40 New Jersey, Albany, Yonkers, Atlantic City New Jersey Marty McReary
Americian Faction Bandits Crew 15 30 Las Vegas, Reno, Carson City Las Vegas Victor Cross

Doyle Truf Map

This map shows the Provinces/States that the Doyles operate in

Each crew is lead by a Captian who has control of the crew but ultmatley takes orders from Damian

Puppet GangsEdit

The Doyle's puppet gangs are gangs that the Doyle Family suese to act as a filter when recruiting to keep the bad blood from reaching the family, they also act as an source extra income and as a police attention safety net. They operate rackets and give the Doyle's a 45% cut of there profits, they also have there semi-independent leaderships, they also do their best to keep the heat off the Doyle family, IE: if the Doyle's are under heavy police investigation they will commit some gangland killings or do other public crimes to redirect police attention as sutch they are quite small gangs.

  • The Slashers: Sudbury, Members: 25
  • Rollerz: Ottawa, Members: 30
  • GunThugs: Toronto, Members: 30
  • The No Leaf Clover's, Members: Thunder bay: 25
  • Easties: Timmins, Members: 20
  • Veteran Children: Winnipeg, Members: 20

Note: Puppet gang members are not Doyle members but are more similar to a gang that the Doyles control like an asset, and the members of sutch gangs are often called puppets by Doyle family members.

Gang VehiclesEdit

These are cars the family uses. These cars belong to the gang and are used by the gang for patrolling their turf and business:

Cars Edit
  • Chrysler 300C Sport
  • Ford F150 Pickup's
  • Ford Mustang
  • Lincoln MKS
Others Edit
  • Private Jets (Several)
  • RIB Boats (Zodiac's)
  • Jet-Skis (Ski-Doo)
Nacro Fleet Edit
Ship Length Cargo Space Bought From Notes
MV Castro 50 Meters long 100 Sq feet of cargo Bought from West End Gang Has an Ice Class Hull, Former Whaling Ship
MV Watson 60 Meters long 200 Sq feet of cargo Bought From the German Government Flagship of the fleet, Largest Fuel Capacity and range
MV Poseidon's Son: 59 Meters long 125 Sq feet Bought From the Hells Angels Oldest Ship, Has an Ice Class Hull
MV Poseidon's Son II 53 Meters long 180 Sq feet Bought From the Cobranie Crime Family Largest Cargo Hull, Second Largest Ship in the fleet,
MY Brock 59 Meters long 150 Sq feet of cargo Bought From the Mannino Crime Family Fastest Ship in the fleet, Former Navy Scout ship
MV Layton: 50 Meters long 90 Sq Feet Bought from the Mannino Crime Family Smallest Ship but never less the mots fuel efficient
"The Lost One" 40 Meters long 30 Sq feet of cargo Bought from the Kurkov Bravata Its an unregistered submarine, loading and delivery at night only

After the Doyle's increased there Drug production and other shipping related businesses so they bought ships this is the Doyle's Nacro fleet These Ships are designed with 2 things in mind Cargo Space and being well armed all ships have 3 water canons one at the bow and 2 at the rear of the ships, they have renforced bow's for ramming other ships.

Arms Edit

(F) indicates the the weapon is favored by the Doyles.

Fighting Styles Edit
  • Boxing (F)
  • MMA (F)
  • Karate (F)
  • Kendo
  • Capoiera
  • Death-Point Striking or Dim-Mak (Damian, John and Damian's Guards only)

Each Doyle mustg learn at least one of these fithting styles

Melee Edit
  • Sledge Hammer (F)
  • Hockey Stick (F)
  • Machete (F)
  • Baseball Bat
  • Brass Knuckles
  • Hunting knives
  • Stilettos
  • Katanas
Pistols Edit
  • Glock 17 (F)
  • Colt M1911 (F)
  • .44 Magnum
  • Desert Eagle
  • CZ-75 Automatic
  • Colt 45.
  • Beretta 81 Cheetah
  • Twilight's Blood (a Gold M1911 Personal Sidearm Damian Bridgeman)
SMG's Edit
  • Tec-9 (F)
  • Micro UZI (F)
  • Uzi (F)
  • MP-10
  • FN P90
  • MP5
  • TDI Vector (Damian's Personal SMG)
Shotguns Edit
  • SPAS 12 (F)
  • Remington 870 (F)
  • Sawed off Shotgun
  • Cobray Street Sweeper (Aka:DAO-12)
  • AA-12 Assault Shotgun
  • Benelli M3

(Note: Only use Shotguns in Gang Wars)

Assault Rifles Edit
  • AK-47 (F)
  • M4A1 Carbine
  • M-16A
  • M249 SAW

(Note: The Doyle's have only about 100 Assault Rifles in total)

Sniper Rifles Edit
  • Remington 700
  • PSG1
  • DSR-1
Explosives Edit
  • Pipe Bomb (F)
  • Hand Grenade
  • C-4
  • RPG-7

(Note:The Doyles have Only 5 RPG-7's in there possession)

Armor Edit
  • Nike Pro Combat Hyperstrong Football Shirts (F)
  • Kevlar Vests

Fleet Wepons Edit

  • Water Canons
  • LRAD
  • 50. Cal Machine buns
  • Spud Guns
  • Flashbangs
  • Stink bombs

Chain of Command Edit

  • Boss - Leader of the gang. (Gets 80% of the money earned from all Crews)
  • Right Hand Man - Advisor and Lawyer to the Boss.(Gets 20% of the money earned from all Crews )
  • Street Boss - Controller of the families operations in Canada Second in command of the family. (Gets 30% of the money earned from Canadian crews)
  • Underboss - Controller of the families operations in the United states Third in Command (Gets 30% of the money earned from Amreican crews)

  • Captains - Leader of a group of enforcers and Outsider's and has a small say in the leadership (Keeps 40% Percent of his Crews earnings)
  • Enforcer - Foot soldiers for the gang who carry out the crimes only men of irish decent and a few "Special cases" can become enforcers. (Enforcers keep 30% of his earnings)
  • Outsider - People who are not full members but are soldiers the family. They may be of any ethnicity or gender. (outsiders keep 20% of his\her earnings)

  • Puppets Puppets are Members of puppet gangs, puppets as Doyles Call them able to be recuted to become Outsiders in the main family if they show that they have skills.
Members Edit

The Doyle Family, is dominated by but is not entirely exclusive to members of Irish descent (take noe of Esteban, Shogo. Dominic,and Oleg who are Cuban-Irish, Japanese-Irish, Italian and Russian Respectively).

Historical Leadership Edit
Boss Edit
Advisor Edit
  • Martin Sharpe 1955-1965 (Retired)
  • Tom Green 1965-Present
Street Boss Edit
  • Cody Bridgeman 1951-1988

(Vacant untill 1993)

  • Eddie Doyle 1993-2006
  • Damian Bridgeman 2006-2007 (Promoted to acting boss)
  • John Coonan 2007-Present
Capitans Edit

Highlanders Crew'

  • Lenny Sharpe 1955-2003
  • Damian Bridgeman 2003-2006

(Crew merged with Hights Crew in late 2006)

Hights Crew

  • Benjamin Kreane 1955-2000
  • Michael Kreane 2000-2007(Made Capitan of Northerners Crew)
  • Donnie Price 2007-Present

Northerners Crew Micheal Kreane 2007-Present

Morningstar Crew

Bandits Crew

Cascade Crew

Doyle Related Photos Edit

  • Damian Bridgeman The violent yet intelligent Boss
  • Jonh Coonan Trigger happy Street Boss
  • Tom Green Right Hand man the oldest Doyle
  • Donnie Price Captain with The brains
  • Michael Kreane Captain with brutal tactics
  • Paulie King The Captain with his ear to the street
  • Esteban Diaz-Coonan. Captain with best luck
  • Marty McReary, Capitin with the most class.
  • Matt Miller, Enforcer and Hacker Cyber Criminal.
  • Clay Fitzpatrick, Loyal Enforcer and Bodyguard.
  • Oleg Faustin, Top Enforcer.
  • Richard and Denis Harper, Assassins and Bodyguards.
  • Dominic Vario, Enforcer and Top Pimp
  • Shogo Akuji, enforcer and Swordsman
  • Alex and Damian
  • The administration of the family
  • The Symbol Of The Hights Crew
  • Symbol Of the Morningstar Crew
  • The The Symbol Of The Northerners Crew
  • Symbol Of the: One Armed Ban Crew
  • Symbol Of the: Cascade Crew
  • Doyle Family Turf By Crew: Purple is Hights, Red is Northerners, Yellow is One Armed Bandits, Dark Blue is Morningstar, Light is Blue Cascade
  • Some gangsters about to learn not to mess with The Boss
  • Oleg Has The Bosses back
  • He loves his Vector
  • Two Doyles Shooting
  • Damian Looking for Donnie
  • A Business-man and a Bad-ass
  • Damian Shooting Rival Gangsters
  • This is how The Boss settles an Argument
  • Donnie's Garage
  • Damian's Mansion
  • Tom Green's Luxary Home
  • John Coonan's Luxary Home
  • Damian's Plane
  • Damian's Plane Interior
  • DFS Watson Flagship of the Doyle Nacro Fleet
  • Damian dealing with a Human Trafficker he caught useing one of his ports
  • Damian in a Doyle controled warehouse
  • The other guy is breathing trough a tube
The Ten ComandmentsEdit

These are rules Damian made

1. No Drugs are to be consumed by a Doyle.
2. When asked for any information, the answer must be the truth, unless its a cop asking
3. Your superiors and members of other non rival Families/Gangs must be treated with respect.
4. Always being available for duty - even if your wife is about to give birth.
5. Appointments must absolutely be respected.
6. Never be seen with cops unless you are giveing them a payoff or Reminding of them
7. Don't talk about your buissines with non-Doyle's
8. If you get arested keep your mouth shut, if you don't the world will be to small for you to hide in
9. Dead men can't talk to the cops, in other words don't miss
10. What ever you do, don't get caught

Trivia Edit

  • The family is large and violent by Irish Mob standards.
  • Patrick Doyle Grew up idolizing Italian gangsters, which is one of the reasons the Doyle family was formed.
  • The family's main business are Cars, Girls, Drugs, Arms and Illegal Gambling.
  • One of the initiations to become an outsider is: Canonization (despite canonization being a street gang initiation ceremony): You fight 4 of the gangs Enforcers unarmed at once. Damian liked the idea and now its a regular test you must go through to join, even if you lose you still get in just you don't Become an Enforcer as fast.
  • Most of the members act like they are Italian Mobsters, despite being Irish Mobsters.
  • When the gang was formed civilians called them "The Irishmen". These days, civilians call them "The Irish Mafia" or La Clover Nostra.
  • Each Enforcer has a Tatoo of there Crews Symbol on there Left Shoulder
  • Damian likes to recrute Ex-Miliary as no need to teach them how to fight and as a result lots of Doyles are Ex-Milatary
  • Ports controlled by the Doyle family Doyle family are closed to Human Traffickers

Organizations made by Tomahawk23Edit

The Cobranie Crime Family The Cobranie Crime Family is a Syracuse, New York based Italian Mafia crime family. Founded in 1911 during the early days of Italian immigration to the United States, the Cobranie family remains the dominant organized crime group in upstate NY. They are the 9th most powerful family in the Northeastern America. After the NYC, Philadelphia, New England, Rizzuto, and New Jersey families. History

Early YearsEdit

The Cobraine Crime Family was founded in 1911 by Vito Cobraine after he arrived in Syracuse from Sicily. He set up small time protection and extortion rackets in Syracuse's Little Italy district that thrived during the 1910's. In the early 1920's the family became involved with smuggling illegal alcohol from Canada with the onset of Prohibition in the United States. The family grew as profits increased and it became one of the dominant Mafia families in the United States. When profits from Prohibition dried up in the mid 1930's, the family looked for new ways to make money.

Post Prohabition and Golden YearsEdit

Along with their traditional protection and extortion rackets, the family had a long savings account from the Prohibition profits. They used it to open up hotels and casinos in Las Vegas in 1958. The family's operations in Las Vegas thrived in the 60's and early 70's. The F.B.I launced a crackdown on their operations in Vegas. They were forced to close down their operations in Las Vegas in the mid 70's

RICO Act and DeclineEdit

With the family forced out of Vegas, they began searching for new ways to make money. They decided that they should start hijacking ships on Lake Ontario. This became a effective way to make money and quickly became their top business, one ship is worth 1-10 million dollars. 1985 was a massive blow to the Mafia across North America. When all 5 bosses of the Five Families along with several other members were arrested and sentenced to life in prison. The F.B.I had found away to arrest Mobsters, through taps and informants. The family slowed down their operations in order to avoid F.B.I attention. This was a big hit to them, their profits decreased over 100 million dollars. October 1st 1987 Donnie Cobranie retired and passed the leadership down to Salvatore "Sally" Bruco. In 1992 the family felt that they were able to push their head out of the shadows. Unfortunately in 1995 Underboss Chris "Chrissy" Dante was convicted of 16 counts of RICO charges and sentenced to life in prison. Silvio Cobranie the son of Donnie Cobranie was made underboss. After a few months Chrissy agreed to cooperate with the F.B.I. In 1994 he testified against the family resutling in the arrest of Salvatore, and Consigliere James Greco were sentenced to life in prison. After that Silvio took over as Don, his brother Ezio became the Underboss, and Tony Fernzi became the Consigliere. Salvatore and James offered the Aryan Brotherhood 20,000 to kill Chrissy, this resulted in Chrissy being brutally stabbed to death.

Rough Road:Edit

Making things worse for the family in 1995 the family had a dispute with the Falcone Crime Family over hijacking on Lake Ontario. After negotiations failed the Falcone Family saw the Cobranies in a weak state due to the trial last year in which they would take advantage of. After several small low profile skirmishes the Cobranie Family in no position to go to war made a quick and decisive move, they assassinated the Falcone Family Don. Peace with the family was made soon after that. Surprisingly enough the family was given their first break in years, no one was arrested who agreed to cooperate with the feds. The family continued to operate slowly and low key, this made them one of the weaker families.

Recent YearsEdit

In 2001 9/11 happened, the minute Silvio turned on the news, he instantly knew this would make the family powerful once more. The family instantly pushed thier way out of the shadows. They immediately took control back of Syracuse. The family rapidly gained more power; in 2002 the family pushed their way into Rochester, Oswego, as well as starting illegal gambling and prostitution operations in Las Vegas. Silvio made strong alliances with Russian Mafias including: Solntsevskaya Bratva, Orekhevskaya Gang, and the Zolnerowich Bratva. These alliances would prove to be extremely useful in the future. He also made a alliance with the 1.1K Group. In 2003 the family decided to get involved in the illegal arms trade; getting the highest demanding weapons on the black market and selling them for a low price this quickly became their biggest business. As time went on the family had gained increasingly strong alliances with the: Mannino Crime Family, Zolnerowich Bratva, Westmore Syndicate, and the Southern Riders. In 2012 the family faced a costly F.B.I crackdown on their arms trafficking. Immediately the family cut down their involvement in the arms trade and compenstate by increasing their rackets. This would prove to be just as profitable as arms trafficking and to be even more low-key. More recently they have been able to start up small arms-trafficking and are slowly getting back to it; but have decided never to get as heavily involved as before. They have also started to gain control over Albany and are currently trying to have full control over it. As of yet they have had no set backs. Today they remain the dominant syndicate in upstate NY, and the 9th strongest Italian Mafia in Northeastern America.


Don: leader of the Family. Consigliere: the Don's right hand man and advisor. Underboss: leader of the family's operations. Capos: controls a crew of soldiers. Soldier: a member of a crew who carrys out crimes and does foot work. Associate: a criminal who is employed by the family two do several different kinds of work but is not a full member. Current Leadership Don: Silvio Cobranie Consigliere: Tony "Ace Cards" Fernzi Underboss: Ezio Cobranie Capos: Antonio Molneri, Henry Aldofoni, Mario "The Joker" Calfero, Luigi Greco Operations The Cobranie Family operates the traditional Mafia rackets, extortion, illegal gambling, loansharking, etc. They have a particularly unique operation going on, where they hijack ships on Lake Ontario then sell the stuff. Each ship is worth well over 1 million. These hijacking operations have the benefit of helping them in the illegal oil trade, on occasion they'll hijack a oil ship. While the family use to be heavily involved in weapons trafficking, after a police crackdown they increased their traditional rackets and decreased their weapons trafficking. The Family has complete control over Syracuse, anyone wanting to operate in the city must pay them a small fee. They collaborate with the Buffalo and DeCavalante Crime Families of tax scams, insurance fraud and other forms of fraud. The family is currently on good terms with them. The family tries to avoid going to war and would always rather make peace. The family has control over most cities in the central region, they also have control over various cities in western parts of NY. The family has several informants in the Syracuse police Department, as well as a few connections in the F.B.I, and some corrupt judges and politicians on their payroll. This helps keep the family in check. The family deals with a large variety of criminal organizations around the world. The family is heavily involved with Russian Mafias, as well as some Triads. Though their connections go way beyond that. They often colaborate with the Buffalo Family on various forms of frauds. The family goes to extremely large efforts in order to launder their huge profits. They launder them through offshore accounts, no-show construction, faule investments, and various other methods to keep the F.B.I and I.R.S off their tail. Overall the Cobranie family is a wealthy, and powerful family with connections to some of the strongest criminal organizations in the world.


The family is made up of four crews that are spread accros upstate NY and Las Vegas. The largest one is the Aldofoni Crew. a 21 man strong crew anaged by Henry Aldofoni, they operate all operations in NY that are outside of Syracuse. The next is the Molneri Crew. Managed by Antonio Molneri they have 13 full members and manage the Syracuse metro area. The other is the Joker Crew managed by Mario "The Joker" Calfero. They are composed of 11 full members and manage the rest of Syracuse. The smallest is the Vegas Crew. They are led by Luigi Greco with 2 members and 20 assciates, they only operate Illegal Gambling and prostitution in Las Vegas. Each week the money made by each crew is distributed through the family. On average Soldiers will make 15-20 thousand a week, Capos will make 50-80 thousand a week, the Underboss, Consigliere, and Don will make in the hundreds of thousands of dollars each week. Between the family's illegal businesses, the money obtained from allowing other organizations to operate in their territory, and money obtained through legitimate busineeses the family will make a average of 1.3 billion dollars a year.

Legitimate BusinessesEdit

  • Vito's Tavern
  • Stoned Pizza
  • Silvio's Auto&Repair shop
  • The Joker's Big Tits Club
  • 56th Street Diner
  • Aldofoni's Deli
  • 9th Street Deli
  • 15th Street Auto Body
  • 18th Street Porn Shop
  • Ferret Italian Dinner
  • Luigi's Subs
  • Big Bada 's Club
  • The Blazing Hot Club
  • Old Fashion Pors
  • The Mario Bar
  • Bing Big Bada
  • Big Big REAL Tits Club
  • The porn shack
  • Old fashion strip club






30 round Revolver (personal sidearm of Silvio, and a gift from Nikolai Zolnerowich).

Sub Machine Guns:




Machine guns:

M249 SAW (only used for arms trafficking)


Saw off Double Barrel Shotgun.

Assault Rifles




Sniper Rifles:



RGD-5 Grenade




Cold Steel Recon 1

Baseball bat.




Money EmpireEdit

(Average Yearly Amount of Money made from each individual Business)

Weapons Trafficking 100,000,000
Chop Shop 150,000,000
Contract Killing 3,000,000
Prostitution 1,000,000
Money Laundering 50,000,000
Illegal Gambling 150,000,000
Hijacking 200,000,000
Loansharking 50,000,000
Forgery 50,000,000
Extortion 150,000,000
Smuggling 30,000,000
Illegal Oil Trade 200,000,000
Fencing 50,000,000
Construction&Union Control 50,000,000
Money made from legitimate businesses and other syndicates paying to operate in their area, 200,000,000

The Family and AssociatesEdit

The 1.1K Group

1.1K Group
1.1K symbol, the Chinese symbol for power and strength

Founded In

Shanghai, China

Founded By

Rong Lee

Years Active



Shanghai, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Bangkok, Mumbai, Delhi Canberra, Taipei, New Taipei, Sydney, Hobart, Melbourne, Wellington, Auckland, LA, San Diego, Las Vegas, Helena,Billings, Phoenix, Santa Fee, Fargo, Bismarck, Fargo, Jefferson City, Kansas City, Charleston, Pittsburgh Syracuse, Jamestown, Coopertown, Lansing, Burlington, Montpelier, Toronto, and London.


Chinese, and Taiwanese. With a small amount of people from other Asian countries.


10,000 members, 30,000 Blue Lanterns

Criminal Activities

Racketeering, Extortion, Money Laundering, Loansharking, Fencing, Forgery, Contract Killing, Illegal G-ambling Illegal DVD sale, Drug Trafficking, Arms Trafficking, Drug Dealing, People Smuggling, Human Trafficking, Burglary, Hijacking, Fraud, Military Equipment smuggling, People Smuggling, Grand Theft Auto/Chop Shop, and Jewelry Theft,


Cobranie Crime Family, Buffalo Crime Family, the Five Families, Rizzuto Crime Family, 14K Triad, Snakeheads, Shadow Dragon Triads, Yamaguchi-Gumi, the Bandidos, Los Zetas, Juarez Cartels, and Moon Shadow Triads,


Falcone Crime Family, Pittsburgh Crime Family, Black Unity Movement, Men of Mayhem,The New Raj, Hells Angels, Sun Yee On, Wo Hop To, Dojin-Kai, Tsubasa Yakuza, Godda-Ikka, Clerkwell Syndicate, Crips, Bloods, Mara Salvatrucha, Shadow Dragon Triads,

Average Yearly Income

4.5 billion

The 1.1K Group is a Chinese Triad group based in Shanghai. Founded in 1872 they rose to power through smuggling Chinese immigrants into the US during the heyday of Chinese immigration. As well as using protection rackets on Chinese immigrants who were being attacked by racists. Today they are one of the stronger Triads and have a strong presence world wide.



The 1.1K Group was founded by Rong Lee, a poor Chinese man struggling to make enough money for food, he started a small time group made up of some friends which he called the "1.1K Group". They set up small protection and extortion rackets in Shanghai. In just 10 years Lee had over 800 people working for him. In the 18 and early 19 hundreds a high amount of the Chinese population were immigrating into America to start a new life. Many of these immigrants were being attacked by American racists, the Chinese refered to America as "The Golden Mountain" and called Americans "White Demons". Lee saw this as a opportunity to make money. With a rapidly growing criminal empire, Lee now had the logistics to start operating in other countries. The 1.1K would smuggle immigrants into America and Canada. With immigrants being beaten and having rocks thrown at them th is was also a perfect opportunity for protection rackets. So Lee sent 300 people to Western America to start operating there. They'd specifically use protection rackets for immigrants as both bodyguards, and business protection as well as operate other rackets. Soon after other Chinese criminal organizations began to take advantage of this. When prohibition came, they began smuggling illegal alcohol from Mexico and Canada into the US. While the Italian and Irish Mobs controlled the Prohibition rackets, there weren't many Italian, Irish Mobs in Western US, nor were there any in Southern US. The biggest thing is that the ones in Western US weren't powerful, and central and western parts of Southern US was the most deprived of alcohol. This proved to be even more profitable than their people smuggling, and extortion rackets.

Post Prohibition:Edit

As Prohibition came to an end, Chinese immigration to the US started to slow down. While these rackets were slowing down, business overall didn't. Their rackets were still good, but it wasn't keeping them extremely powerful, nor was it making them more powerful. In 1929 Rong Lee retired and passed the leadership onto Huan Lim. Lim was a young member who had been working for the Triad in China for 11 years ever since high school, and was one of the most loyal members. By now the Triad had grossed at least 5 billion Yuans (800 million in American money), and was now 3,000 strong. Lim expanded the Triad into parts of New Zealand, Australia, and Thailand. As well as making them even more money, this greatly increased their membership given that Australia, New Zealand, and Thailand had a fairly large Chinese population

The 60's and Weed:Edit

In the 1960's, the Triad saw a massive opportunity to make money, weed dealing. With hippies and 60's rock&roll the drug trade was huge. With the hhippie movement spreading accross the world like wildfire, the Triad got involved in the drug trade. They also expanded into the UK, which was the heart of the 60's bands, and the second largest place of the hippie movement. However, while getting into the drug trade was no doubt profitable, it had one flaw, there was so much competition. There'd be a thousand drug dealers in every city, and like 2 drug gangs in each city. While the drug trade was extremely profitable, the one problem was there was so much competition from street dealers. However, the drug trade was no doubt still extremely profitable and no doubt a good choice which would later lead them to get more involved in the drug trade when other drugs and drugs overall became of more high-demand.

The 80's and Crack:Edit

As the demand for Cocaine grew in America, the Triad saw yet another opportunity to make money. They started to grow there own drugs in Colombia then smuggle them into the US. As more and more gangs started to get involved in crack, crack became less profitable, and to a degree a harzard. With the Crips and Bloods and pretty much every street gang going at it this was putting pressure on the 1.1K. They had wars with various drug involved gangs, they won many and they lost many. Overall this wasn't exactly the perfect move.

Human Trafficking:Edit

In the 90's the business of human trafficking started. Human Trafficking is modern day slavery, when humans are kidnapped and forced to work legally or illegally, or are made as sex slaves. The 1.1K Group was one of the first syndicates to get involved in human trafficking. Human Trafficking is by far their most profitable business. With a yearly average of 12 billion yuans is made from it each year (around 2.1 billion US dollars). During this time period Lim retired and was replaced by his best friend's nephew Zhou Li.

Push into Central and Eastern US:Edit

In 2002, the 1.1K Group decided to push into central and eastern US. They sent several factions into several cities. After several years the group was finally well established in central and eastern US, and had made alliances with other syndicates in those areas.

The 1.1K Group Today:Edit

Today the 1.1K Group remains a powerful Triad group, with a steady membership of 10,000 members and a average income of 25 billion yuans a year. The 1.1K has a firm grip on eastern Australia. The 1.1K Group is the dominant crime syndicate in Shanghai, China. They are the dominate gang in almost every city

The Blizzard Mountain Gang

Blizzard Mountain Gang
Founder, Guo Chan.

Founded In

Syracuse, NY

Founded By

Guo Chan

Years Active



Syracuse, Jamestown, Cooperstown, and Plattsburgh


70 members, 150 Blue Lanterns

Criminal Activities

Racketeering, Extortion, Money Laundering, Loansharking, Illegal Gambling, Chop Shop, Arms Trafficking, Human Trafficking, Drug Trafficking, and Drug Dealing


Cobranie Crime Family, Buffalo Crime Family, and the Five Families


Men of Mayhem, and Black Unity Movement.

Average Yearly Amount Made

750 million

The Blizzard Mountain gang is a faction of the 1.1K Group that operates in upstate New York. Led by 38 year old Guo Chan, they have a well established presence in the area. As well as making strong alliances with the Cobranie and Buffalo Crime Family. First appeared in the area in 2002, they are now the second strongest crime syndicate int he Central Region, and the third strongest crime syndicate in upstate NY, next to the Buffalo and Cobranie Crime Families.



In 2002, a 28 year old 49er in the 1.1K Group was sent to Syracuse with 30 other 49ers to start drug and human trafficking operations in Syracuse, as well as some small time rackets. When the group first arrived they encountered trouble with various local drug based street gangs. This led to a war with a street gang known as "The Devils boyz". After 9 weeks of conflict the Blizzard Mountain gang defeated and literally destroyed the Devils Boyz. However, this almost completely shut down the Blizzard Mountain. It cost them all but 9 men, 5 were arrested. One almost testified against them but was assassinated in time. Regardless this brought a high amount of local and federal attention to them, forcing to almost go underground. As police attention started to ware off, the group countinued to operate though unsuccessfully. As they tried to rebuild their membership, they were seemingly unable to due to Syracuse having such a small Chinese population.

Picking up the Pace:Edit

With the faction falling, they started to slow down from drugs and human trafficking, and focus more on racketeering. By 2005 their rackets were becoming increasingly profitable and they continued to gain power. Chan decided to get back into the drug and human trafficking trade. Soon enough their profits sky rocketed. Human Trafficking especially, it also saved them money. Trafficked hookers you don't need to pay anything. Along with that they tend to be hotter and less worn out. Meaning you can charge more. With profits from racketeering increasing, the Cobranie Crime Family started to take note of this and demanded a cut. Cobranie Don Silvio Cobranie called for a sit down with Chan. After a friendly 3 hour sit down a alliance between the Cobranie Family and the Blizzard Mountain gang was formed. The two agreed to a 5% cut of their racketeering, 5% of their human trafficking, and 0% of their drug profits.

Gaining More Power:Edit

In 2008 Chan wanted to expand into other near by cities. Unfortunately he didn't have the logistics to do so. In order to get into these cities, he asked the Sydney faction to send him 30 men, he also recruited locals from other Asian countries. With this that gave him enough power to expand into these other cities. These cities included Jamestown, Plattsburgh, Ithaca, Corning, and Cooperstown. With these cities being controlled by Cobranie family was well the Cobranies weren't to happy with this and decided to discuss another price. The two groups agreed to a 20% cut total. The F.B.I was surprised at how quickly they had recovered from that gang war and police investigation, let alone how powerful they had become so quickly. This took attention off of the Cobranie family who had been becoming increasingly effective at covering their tracks and on to the Blizzard Mountain Gang. F.B.I investigations led no where due to the loyalty of the members and the syndicate continuing to cover their tracks perfectly. In 2011 street gang violence was rising in Syracuse, these street continuesly caused trouble for the Blizzard Mountain and the Cobranie Family. Soon enough they spread like a fad, into Rochester and Buffalo. As these gangs continued to cause more and more trouble the Cobranies got together with the Blizzard Mountain and the Buffalo Family. They all agreed that these street punks had to be squashed out before the problem got out of hand. Soon enough the 3 began attacking all of these street gangs, easily defeating the inexperienced punks in firefights and assassinating their important figures. in just a couple weeks the problem was over. Since then the Blizzard Mountain Gang has had strong ties with the Buffalo Crime Family.


Today the Blizzard Mountain gang remains the second strongest crime syndicate in the Central Region. With the help of the Cobranie and Buffalo Crime Families they are becoming inceasingly more powerful. The Cobranies, have copied what the Mannino Crime Family does to deal with street gangs. They quickly shut down any street gang that causes them problems. With the amount of presure the Cobranies, Buffalos, and the Bliizard Mountain Gang put on street gangs, upstate NY has one of the lowest street gang crime in eastern America. But has one of the highest organized crime rates in eastern America. Guo Chan remains good friends with Silvio and many members in the Cobranie Family. He often dines in Italian restaraunts. Today they are the second strongest crime syndicate in the central region.

Organizations made by Tesla ManEdit

The Napoleon Coalition

Napoleon Coalition
The Fleur de Lis, The Napoleon Coalition's Main Symbol

Years Active



Ardèche Jérôme

Other Leaders

Maximo Leroy Justis Carlo


Money Trafficking Drug Trafficking

Weapons Trafficking




Members Total



South France, Southeast Spain, Corsica, Sardinia, Balearic Islands




The Ukraine Connection, The Doyle Crime Family


Le Roi De L'Anarchie

Earnings (Yearly Income)

€508 Million

The Napoleon Coalition (French: La Coalition de Napoléon), is a French Crime Organization founded by Lucien Ramolino III and led by Ardèche Jérôme. The Organization consists of three parts or "Original Gang", the Jérôme, the de Lucien, and the Carlo. Making most profits off of Laundering, Racketeering, Robbery, and Piracy, the Napoleon Coalition is one of the most powerful gangs in Marseilles, and took Europe's West Mediterranean coast by storm, influencing many gangs in Mediterranean Islands, and other Coastal Gangs throughout their territory.


Collapse of CrimeEdit

A relatively new gang, the Napoleon Coalition began when Organized Crime in France, broke into a standstill. Profits weren't being made and the law enforcement were keeping most gangs in check. In the midst of it all, the de Lucien gang led by Ramolino stood prominent- while staying underground. Another gang that was caught in the issue was the Carlo Crime Family, a once powerful Crime Family that was beaten by the crackdown on Organized Crime. Now almost bankrupt, the Carlo Crime Family made one last attempt at scoring big money before going broke: Robbing the National Bank of Corsica. After their failed attempt, they caught the eye of the de Lucien gang, who was willing to fund them. With this funding, the Carlo gang was able to rob the NBoC, and escape with large amounts of cash, while still paying the de Lucien gang their expected amounts.While this didn't help the gang back on their feet, they were helped, when the gang was hired by the de Lucien as mercenary troops until they could break away and become a powerful gang again. But they still couldn't keep themselves from trouble.

Carlo-Jérôme WarEdit

It is in the Carlo Family's pursuit of prosperity, when they found it wise to gain more money, and it was only logical to them to take it from other gangs. The Jérôme Crime Family was a popular gang among the dying gangs of the time, and with it, if a gang wanted to take down a lesser gang, they would in turn have to take down the Jérôme. The Carlo Family burned down two gang chop shops in which they were apprehended and shot down.This began the war that deemed disastrous for the Carlo Gang. Joining the War effort, the de Lucien fights against the Jérôme, and eventually comes out victorious, taking over the role of the Jérôme, protecting the weaker gangs. This sparks the beginning of the Coalition's bonfire.

Joining of GangsEdit

de Lucien & CarloEdit

Over time, the three gangs (de Lucien, Jérôme, and Carlo) became more involved in each others work, eventually formed an unofficial alliance so that their crossing paths do not end in disaster. Still in the Collapse of Organized Crime, the three gangs were still unstable financially, while being some of the strongest gangs. Eventually the de Lucien worked out a plan that would stabilize all three of the gangs. This plan consisted of all three gangs merging together, to stay financially stable, while still running your own gang.This was a popular idea throughout the three gangs, though only the Carlo gang succumbed to the idea. Together, the two gangs made overwhelming profits, raising their status much higher.

Jérôme JoinsEdit

Noting the success of the two gangs, and the large amounts of profit the gangs were holding, it would be difficult for the Jérôme gang leader, Erik Jérôme, so refuse. yet he did. But as the profits rose between the Carlo and de Lucien, Erik would have denied the offer a good eight times before falling into it. Now joining the gang, the Jérôme gang stacked up more profits than they had ever had.

Rise to PowerEdit

End of the CrackdownEdit

Finally six months after the Coalition's forming, the Crackdown of Organized Crime in France was no longer financed, and with it came an unbelievable wave of Organized Crime gangs wanting a shot at supremacy, which were easily knocked down by the Coalition. The Coalition continued gaining profits from illegal activities, and from other gangs as tribute.


The Coalition was now at the seat of Organized Crime, setting the standard for Organized Crime in France, their belief in a segmented gang so that multiple groups of people had power settled in many other gangs. While this idea was popular in gangs, it was never able to function in many gangs who attempted it.

Moving OutwardEdit

Corsica Expansion (2008)Edit

One year after the Coalition's forming, the gang grew to the point of not being able to stay inside of Marseille, so, The Carlo family devised a plan to expand operations into Corsica. This was quickly agreed upon by the other two families, and with the Carlo Family in charge, they led a campaign into Corsica, with plans to knock out any gang in their way. Sending twelve teams of eight patrol boats, they shot out six minor gang boats after barraging them for hours. The gangs, offering a ceasefire, paid for the repairs of the Coalition's boats. After about a month after settling in, the Carlo Family led an assault on many weak gangs, gunning them down until surrender. The Carlo Family soon took control of many Corsican bays and harbors.

Sardinia Expansion (2010)Edit

Deciding the only way to show supremacy in the Coalition, the Carlo family continued their attacks, pressing Southward into the Italian island of Sardinia, planning to conquer the Italian and Russian gangs there. Running into large trouble, the de Lucien Gang took over Corsica so that the Carlo could focus their men on primarily Sardinia. While not able to achieve the goal they were hoping for with conquering the island's Organized Crime Business, The Carlo Gang did manage to get business in two of the island's major ports.

Italian Expansion (2011)Edit

One of the most disastrous expeditions the Napoleon Coalition has ever attempted. The Carlo Family, bent on making up for the (what they believe to be) failure in Sardinia. Moving into Eastern turf in Italy, they moved into the regions of Campania (Naples), Aosta Valley (Aosta), and Liguria (Genoa) with plans to make big money off of the product shipped in and out by the Italian Mafia. Though multiple issues already stated themselves prominent in the regions. There were many other gangs trying to take a stab at the money, lowering the amounts of product that money could be made off of.

Failure of the Italian Expansion (2012)Edit

Soon, the Carlo Family attempt to do more than they can afford. They break into multiple gang's drug factories to get more product to sell, and when the boats are ready to leave, the port is blockaded. this two week blockade resulted in the death of twenty-four total Coalition Members from gun attacks as they try a desperate attempt to leave.

Focused on the Campania region, the de Lucien take Aosta Valley and Liguria from the Carlo so they can place all their attention on that one region. Eventually, the Napoleon Coalition paid The Vigil to help get them out. The Expedition ended in millions of Euros lost and a loss of popularity with the de Lucien and Jérôme families. Also creating a prominent ally that has haunted the correlation ever since, the Le Roi de L'Anarche.

Spanish Expansion (2012)Edit

One of the most profitable and influential Expansions the gang has ever seen, This expansion brought the Jérôme Family popularity to the council in Marseille, a council that once have no seats from the Family and who frequently shunned the gang.

In 2012, the Jérôme gang decided to find a way to make profits in Spain, finally decided on Gibraltar. The Coalition, sticking to the belief of not stretching yourself too thin, the Patron of the family, Erik Jérôme, proposed a plan to take the Balearic Islands and use that as a spot they can invade southern France with. After accepting the proposal, the de Lucien Family sends troops in from France into Spain as the Jérôme sends troops from the newly acquired Balearics into Spain. The result is immediate. Soon, the Regions of Catalonia, Aragon, and Valencia were under the Coalition's control.

Attack on the Bujar ClanEdit

Soon after the Jérôme Family moved in, the The Bujar Clan, follows, bringing in Human Trafficking. Soon, an attack was imminent.

Assassination of RamolinoEdit


After the Assassination of Lucien Ramolino, the new face of the gang, Ardèche Jérôme arose. In his power, he not only changed the ranks -offering a retirement to Adrian Carlo and giving it to his son Justis, and giving the Patron seat of the de Luciens to second in command of the de Luciens, Maximo Leroy- but he renamed the gang, changing it from it's once proud "Napoleon Correlation" to the "Napoleon Coalition", a term that seemed more fitting to all gang members.


The Napoleon Coalition has been caught on spot multiple times for Laundering Money, Drugs, and Weapons. While attempts have been made to stop them, they secretiveness of their dealing is hard to keep track of, and very rarely do they get caught directly. Many of the gang busts come from those they have dealt with or rival gangs. They have also been caught and seen Racketeering. They are well known for their dealings in their Protection Racket. The best known buyer was the National Bank of Corsica, paying roughly five-thousand a month to be protected from their robberies.

The NPC is infamous across the Mediterranean coast for their cruel versions of piracy. Blockading cruise ships, cargo ships, and mainly yachts, the gang blockades the sea vessels from the outside world for weeks, choking their supplies until food supply begins to run low, and the captains are forced to let them on board so they can get to port. The last form of money making that the NPC uses traces back to it's roots with the Carlos gang. The Napoleon Coalition has been known Nationwide for robbing houses, small businesses, and one or two large banks, while the chance of scoring lots of money doing this is slim, the NPC use this as a back up when money gets low.


Lucien "The Fencer" Ramolino


January 6, 1976

Other Names

Lucien Ramolino III


Leader of NPC and chairmen of Lucien Corp

Criminal Activities

Robbery Trafficking Laundering 2nd Degree Murder


6 Months in Prison

Lucien Ramolino IIIEdit

Lucien "The Fencer" Ramolino, aka Lucien Ramolino III (1976- 2012) is a deceased gang leader of the former de Lucien Criminal Organization, and the French Gang, the Napoleon Coalition. Was also is a chairmen of Lucien Corp. Lucien is a well known figure in Marseille France and is a pronounced authority to several gangs in cities along the French, Spanish, and Italian Mediterranean coastline. He is wanted by the French police along with other members of the Napoleon Coalition. Dubbed, "The French Capone" Lucien came to power during a time when the Black Market was a large industry and made a mark on the underground business with his imports and exports of drugs and weapons.

Ardèche Jérôme


September 16th, 1979 (36)

Other Names

The Captain

Arch Jérôme


The Second Patron of the Napoleon Correlation

Criminal Activities

Armed Robbery


Armed Assault

Ardèche JérômeEdit

Ardèche Jérôme; (1979-Present) The Current boss of The Napoleon Coalition, Ardeche is the son of former Boss the the Jérôme Criminal Organization and Sub-Patron of the Napoleon Coalition -Erik Jérôme. He is a new and popular figure among the gang, and has taken over the roll of previous Patron Lucien Ramolino III after the assassination of Erik and Lucien. He is a popular sporting boater, winning multiple medals, and donating his cash prizes to the gang. He earned the respect of many gangs throughout the Mediterranean, and is expected to bring the Coalition to it's height of power.


Patron- Leader or Boss of The Napoleon Coalition

Ardèche Jérôme (Patron of the Jérôme Gang)

Sub-Patron- Second in Command

Maximo Leroy (Patron of the de Lucien Gang)

Justis Carlo (Patron of the Carlo Gang)

Man De Droite- Adviser

Jacques Humbert

Capitaine- Controls ten Militaires

Militaires- Soldiers Used to Fight in Gang Wars

Man of Honor- Associates to the Gang


Assault RiflesEdit
  • M16
  • AK47/74
  • CETME Model L
  • Beretta AR70/90
  • Franchi mod. 641
  • SOCIMI AR-831


  • Beretta Cheetah
  • Beretta 21 Bobcat
  • Beretta 21 Tomcat
  • Beretta 418
  • Beretta 92
  • Beretta M 1934
  • Beretta M 1935
  • Beretta M 1951
  • Beretta 8000
  • Beretta 9000
  • Beretta Px4 Storm
  • MAB PA-15
Close CombatEdit
  • Napoleon (Ardèche Jérôme's Personal Rapier)
  • Savate (French Kickboxing)
  • Fencing (Provides the close combat training all NPC Members are required to know)
  • Stilettos
  • Chinese Hunting Knives
  • Ice Picks
  • Military Shovels
  • Pickaxe
  • Golf Clubs
  • Bayonets
  • Claw Hammer
  • Pipe Bombs
  • IED
  • Molotov Cocktails
  • C4
  • Semtex
  • Bulletproof Vest
  • Riot Shields

Division SystemEdit


Red=de Lucien Family/ Blue=Jérôme Family/ Green=Carlo Family

The Jérôme Crime FamilyEdit
The de Lucien Crime FamilyEdit
The Carlo Crime FamilyEdit

The Kingdom of Angels

Kingdom of Angels
The Kingdom of Angels Symbol


Southern England

Last Leader

Cedric "Killer" Krieg (deceased)

Years Active



London and surronding cities


White British

Criminal Activites

Hijacking, Theft, Murder, Arms Trafficking, Piracy, Minor Terrorism, Contact Killing and Money Laundering.


Parliament's Bane (when both gangs were active)


Multiple criminal organizations across Europe and North America


about 250 Members at it's height

The Kingdom of Angels were a criminal organization in southern England that lasted from the late 1970's until 2012 when after constant police investigation and attacks from other organizations their leadership was arrested and the gang collapsed.

Backround Edit

First appearing in the late 1970's, the Kingdom of Angels started out robbing and raiding buildings, boats, vehicles, and big buisnesses. They also robbed BP's storage unit, using firecrackers and gasoline bombs, they stormed the container unit, stealing £56,000 worth of gasoline and scrap metal. Building bigger, they obtained new ranks, taking on bigger buisnesses and robbing more buildings, some examples of the places they robbed are Oxford University, the British Museum of Art, and the Rolls Royce factory. In all, obtaining an astonishing £18,000,000 from thier raids. As thier ranking in the black market went up, they began to do more extreme actions. In 1998, the Kingdom of Angels was offered £10,000,000 to take out an enemy gang leader (his name has been clasified) by an anonymous organisation. Using 20,000 gasoline bombs, 9,000 firecrackers, and 9 sticks of dynamite, they set off an explosion in the leaders hideout, causing one of the UK's worst attacks of the
120303833234115 1

The 1998 attack.

decade. This became known as the "Worlds End Attacks", it spread wildfires that hit major cities like Abingdon and Sutton Courtney. The fires burned down £1,800,000 worth of property, killing 18. A police crackdown on the orginization put a few of their members in jail. Continuing with thier viscious bombings, they became famous for theese sudden bomb attacks. Killing criminal rival Jeoff Jernofsky in 2010, they became London's dominant criminal orginization. The organization began to falter in 2011 and 2012 as Cedric Krieg began pushing for more and more avdancement for the organization. This caused several wars with other criminal organizations that severley weakend the Kingdom of Angels. The constant violence caused for more and more police investigations until Cedric Krieg and most of the gang's leadership were sent to prison for life. After Krieg was sent to prison in April of 2012, with a lot of other high ranking members dead the gang collapsed and scattered across England. As of today, the Kingdom of Angels is no longer active.

Weapons Edit

  • Fireworks in Action
  • Gasoline Bomb
  • Firecracker
  • Dynomite
  • Sawed-off Shotgun
  • Pump Shotgun
  • Remington 870
  • Model 94 Winchester
  • Uzi
  • Mac 10
  • AK-74
  • L64
  • SG550
  • Stiletto
  • Machete
  • Pool Cue
  • Baseball Bat
  • Golf Club
  • Firecrackers
  • Gasoline bomb
  • Dynamite


  • Sawed-off shotgun
  • Remington 870
  • Mossberg


  • Colt model 1873
  • Browning hi-power
  • Glock 18


  • Tommy Gun
  • MP5
  • PDW
  • MP40


  • AK47
  • AK74
  • SG 550 Rifle
  • L64
  • L65

Machine Pistols

  • MAC 10
  • MAC 11
  • Uzi
  • Beretta 39R


  • Boot knife
  • Stiletto
  • Bayonet
  • Machete


  • Baseball bat
  • Brass knuckles
  • Golf club
  • Pool Cue

Appearance Edit


outfit worn by gang member

Barons, Angels, and some Mortals wore their nicest clothing, which would contain a button down shirt, suit, black pants, and a tie or bowtie. Most of the Mortals wore the atire copying the image of the IRA rebels. a black ski mask, a sweater or jacket, and a black dog tag. All Poundsmen may of worn either the outfit worn by Angels, or a sweater vest. the Immortal, would wear their nicest attire possible, plus black shades for security reasons. the Backpackers must of had on their nicest outfits as well as shades and dogtags. All gang members would always carry some sort of weapon of self defense. preferably a concield weapon like a stiletto or a hand gun, backpackers may of carried around larger weapons.

Ranks Edit

  • Immortal- Leader of Kingdom of Angels (Cedric Kreig)
  • 122308required

    A Devil about to execute an enemy gangster

    Archangel-Co-Leader of Kingdom of Angles (Drake Evans)
  • Baron- Control 9 Angels
  • Angel- Control 10 Mortals
  • Mortals- Lowest Rank in the Organisation
  • Pounders- Buisnessmen that control the money and buisness
  • Backpackers- Bodyguards
  • Devils- Agents used for planting bombs and executing enemies

Cedric "Killer" Krieg Edit

Norman Reedus-1
Leader of Kingdom of Angels, Cedric was born in Wales, but when his parents got a divorce, he moved in with his dad in his house in London. but in 1970, his father went bankrupt and created a gang called, "Heaven's Devils". but in a gang deal, his father was killed by being stabbed 36 times to the back and neck. after his fathers death, at age 17, Cedric took over the gang, re-naming it, "Kingdom of Angels". using this power, Cedric built an empire off of weapons dealing and contact killig. He is currently incarserated in a maximum security prison in Northern Ireland.

Money Empire Edit

In 2011, the KoA took £8,000,000 per shipment of weapons, £3,000,000 off of contact killing, and £2,000,000 off of hijacking. at the moment, the KoA have an astonishing £200,000,000 in total. the KoA made money off of lots of things, but here was the top five money makers in the buisness
2 BLACK MARKET £18,000,000
3 DEALING £15,000,000
4 CONTACT KILLING £10,000,000
5 HIJAKING £7,000,000

Symbolism Edit


Kingdom of Angels Symbol

The KoA symbol consisted of 3 major parts. The Wings, wich symbolize the Angels and Barons, The Crown, which symbolises the Immortal, and the Skull, which symbolise the Devils and Mortals. the KoA symbol has gone through several phases, originaly, it was a crudely drawn skull with skeletal wings, durring the time period the gang was called, "Heaven's Devils". eventualy, as the gang grew, and its name changed to "Kingdom of Angels", the symbol became a crown with wings spreading out of the sides, symbolising the Kingdom (the crown) and the Angels (the wings). then, as the gang developed, they added the skull, (symbolising power). but as the gang aged on, they decided tochange the skull into a full skeleton. but as the current ranking system arose, they kept the skull, and the modern symbol was born.


  • The Headquarters at Dover
  • The Headquarters at Southhampton
  • The Headquarters at Winchester
  • Headquarters in London
The Kingdom of Angels headquaters was allegedly located just south of London. It is were all of the major desicions are made, housing some of the most powerful men in the gang. The building was build in 2006, moving Headquarters from a small, one-story warehouse, to a beutiful marvel that sits in one of the most powerful cities in the world, demonstrating the gangs power. The estate cost (in American currency) $3,000,000 to demolish the previous building, to construct the new one, and to move in. There were many other headquarters around England, where smaller desicions were made.


  • No one who has not finished school will a GPA below 4.0
  • No unessicary killing of men

    Members house after not following rules, 2 casualties

  • No killing of Children and Women
  • No dealing of illegal Drugs (i.e Marajuana, cocaine, etc)
  • Always be armed
  • All members must be above 18
  • Must know how to handle firearms
  • Must have gone through complete KoA Training
  • No drinking while around KoA members
  • Follow Orders

Former TerritoryEdit

European StatesEdit
State Name/HQ Location*
  • London State (London, England)
  • Dover State (Dover, England)
  • Hampton State (South Hampton, England)
  • Somerset State (Somerset, England)
  • Wales State (Cardiff, Wales)
  • Dublin State (Dublin, Ireland)
  • Norman State (Normandy, France)
Eurasian StatesEdit
  • Eurasian State (Yekaterinasburg, Russia)
  • Russian State (St. Petersburg, Russia)
American StatesEdit
  • Quebec State (Montreal, Canada)
Territories and SettlementsEdit
Territory Name/Borders
  • Northwest Territory (Northwest Territory, Canada & Alaska, United States)
  • Bering Territory (Chukotka, Camchatka; Russia)
  • Siberia Territory (Yakutja, Russia)
  • Nord-Est Territory (Paris, Picardy, Nord, Champagne; France)
  • Hampton Territory (North Hampton, England)
  • York Territory (York, England)
  • Not all States have HQs, some are places where business is at its best

Gang MembersEdit

Get Carter-2
Lock-Stock-Barrels l


While it is a known fact that the Kingdom of Angels gang has collapsed, and is no longer active, speculation surrounds Cedric's "Master Plan". Before imprisonment, Cedric announced he had a plan that would rebuild the Kingdom of Angels and overpower his attackers. His imprisonment haulted further information towards this subject. Cedric was a well known psycopath and was known to do irrational things. Most people believe that these plans would have only hurt him and that it was impossible for him to defeat the dozens of enemy organizations. While others still believe that if he was not put in jail he would've restored his gang and power throught his "Master Plan". The subject is still up for speculation. Many people have attempted to find out what Cedric's plan was, but a small few have only come close to it. The "Master Plan" presents a challenge for many people and was listed on Time magazines Top 100 Unsolved Mysteries in Organized Crime. This Master plan has caught the eye of many gang leaders across the world, (most famously Lucien Ramolino- the leader of a French Crime Ring) who believe that if they were to find this Master Plan, they would domonate Organized Crime, blowing the thing hunt of proportion. The search continues.

Organizations made by SleepingWithTheFishesEdit

The Westmore Syndicate

Westmore Syndicate
Thomas Westmore
Thomas Westmore in 2011 / Picture Taken By Police

Founded By

Thomas Westmore

Founded In

Birmingham, England


England, Lithuania, Scotland, Ireland, Russia, Parts of North America/Canada


Weapon and Drug Trafficking, Prostitution, Chop Shop, Gambling, Money Laundering, and Contract Killing

Years Active



Cobranie Crime Family, Mannino Crime Family, Southern Riders, Zolnerowich Bratva, Heiwajima Syndicate, and The Doyle Crime Family


Saladzius Crime Family, Darnell Crime Family, Various Gangs in the European Area


Over 400

Avg. Income (Year)

Around 1.5 Billion

The Westmore Syndicate is a British Crime Family that is based in Birmingham, but has spread to some areas in Europe, and recently North America. It was founded by Thomas Westmore in 1993.


The Westmore Syndicate was founded around July 1993 by then-20 year old Thomas Westmore. Tom, the middle child (had younger sister Miranda and older brother Jack) was always interested in airplanes, and at one time, wanted to become a pilot for British Airways. However, Thomas, while in high school, began to become friends with hoodlums. Although his dad disaproved (his mom died 1 year after giving birth to Miranda), Thomas ended up having the greatest time of his life, until one day, his hoodlum friend, Elijah, encouraged him into doing a drug deal with another group of hoodlums. This ended up being a set-up, and Elijah, along with two other hoodlums, were killed. Thomas, and the other hoodlum were shot, but not killed.

After recovering, Thomas, along with the other hoodlum, Liam MacLeod, decided to drop out of college and take revenge on the hoodlums who killed Elijah. Thomas and Liam then took the hoodlums they hung out with and made them a small gang. On November 12th, 1992, Thomas, Liam, and the new Westmore-MacLeod Gang stormed the Brumly Boys hangout, the Greene Pub, and killed every single Brumly Boy there. That day was then known as the "Greene Day Massacre".

Soon enough, more people with more connections joined, and soon enough, the Westmore-MacLeod Gang became the Westmore Syndicate. Thomas was in charge of the whole syndicate, while Liam was in charge of the other areas the Westmore Syndicate was in. Over time, the Westmore Syndicate expanded from selling/smuggling drugs to smuggling weapons, creating prostitution rings, etc. This made them on the watch list of police stations located where the Westmore Syndicate worked.

For a short time, the Westmore Syndicate was part of the International Criminal Alliance, a criminal group composed of the Westmore Syndicate, Zolnerowich Bratva, Cobranie Crime Family, Mannino Crime Family, and Southern Riders. The group went defunct in Late-2012 when the five criminal organizations began to go their own ways. On August 20th, 2012, Liam suffered a stroke in his apartment. Since he was the eyes and ears of the gang, the Westmore Syndicate went underground for that time. Liam managed to recover and was released on September 16th, 2012. The gang is slowly rising back to the top as Liam is recovering.

The 2012 RevivalEdit

The 2012 Revival was a time where the Westmore Syndicate restarted itself by increasing it's income, and moving to the northern parts of America. The timeline is shown below:

  • 4/8/12- Westmore Syndicate begins to expand their buisnesses in Europe. Income from rackets are increased greatly.
  • 4/9/12- Westmore Syndicate starts some rackets in Toronto.
  • 4/12/12- Westmore Syndicate is being cautious due to gangs nearby.
  • 4/14/12- Westmore Syndicate silently sneak into Maine. So far, no major rackets are formed.
  • 4/14/12- Gangs in Canada don't like the Westmore Syndicate's move. Due to this, Westmore Syndicate makes a deal with them. Unknown what the deal was, but the Westmore Syndicate and gangs in Canada are friendly.
  • 4/17/12- Police spot Westmore Syndicate members in Chicago. Unknown if they are there to set up rackets.
  • 4/17/12- A few rackets have been set up in Maine.
  • 4/20/12- Chicago is now listed as Westmore Syndicate territory. A few rackets have already been set up.
  • 4/22/12- Westmore Syndicate have one last stop, New Jersey. After opening there, The 2012 Revival will stop (unknown if it will stop for good).
  • 4/28/12- Some rackets are now in New Jersey. The 2012 Revival is currently finished.


Senior Leader

Junior Second in Command

Sophomore Trusted Soldier

Freshman Associate

The reason the Westmore Syndicate's ranks are organized like a high school is because Thomas Westmore had "good memories" at high school, and he also felt the system could work with his gang.

At first, people who join get the rank of Freshman, who are associates that aren't full members yet. Usually a person holds a rank of Freshman for only a year or two. After proving them-self worthy to be in the gang, they are promoted to Sophomore, who are basically the soldiers of the gang. They are full members of the syndicate and receive more trust from the gang and it's high-ranking members. If they shown to be loyal, smart, and "good with a gun", they may be promoted to the rank of Junior.

Westmore Syndicate Juniors are like Italian Caporegimes. They run a certain territory. There are eight in total, and each operate in certain areas. Two juniors are stationed in England, two in Lithuania and Russia, one in Scotland and Ireland, and three in North America. All of them report to Liam MacLeod, who then reports to Thomas Westmore. Most of the juniors get information themselves or from Sophomores and Freshmen.


Activity Income (Yearly)
Weapons Trafficking 290,000,000
Drug Trafficking 460,000,000
Prostitution 70,000,000
Chop Shop 110,000,000
Gambling 90,000,000
Contract Killing 320,000,000
Money Laundering 160,000,000

Businesses OwnedEdit

The Westmore Syndicate also owns some businesses that they use as negotiation sites and fronts for rackets. These are:

  • Raymondas Rinka/Raymond's Market (Vilnius, Lithuania)
  • Harrison's Restaurant and Deli (New Jersey, U.S.A.)
  • Marty's Triple X Porn Shop (London, England)
  • MacLeod Burgers (Various Cites, England)
  • Silent Ryan's Weapon Store (London and Birmingham, England)
  • Hunter's Deluxe Weapon Store (Maine, U.S.A.)
  • LaGourmet Pizza and Subs (Various Cities, Europe)
  • The Triangle Club (London, England)
  • Xquizite (Leeds, England)


The Westmore Syndicate's normal attire is either a suit with a tie/bowtie, or a tracksuit. It is better for Freshmen and some Sophomores to wear suits at first since that shows they are worthy to be in the organization. Pictures are shown below:

Weapons UsedEdit

Although they have certain favorites, the Westmore Syndicate still uses a variety of weapons.


  • G18
    • G18
    • .45 Magnum
    • Taurus Judge (Magnum Edition)
    • M9
    • Uzi
    • Mac11
    • UMP45
    • Skorpion
    • AK-47
    • M16
    • SCAR-11
    • TAR-21
    • Double Barrel Shotgun
    • Ithaca 37
    • AA12
    • Remington 870
    • M24
    • Dragunov SVD
    • M14 Scoped
    • Barret 50 Caliber
    • Grenade
    • C4
    • Moltov
    • A Group of IEDs
    • Machete
    • Baseball Bat
    • Switchblade
    • Brass Knuckles
    • RPG
    • Stoner62
    • M60
    • Flare Gun (Refurbished)
  • .45 Magnum
  • Taurus Judge (Magnum Edition)
  • M9

Submachine Guns

  • UZI
  • Mac11
  • UMP45
  • Skorpion

Machine Guns

  • AK47
  • M16
  • SCAR-11
  • TAR-21


  • Double Barrel Shotgun
  • Ithaca 37
  • AA12
  • Remington 870


  • M24
  • Dragunov SVD
  • M14 Scoped
  • Barret 50 Caliber


  • Grenade
  • C4
  • Moltov
  • IED


  • Machete
  • Baseball Bat
  • Switchblade
  • Brass Knuckles


  • RPG-7
  • Stoner62
  • M60
  • Flare Guns


These are people who are/have associated with the Westmore Syndicate:


  • Thomas Westmore

Right-Hand Man

  • Liam MacLeod

Juniors in North America

  • James Harrison
  • Zack Donovan
  • Sean Ryan

Juniors in Scotland & Ireland

  • Benjamin Armstrong

Juniors in England

  • Maxwell Rhys
  • Leon Ashton

Juniors in Lithuania & Russia

  • Ethan Raymond
  • Michael Cameron


  • Scott Ramsey


Darnell Crime Family
Police Surveillance Photo of Current Don Lynden Mackenzi ca.2010

Founded In

Quebec, Canada

Founded By

Felix Darnell

Years Active

September 1963-Today


Quebec, Toronto, British Columbia, New York, New Jersey, Chicago, Maine

Amount of Members

130 Made Members, 23 Associates




Cobranie Crime Family, Various Mafioso in Surrounding Areas


Westmore Syndicate, Street Gangs in Toronto

The Darnell Crime Family is a Canadian Mob that is based in Quebec, but is located in other parts of Canada, as well as parts of the U.S. It was founded in 1963 by Felix Darnell.


Early HistoryEdit

The Darnell Crime Family was found ca.September 1963 by Felix Darnell. Felix was introduced into the life of crime when he escaped his abusive father at age 16 and joined the Cotroni Crime Family. Since he was to young to be a full member and carry out serious business (i.e. carrying out hits), he would often work at a mechanic shop the Cotroni's owned and sell illegal car parts in the "backroom". Soon enough, he was noticed by Don Vic Cotroni who saw how Felix made almost C$1,740 per day. After seeing potential in Felix, Vic made Felix (now age 20) a soldier in the Cotroni Crime Family. However, during the time Felix was soldier, the Cotroni Crime Family was under constant attack by the Rizzuto Crime Family, a rival canadian mafia. Some time later, in 1962, Felix silently left the Cotroni Crime Family due to his beliefs that the family was weak. This was not the end of Felix's criminal career, as he soon felt that he can form his own crime family. In 1963, Felix went forward with this, along with his friend Brayden Hans and cousin Hank Gordy. After the "Darnell Crime Family" was officialy formed, the men began to get members of small gangs to join them, along with some members from the Ruzzuto and Cotroni Crime Families. Within 13 months, the Darnell Crime Family was huge.

Rise Of Power/Assassination Of ConsigliereEdit

By Janurary 1966, the Darnell Crime Family had 90 full members, 12 associates, 2 capos, along with Felix Darnell (Don), Brayden Hans (Underboss), and Hank Gordy (Consigliere). They had territory in Quebec, Toronto, and British Columbia. In 1969, they even spread to New Jersey and New York. However, once the Darnell Crime Family entered the 70s, the F.B.I. began to view them as an enemy criminal organization on the rise. Soon enough, the F.B.I. weren't the only people who viewed the Darnell Crime Family as an enemy. On June 2nd, 1971, a hitman hired by the Ruzzuto Crime Family assassinated Hank Gordy by his home. Felix, who was devistated over the loss of Hank, threatened to frame them for a brutal crime Felix would stage. Some time later, in August, the Rizzuto Crime Family and the Darnell Crime Family made peace. Gavin Gordy, the younger brother of Hank who was a soldier, was soon placed as the Consigliere.

Spread To Vegas/New BossesEdit

In 1978, Felix came up with a plan to open a casino in Vegas. This plan was accomplished when "69 Lanes" opened on November 12th, 1980. By 1982, the casino was making tons of cash for the family. The same year, Felix retired from being Don and moved to Vegas, where he would go to 69 Lanes as a VIP. The new don was a capo Felix always trusted, Ivan Jackson. Brayden, the underboss, also retired in 1984. Soldier Harry Jayden took over position of underboss. Ivan was unexpectedly a great don, and expanded the family to Chicago and Maine, along with increasing the income by adding drug trafficking and illegal oil trade to the family activities. He also honored the previous genertion of bosses (Felix who had a fatal stroke in 1986, and Brayden who lost his fight with lung cancer in 1987) by building a statue near their graves in Storywood Cementary that read "Here Lie Two Great Men Whose Love For Those Who Cared Was Unfathomable. May They Rest In On Of The Greatest Parts Of Heaven, Which We Hope Has A Good Bar For Them...". In addition to the deaths of Felix and Brayden, Gavin commited suicide on May 5th, 1989, and was replaced by Capo Justin Lachlan.

RICO Cracks Down/Trial EraEdit

When the Darnell Crime Family entered the 90s, a new agency known as RICO began to crack down on their Vegas operations. The family did not want to fued with RICO, so they gave up 69 Lanes. However, the Darnell Crime Family didn't get off that easy. RICO didn't stop and managed to charge Ivan with 12 RICO charges, Harry with 7 RICO charges, and about 50 members with 6 RICO charges each. The trials lasted from 1991 to 1993. The final verdict was that Ivan was sentenced for 65 years, Harry was sentenced for 45 years, and the other 50 members were sentenced with 20 years each. Ivan tried running the family from prison, but he developed an unknown disease and gave the position of don to the man who was acting as don during the trials, Joseph Kaelan. Ivan died later in July 1994. The replacement of Harry (who was stabbed to death in Feburary 1994 during lunchtime) was Lamar Darnell, the great nephew of Felix Darnell and soldier of the Darnell Crime Family.

Rebuilding The Family/Height Of PowerEdit

Since the Darnell Crime Family suffered a great loss of members, the new Don Joseph Kaelan promised the family that they shall regain the position they had in the 70s and 80s. Jospeh started by limiting the family's operations to Canada and Northern U.S. so that they can strenghten their postition there. Joseph also expanded the family's weapon's trafficking business. By 2001, the Darnell Crime Family was back to being powerful. Joseph was loved as don, as he managed to what most members said "pull the family out of the s**thole". However, Joseph suffered consequences from putting the family in the spotlight again. On April 24th, 2002, Jospeh was assassinated by an unknown hitman. What made the situation weirder is that after the assassination, there weren't any major attacks or takeovers. To this day, it is unknown who and why did this.

Recent YearsEdit

Although Joseph was assassinated, the family kept it's power. The new don was Lynden Mackenzi, a longtime soldier. Also, consigliere Justin Lachlan (who held this position for 15 years) suffered a heart attack in March 2004. His position was given to capo Logan Mikel. The family stayed the same throughout the years, keeping their mark in the mafia world. In 2009, Lamar Darnell was in a car accident and was in a coma for 2 months before he silently passed in his sleep. The position of underboss was then given to soldier Nathan Lane. Up to this day, the Darnell Crime Family has made allies with various mafioso around Canada and Northern America.



Felix Darnell (1963-1982)

Ivan Jackson (1982-1994)

Joseph Kaelan (Acting 1991-1993, 1994-2002)

Lynden Mackenzi (2002-Today)


Brayden Hans (1963-1984)

Harry Jaden (1984-1994)

Lamar Darnell (Acting 1992-1993, 1994-2009)

Nathan Lane (2009-Today)


Hank Gordy (1963-1971)

Gavin Gordy (1971-1989)

Justin Lachlan (1989-2004)

Logan Mikel (2004-Today)


The following graph shows the activites the Darnell Crime Family does and the income they recieve from doing them:

Activites Income
Weapons Trafficking C$24,500,000
Drug Trafficking C$17,250,000
Illegal Oil Trade C$36,000,000
Chop Shop C$12,250,000
Grand Theft Auto C$10,500,000
Prostitution C$14,500,000
Gambling C$11,000,000

Weapons UsedEdit

Pistols G18, .45 Magnum, M9

Sub-Machine Guns Mac-10, UZI, UMP-45

Machine Guns AK-47, M16, SG550

Shotguns Spas-12, Remington 870, AA-12

Sniper Rifles M14 w/Scope, Barret M95, M24

Melee Machete, Baseball Bat, Katana

Explosives Moltovs, Grenades, C4

Other Stoner 63, RPG-7, IEDs


===Organizations by Richard Starkey=== The Southern Riders

Southern Riders
Southern Riders Emblem




Southern United States

Founded By

Richard "Lee" Starkey

Years Active



Chapters in Flordia, West Virginia, Texas, Tenessee, California, New Mexico, Mexico, North and South Carolina and Ohio



Criminal Activites

Drug Trafficing, Arms Trafficing, Murder, Theft, Prostitution Contract Killing, and Money Laundering.


The Mannino Crime Family, the Cobranie Crime Family,Westmore Syndicate, and Zolnerowich Bratva


Kingdom of Angels, Juarez Cartel, and the Yankee Riders

The Southern Riders, are an outlaw motorcycle club created by Richard Starkey (Nicknamed Lee) in 1988. It calls itself the "Reborn Confederacy" and have been known to kill "Damned Yankees".


Founded in 1988, it started out as a couple of friends partying and riding together, but soon turned into a major criminial organization, and grew so powerful most police are afraid to cross this gang. They quickly "took care of" any potential rivals. They are one one the most powerful biker gangs in the United States and are known for their violent way of doing buisness.

Ranking StructureEdit

Fresh Meat- Newbies, recently joined members of the gang that have yet to prove themselves (They don't have nicknames)

Regulars- A real member, achieved by proving yourself

Hardened- A trusted member of the gang

Chapter leader- A member who leads a chapter

Veteran- A retired member

Notable MembersEdit


They are known to wear leather vests decorated with patches determining rank. High ranking members have been known to wear a small bit of kevlar under these vests.

Typical biker vest

Most are known to be physically fit and great hand to hand combat.



  • IMI Desert Eagle

  • Makarov
    • IMI Desert Eagle
    • Makarov
    • Colt M1911
    • Mauser C96
    • TEC-9
    • MIL Thunder 5
    • Luger P08
    • Bertta M9

  • Colt M1911

  • Mauser C96

  • TEC-9

  • MIL Thunder 5

  • Luger P08

  • Beretta M9


  • Atchisson Assault Shotgun (AA-12)

  • Benelli M3

  • Remington Model 870

  • Armsel Striker

  • Franchi SPAS-12

  • Remington Model 1100


  • Remington Model 700

  • Marlin Model 336

  • Mossberg Model 464

Submachine gunsEdit

  • PP-2000

  • Uzi

  • Walter MP

  • FN P90

  • H&K MP7

Assault RiflesEdit

  • M4A1

  • AK-101



  • M249 SAW

  • M60

  • RPD

Sniper RiflesEdit

  • McMillan Brothers Tac-50

  • Barrett M82


  • C-4

  • Semtex

  • M32 MGL

  • Molotov Cocktails


  • Baseball Bat

  • Brass knuckles

  • Bowie Knife

  • Various Pocket knifes

  • Ballistic Knife

Laws of the RidersEdit

The Southern Riders have very strict policies that all members, no matter what rank, must follow. Crimes in the Riders are divided into three categories: Third degree, Second degree, and First degree With First degree being the worst and Third being the least.

Third degree crimesEdit

Third degree crimes are the least punished crimes in the gang, and are punished by a severe beating.

  • Sleeping with a brother's old lady (Wife or girlfriend)
  • Running from a fight
  • Using any drug harder then Marijuana

Second degree crimesEdit


The gang rides

Crimes of the second degree are punished by a severe beating and being kicked out of the Riders
  • Fighting a brother
  • Purposely Hurting a brother's bike

Third degree crimesEdit

Crimes of the Third Degree are the most severe, and are punished with death

  • Killing a brother
  • Rape
  • Hurting or killing a women or child
  • Selling out a brother

Rules for joining the RidersEdit

People wanting to join the Riders must meet these requirements:

  • Must be Caucasian (White) Note: This does not include the Mexican Chapter, which allows Hispanic and Caucasians
  • Must be Christian (Doesn't matter what kind)
  • Must be Heterosexual
  • Women can be with the gang, but not full members

Organizations Made by Ethank14Edit

The Ukraine Connection

The Ukraine connection




The Ukrain parts of Ireland




Men of Mayhem


Kidnapping assassination Art theft& forgery Money laundering Alcohal drugs Smuggling

Legitamate buisinesses

Appraisal shops in territories small art galleries

yearly income



Main focus

Forgeries and art theft

Created officially in 1985 from the other scattered gangs around the Ukraine to fight the Russians that were occupying most of Eastern Europe around that time. Their leader also called in some of his grandfather's old friends in Ireland to create a second base of operations so they can mobilize quickly to almost any part of Europe. It is run by MisterEEK and his two lieutenants C&K with whom he is good friends and the only people in the organization that know his real name. From 1985 through the end of the cold war their purpose was to use guerrilla tactics and money from their illegal activities to fund attempts to free the Ukraine from the iron fist of the Soviets. After the war he turned legitimate and became a successful businessman without anyone knowing that he was the leader of this gang leading him to be well respected and trusted among both the government and the poorer classes everywhere eventually getting him a position in said government, this however would not last as the remnants of the KGB came and overthrew the government killing most of those who opposed them with only a few led by EEK escaping these becoming the head ranks of the newly restarteds mafia.

Ranks and member training:

(Leader): Doctor, MisterEEK

Lieutenants: Companions, C&K

(governors {regional leaders}): Ataraxi

Assassins: Weeping angels

Forgers: tessarectas


Assault rifles: AK-47 and 74, TVGK, VEPR, Cornershot, TAR-21

Sub-machine guns: Mac-10, MP7, FMG 9,

Sniper rifles: AS-50, Dragenov, intervention,


Organizations Made by Omnicube1Edit

Black Unity Movement Edit

Black Unity Movement
Black Unity Movement Logo


First gathering between leaders of each gang

Current Leader


Years Active



Eastern United States



Criminal Activites

Murder, drug trafficking, robbery, extortion, arms trafficking, human trafficking, high-profile kidnapping, illegal car sales and restorations





Amount of Members


New Worth


The Black Unity Movement, or BUM, is a family of three black, criminal organizations: the Boston Breakers, Qhubeka Ibutho, and Young Blood Millionaires. Under the guise of advancing black unity, the Movement is heavily involved in drug sales, robbery, extortion, and various other crimes.

History Edit

The Movement was formed in early March 2012 when the leaders of each of the organizations gathered together and agreed to work together. It has been agreed upon that the YBM will fund the family considering it is the most wealthy organization of the three. BUM stretches across the entire eastern seaboard of the United States.

Organization Edit

Each gang is represented equally by two delegates each. Under these delegates are the representatives. The number of representatives is based upon the amount of members in each gang. New rules and assignments are decided upon in each gang first, then the representatives, then the delegates, and finally the president. The president is elected by popular vote, but the representatives and delegates together have the final say. It is unknown who is the current president.

Boston Breakers Edit

Boston Breakers
Founder William T. Johnson


Boston, Massachusetts

Current Leader


Years Active



Northeastern United States



Criminal Activites

Murder, drug trafficking, robbery, extortion


Member of Black Unity Movement


No information

Amount of Members


New Worth

$450 million

The Boston Breakers is an all-black, organized crime group mainly stationed in Boston, Massachusetts. However, its diaspora is spread across the northeastern region of the United States. Though it is categorized as a organized crime family, many of its underlings act together in a form similar to street gangs. Members vary in age, some being as young as seven years old.

History Edit

The Boston Breakers started out as a street gang in the 1950s. Founders William T. Johnson, Brandon Philips, and Darius R. Jones organized the African-American youth in Dorchester, Boston to defend themselves against white supremacists. Starting out, the group did not intend to commit crimes like robbery; however, as more and more black men and women joined the group, criminal acts became more rampant. The Breakers began to sell drugs like cocaine and heroin to gain funds. In 1992, it was estimated that the group garnered $120 million. The name "Breakers" refers to the method the members of the gang liked to torture its victims, by breaking the bones of the victim's left arm and right leg. Current membership stands at 23,000, 1500 of which are females. All of the founders of the gang have died.

Organization Edit

At the pinnacle is the chief. He is given command of the gang. Under him is the Court, made up of five senators.

The founders: Darius Jones (left), William Johnson (center), Brandon Philips (right)

The senators are responsible for enforcing the gang's laws and regulating the chief. They have the power to remove the chief from his post. Under the Court are the delegates, gangsters responsible for issuing the rules and news made by the chief and the Court. Under the delegates are the shujaas, the basic grunts who execute the orders. The term "shujaa" is the Swahili word for warrior.

Appearance Edit

The typical colors sported by the Breakers are purple, black, red, green, and occasionally yellow. The underlings usually wear gangster-like clothing like baggy jerseys, jeans, bandannas, and basketball shoes. Though it is not a rule, the higher-ranking members don suits to show their professionalism. Members usually drive customized Buick Regals and SUVs like the Cadillac Escalade ESV. Tattoos are very common. The one that must be sported by all members is a chalice encircled by the numbers "617", representing the area code of Boston.

Weaponry Edit

Weapons carried by the Breakers vary, depending on location. Whenever murders are carried out, members tend to use blunt objects instead of knives or firearms in order to preserve the tradition of the founders of the gang who were too poor to afford firearms.


  • Pickaxe handle
    • The pickaxe handle was the weapon first used by the founders, Johnson, Philips, and Jones. Because they were impoverished, they preferred to use pickaxe handles because of their power and light weight. Johnson introduced the usage of the weapons by taking the heads off of his father's, who was a railroad worker, pickaxes. Whenever the three spotted an African-American person being harassed by white supremacists, they would turn to their pickaxe handles to scare the supremacists away.
  • Claw hammer
    • The claw hammer is another popular weapon used by the Breakers because of its small size and capability to break bones and crack skulls. It was another weapon used by the founders of the gang
  • Switchblades
    • The switchblade was a fairly early introduction into the Breakers' armory. It was first made popular by members stationed in New York City during the 1970s. Many of the Breakers who lived in the city were constantly harassed by Italians who would threaten them with switchblades. The Breakers in NYC knew that carrying around pickaxe handles and claw hammers around to defend themselves was not smart. They began purchasing or stealing switchblades for their own use.


  • Colt M1911
    • The M1911 was first used in the gang five years after the gang's founding. The founders mustered enough funds to purchase an M1911. It is now tradition that the delegates are to own an M1911.
  • Charter Arms Bulldog .44 Special
    • The Bulldog is a common weapon handled by the shujaas responsible for the selling of drugs. It is light, compact, and packs a devastating punch at close range.
  • Glock 19
    • The Glock 19 was a late introduction into the Breakers' arsenal. It was stolen from police officers and the Breakers actually falsified police orders for new Glock 19s by stealing order forms.
  • TEC-9
    • A popular weapon toted by gangs across America, the TEC-9 was purchased in wide loads to arm shujaas across the northeastern quadrant of the United States. It was widely used by the Breakers in drive-by shootings and raids.
  • M2 Carbine
    • Following the Vietnam War, Breakers who served in the war stole M2 Carbines and used them. M2 Carbines became a popular weapon due to its durability and light weight.
  • AR-15
    • Civilian AR-15 rifles were purchased in bulk and many were chopped down by Breakers-members to convert them into carbines. They have also been modified so that they are capable of full-automatic fire.
  • AK-47 and derivatives
    • Another gang-favorite, the AK-47 and its derivatives found their way into the hands of the Boston-based syndicate during the 1980s when several Breakers traveled overseas to African nations and purchased the AK-style rifles. They illegally shipped them back into the US. It is estimated that the Breakers own up to 1300 AK-style rifles.

Young Blood Millionaires Edit

Young Blood Millionaires
One of the few photographs depicting the YBM


Harlem, New York City, New York

Current Leader

Jamal Hamels

Years Active

1992-Present Age


Eastern Section of US, New York-Florida



Criminal Activities

Murder, drug trafficking, robbery, extortion, arms trafficking, prostitution, high-profile kidnapping


Member of Black Unity Movement


No information

Amount of Members


New Worth

Unknown, in the high millions of dollars

The Young Blood Millionaires, or YBM, is a black crime family that has its roots in Atlanta, Georgia. The YBM is closely tied to the Qhubeka Ibutho and the Boston Breakers.

History Edit

The Young Blood Millionaires was a group formed in 1992 during the rising age of hip-hop. Early members banded together and released several rap albums. Many of their songs caused controversy considering the lyrics contained anti-police messages and motivations to commit robbery. Many of the Millionaires were tired of the "white man's world" that they called the black youth of America to band together and fight against the "white man's government." Chauncey Carter, one of the YBM founders, has advocated that the only way African-Americans can become influential members of society is by becoming millionaires, hence the name of the gang. The group has been classified as an organized crime syndicate because of its high profile nature and the extent of its network which is spread throughout North America, reaching as far north to Calgary, Canada. A large population of the crime syndicate are actually millionaires, their money made through extortion, black market car deals, robbery, drug distribution, and the sale of illegal firearms. Estimated membership stands at 9,800.

Organization Edit

The Millionaires are organized based on age and the amount of time they spent serving the gang. The group is led by the Lord, currently Jamal Hamels, and under him are the Chieftains, who represent their separate districts. The Chieftains are equal in rank with the members of the Court, a judicial system based around resolving conflicts within the gang. Next are the Executors, members responsible for regulating the gang and issuing orders. Under the Executors are the Warriors/Soldiers who are responsible for following the orders and carrying out the basic tasks of the YBM.

Appearance Edit

The Millionaires do not have a set uniform. Their clothing varies and is not regulated. However, it has become gang-tradition that members sport various tattoos, showing their allegiance to the organization. They are known to attend the night clubs they own.

Weapons Edit


  • Various bladed weapons
    • The YBM use a variety of bladed weapons and can not be limited to a single set. They vary in size from machetes to pocketknives
  • Baseball bats
    • Baseball bats are a common weapon used to intimidate rather than kill.


  • Desert Eagle .357 Magnum
    • Being wealthy, the YBM can afford many high-caliber pistols like the .357 Magnum variant of the Desert Eagle. It is a popular weapon among the Chieftains and members of the Court
  • Smith & Wesson M&P40
    • The M&P40 is another popular sidearm wielded by the Millionaires. It is small, light, and packs power with the .40 S&W.
  • Smith & Wesson Model 625 JM
    • A .45 ACP firing revolver, the Model 625 JM is a common revolver used by the lower ranking members of the gang to carry out hits
  • CAR-15
    • The CAR-15 is a popular rifle used by the Millionaires. It packs solid piercing power with low recoil. It is commonly modified by the Millionaires by removing the stock or shortening the barrel.
  • Remington VERSA MAX
  • The VERSA MAX is an autoloading, 12-gauge shotgun that is commonly modified and used by the Millionaires.
  • Remington R-25 Bushmaster
    • The R-25 Bushmaster is a semi-automatic hunting rifle which is based off of the SR-25, a heavily used marksman's rifle by militaries across the world. The R-25 fires the .308 Winchester.
    • The TPD AXR is a variant of the Steyr AUG designed for civilian and police usage. Because of this, it can only fire in semi-automatic, but the Millionaires have been able to modify the weapon to fire in full-auto.
  • Various assault weapons
    • The Millionaires are known to carry countless other illegal, "assault weapons" like the TEC-9 and modified AK-47s. It is believed that the Millionaires possess several explosive weapons like the Milkor MGL.


  • M72 LAW
    • It is unknown how many M72 LAW's are possessed by the Millionaires, but a recent news report covered an attack launched by the Millionaires where a gang member utilized the anti-tank weapon against his target.
  • Grenades
    • Recently, the Millionaires have been importing large amounts of explosive grenades, military and homemade.

Qhubeka Ibutho Edit

Qhubeka Ibutho


Washington, D.C.

Current Leader

Andile Dumisani

Years Active



Washington, D.C.


African, African-Americans, Jamaicans

Criminal Activities

Murder, drug trafficking, human trafficking, robbery


Member of Black Unity Movement



Amount of Members


New Worth

$210 million

The Qhubeka Ibutho (Warriors of Progress) is a gang located in Washington, D.C. and is made up of African immigrants. The gang poses a major threat in the United States capitol and is closely tied with the Boston Breakers.

History Edit

Qhubeka Ibutho came into existence when immigrants from South Africa during the 1980s moved to the United States to seek sanctuary from the Apartheid system. These immigrants lived in poor neighborhoods and were harassed by local Hispanics. 32 year old, Kibwe Uzochi, banded African males together to defend themselves against the Hispanics. He gave the gang the name "Qhubeka Ibutho" to signify their quest in improving the African race. They turned to violence and vandalism to assert themselves. The gang became notorious when it raided a local, Hispanic church and killed 12 people, seven of which were gang members. Qhubeka Ibutho specializes in drug and human trafficking and creating improvised exlosives. Estimated current membership stands at 850 and each member belongs to the Nation of Islam.

Organization Edit

Not much is known of the gang's system of organization except that it is led by the Melisizwe, or "leader of the nation." It is believed that those under the Melisizwe are just called the Ibutho.

Appearance Edit

The gang is known for wearing clothing with red, white, and occasionally blue. They sport various kinds of tattoos that depict African warrior aspects like a Zulu shield and Assegai spear.

Weapons Edit


  • Spyderco Knives
    • Commonly used to carry out swift, hit-and-run attacks on designated targets, these knives are extremely sharp and thin, making them devastating stabbing and slashing weapons.
  • Baseball bats
    • Used widely to vandalize enemy vehicles, safehouses, and any other designated targets. They are also used by the Ibutho to kill their rivals.
  • Extendable batons
    • Another commonly used weapon, the extendable baton is very popular because of its ability to be concealed and and great availability. It is estimated that 45% of the Ibutho's victims are killed by the extendable baton.
  • Improvised clubs
    • Improvised clubs are being phased out, but are still in the Ibutho arsenal. During the gang's early years, improvised clubs were made out of planks with nails attached to them. The gang was so notorious for using these weapons that the D.C. police contemplated over making constructing and brandishing these weapons illegal.


  • Browning Hi-Power
    • The Hi-Power was popular for its high magazine capacity and low recoil. Many gang members modified the weapon so that it could fire in full-auto.
  • Revolvers
    • The Ibutho use a wide variety of revolvers, firing various rounds ranging from the .22 to the .44 Magnum. Drug dealers have been found to brandish chopped-down, Smith and Wesson Model 10s. Other gangsters also brandish large-bore revolvers like the S&W Model 29 and Colt Python and Anaconda.
  • Glock series
    • Many of the pistols of the Glock series are also used by the Ibutho. The most popular is the Glock 26 because of its small size and the Glock 18 because of its selective-fire capabilities.
  • MP5A3/A4
    • The gang illegally imported dozens of containers holding government-issue MP5A3/A4s. They have been used widely in bank and armored car robberies.
  • SL-8
    • The SL-8 is the civilian variant of the G36 rifle by Heckler and Koch. It is semi-automatic and has high muzzle velocity.
  • Remington M7615
    • Another civilian rifle, the Model 7615 by Remington is a pump-action rifle. It is popular among the gang because of its acceptability of various kinds of magazines.
  • Ithaca 37 Stakeout
    • A gang-favorite, the Ithaca 37 is a pump-action shotgun. It is small and very powerful at close ranges, the preferred form of combat the Ibutho enjoy.
  • Remington 11-87
    • The Remington 11-87 was a late addition to the gang. It is accurate for a shotgun and is capable of semi-automatic fire.


  • Car bombs
    • Because some of the Ibutho were former guerrilla fighters, the gang specializes in creating car bombs. The gang sells these bombs to other gangs for $3500. It is rumored that Middle Eastern terrorist groups, like Al-Qaeda, have contacted the Ibutho to create bombs for them to use when they conduct terrorist attacks within the United States.
  • Improvised explosive device
    • IEDs have been illegally constructed by the Ibutho since the late 1990s. They have devised grenade-like devices to be used and are willing to sell their products for $5000 each.

Organizations made by RedBenjaminEdit

Parliament's Bane

Faction Militia

Parliament's Bane


London, England

Current Leader


Years Active



Parts of London, parts of Ireland, parts of New England, parts of Japan, parts of Australia


English White


Homicide, Murder, Minor Terrorism, Smuggling, Arson, Theft, Hi-Jacking, Bombing


Kingdom of Angels


British Government, Irish Government, American Government, Japanese Government, Australian Government





Parliament's Bane was a world-wide crime syndicate that was mainly based in England, but had gone world-wide. Unlike regular criminal groups, Parliament's Bane was very orginized, as they havd strict policies for memebers. They included, but were not limited to:

  • No one under 21
  • No one who has ever taken any sort of drug to get intoxicated
  • No one with a terrible perminate record in school
  • No one who is part of another crime group, including allied ones
  • No immaturity

Parliament's Bane, partially due to them mainly being British but mostly their strict policies, did not have any gang signs. They considered it foolish to flash a gang sign in public or on the web, as it gave away who you are easily.

Parliament's Bane's crimes included:

  • Homicide
  • Robbery
  • Arson
  • Assassination
  • Smuggling

They did not do vandalism because graffiting your name on a wall lets people know where you are and where to find and kill you.

Eventually various gov's. decided that they would form a coalition too shut down Parliament's Bane. Over the years Bane felt a increasing stress, as several moles began convicting their leaders they began to faulter and fail at laundering their profits, as more and more members became scared and began testifying and turning against the gang it began to fall apart. As of today the majority of the leaders are jailed, the rest of the members f left the gang. As of today it is no longer active.


Parliament's Bane used the following weapons:

  • M1911
  • .44 Magnum
  • .45 Peacemaker
  • Uzi
  • MAC-10
  • MSR Sniper Rifle
  • M60
  • Hidden Blade
  • Model 1887
  • SPAS-12
  • SCAR-L
  • AK-74U

Like alot of weapons used by crime syndicates, the weapons were bought on the Black Market, explaining some of the more military weapons.

Organizations made by Sport ShoutingEdit

Men of Mayhem

Men of Mayhem
HoodieGangPA 468x318
Men of Mayhem members in a propaganda photo taken in 2007

Based In

Salem, Massachusetts

South Hero, Vermont

Albany, New York


Salem, Massachusetts

All of Vermont

Albany, Bed-Stuy, and Buffalo, New York

Current Leader

Brandon Walker

Years Active



Asian, Caucasian, Black, Hawaiian

Main Activities

Robbery, Murder, Drug Dealing


East Coast Swag, Black Unity Movement, The Loup Garou, The Doyle Crime Family, Southern Riders


The Ukraine Connection,Blizzard Mountain Gang


700 members across all 3 states



The Men of Mayhem founded when 3 ex-convicts met up one day and vowed revenge against all other gangs and law enforcement, hoping to rule them all someday. After privately spreading their cause to other drug dealers, criminals and ex-cons, they built up a gang that spanned three states (New York, Vermont and Massachussetts), 700 members and up to 550 weapons. They stole many weapons from the police so they can compete with them in fights. Also, they rob banks and houses to fund purchasing more weapons through theblack market. They also sell some guns to make money. The Men of Mayhem also have control over several other gangs. They sometimes trade them for money, services or goods.

Timeline of EventsEdit

May 2001- Men of Mayhem are founded.

December 2002- Men of Mayhem become famous and their budget skyrockets by $4 million due to kidnappings.

February 2005- Men of Mayhem starts selling drugs and makes another $100,000.

November 2007- Men of Mayhem starts fighting East Coast Swag in Vermont.

April 2012- Men of Mayhem spend 20 grand in a deal with the Cobranie Crime Family to acquire police uniforms (used to trick East Coast Swag in battle)

April 2012- After battles with East Coast Swag in Vermont, Men of Mayhem take control of East Coast Swag.

May 2012- The Vigil, hired by The Ukraine Connection, rat out Rafael Calderon. War breaks out.

June 2012- Men of Mayhem go up to Canada, where they ally with The Loup Garou.

June 2012- War breaks out against The Doyle Crime Family.

June 2012- The Men of Mayhem surrender, but agree to an alliance with the Doyle Crime Family.

December 2012- The Men of Mayhem run out of cash and fold. Brandon Walker commits suicide to avoid capture.




Senior Commander


Junior Commander

Senior Captain


Junior Captain


War with Ukraine ConnectionEdit

Dead- 54

Killed- 50

Money Gained- $0

Money Lost- $3 million

Arrested- 34

Conclusion of War- Win




Glock 19

Assault Rifles




Daewoo K2


Car Bomb

RGD-5 Grenade

Box Mine



Attack Dogs

Golf Club

Hockey Stick

Mere Club

Notable MembersEdit

Brandon Walker- The leader of the Men of Mayhem.

Philip Yang- Former NKSOF who fights in very dangerous missions.

Ian Yoshinori- Hawaiian with gifted combat abilities who accompanies Yang on tough tasks.

Rafael Calderon- Vermont Policeman who can get intel and is a double agent. He is in jail (due to The Ukraine Connection and The Vigil ratting him out).

Nolan Parker- Trains new soldiers to fight and handles drug dealing.

Photos of MembersEdit

East Coast Swag Honduran members of the 18th Street gang. 18 comes from a street in the Latino section of Los Angeles, California.

The East Coast Swag is a street gang in Vermont. In a battle with the Men of Mayhem, they lost their rights to the leader of the Men of Mayhem, Brandon Walker. The East Coast Swag can be traded for the Men Of Mayhem's needs. The "leader" of the East Coast Swag is Harrison Bryant, a street fighter and drug dealer.


Harrison made the rankings similar to the food chain

1. Shark

2. Whale

3. Dolphin

4. Fish

5. Plankton

6. Seaweed

Gangs Made by KevlarNinja Edit

The Loup Garou
Wolfguard-5453 250x308
The symbol of the Loup Garou: the wolf

Founded in

Downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Founded by

Ronan Gallagher

Years Active



Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, and Vancouver. Also has connections in Whitehorse, Edmonton, St. John's, and Akwesasne.

Other names

The Werewolves, the Northern Scourge, the Iceberg Cartel




At least 367 known members, aprox. 150 Associates

Criminal Activities

Drug Trafficking, Drug Dealing, Contract Killing, Robbery, and Extortion

Allies and Rivals

Mohawk smugglers (ally), Men of Mayhem (ally), White supremacy groups like the Aryan Brotherhood (MAJOR RIVAL), The Rats (Fomer rival, but were defeated in The Ratter wars

Average Yearly Amount of Money made

$900 million Canadian

The Loup Garou is a Canadian based criminal organization.



Toronto, Ontario, 1953. Ronan Gallagher, a former soldier in the Korean war, was down on his luck. Unable to find a steady job, he began selling dope. His boss was racist, telling him that only minorities and only to work with white people. Ronan knew he was better then this, but he needed the money. By 1964, he gained enough power and influence that he could off his boss. He invited his boss to the top of the Commerce Court building for a 'special meeting.' He told his boss off and stab him to death with a pocket knife. He threw the dead body off the side of the roof and into the street. Ronan and his wife that he met in Montreal, Belle, where the rulers of a new crime empire. One, that reflected the changing social attitudes and where people of every race, religion, nationality, gender and sexual orientation could work to toward one goal. But at the same time, they could be ruthless, leaving a messy sort of work to enemies. If only they could think of a name....... But, it was soon too late. The brother of Ronan's boss caught up with him in front of a pub a month after the murder, and chopped him down with his submachine gun. On his dieing breath, Ronan told Belle that she would have to take over.

Belle became known as the "Mourning Knife" because she always wore black and never remarried, as well as being known for being ruthless to her foes. The most famous example was when she got her husband's murderer. When she found out he would be at a halloween party, she order one of her hitman to go to the party and kill him. Dressed as a werewolf, the hitman found the murderer. He fired a shoot, grazing the man on the arm, and causing the other party-goers to run off. The man tried to escape via the fire escape, but the hitman fallowed. In the street, the hitman opened fire on the murder's legs, emptying a full clip. He then finished the target off with a hunting knife, leaving a scene, as descriped by the police, "like someone splashed red paint all over." The next day, when Belle was visting family back in Montreal, she picked up a newspaper reporting about the hit, saying "Le Loup-garou peint la ville rouge!" (Werewolf paints the town red!) It was at that point that Belle knew what this new gangs name would be: The Loup Garou.

Backwoods battleEdit

By the 1980's the Loup Garou had gained some power. Leadership had been through different leaders, each always picked by the last. They had gotten contacts in all corners of the nation, north, south, east and west. But the law had not turned a blind eye to them, even with bribes and hits. One day, in 1986, the then-leader Gabe McDonald was visting a large drug lab in northern Ontario. Suddenly, an RCMP force conducted a raid, which lead to a fight that lasted 72-hours, with deaths and injuries on both sides. McDonald got away with some of his men, but the RCMP arrested 50 members of Loup Garou, and confenscated over $4,000 worth of evidence. After this, the Loup Garou went mostly underground for a while.

From the AshesEdit

Recently, the Loup Garou have stepped back into the spotlight, because of their new leader, Walter "Jaws" Fuller, who claims that his grandfather was one of Ronan Gallagher's lieutenants. After buying a large home in Vancouver and beefing up the gang's arms, "Jaws" pulled off something big to prove that the Loup Garou where back. So, in 2011, "Jaws" had the RCMP investagater who traked down the drug lab in '86 gunned down in the street. The title on the papers across the nation, "Full Moon Rising"..........


  • Pack leader: the leader of the gang. Can be male or female.
  • Sub-Alpha: The leader's lieutenants. Often represents the Pack leader in cities where Loup Garou bases it's businesses and advices the leader. Have to pass apart of their profits to the Pack leader or face punishment.
  • Betas: In charge of local rackets and crime rings. Counts and holds the money before paying his men and his Sub-Alpha. Has Shadows at his disposal.
  • Shadows: The catel's hitmen. Staying true to Loup Garou's name, when on duty, Shadows where jackets that resemble wolfskin, but vaguely enough that they can slip into a crowd. Also works as guards at strongholds.
  • Omegas: Entry level position. Although the lowest rank, they are the gangs backbone. They deliver weapons, ammo, sell and make the drugs, bribe the cops, help build strongholds, just about any low-level job that the gang needs.
  • Associate: Criminals hired to do odd jobs for the cartel. Can join cartel if they show they have enough loyalty, but otherwise is not a member of the cartel.

Current LeadershipEdit

  • Pack leader: Walter "Jaws" Fuller
  • Sub-Alphas: Donnie "The Bullet" Lee (Vancouver), Natalia Zadornov (Toronto), Dale "Vermin" Schiller (Ottawa), Ray Bernard (Montreal)
  • Betas rarely use their real names in public, so it's hard to track them.


Assault Rifles: AK-47, M4 Carbine, FN P90

Sniper Rifle: Dragonov SVD

SMGs: MAC-10, Uzi, MP5

Shotguns: Benelli M4 Super 90, Striker shotgun, Ithaca 37

Pistols: M1911, Colt Python, Desert Eagle, H&K USP, "Jaws" Fuller himself carries a Ruger MK II

Melee: Fire Ax, Baseball bat, switchblade

Others: Some Omegas and Shadows working in remote areas have been known to use more silent crossbows in place of guns. C-4 is sometimes used for car bombs.

  • AK 47
  • M4 Carbine
  • FN P90
  • Dragunov SVD
  • MAC-10
  • Uzi
  • MP5
  • A Shadow with a Benelli M4
  • Striker
  • Ithaca 37
  • M1911
  • Colt Python
  • Desert Eagle (or Deagle)
  • H&K USP
  • Fire Axe
  • Baseball Bat
  • Switchblade
  • Crossbow
  • C-4
  • Fuller's Ruger MK II pistol


Omegas are the lowest rank in the Loup Garou. They often wear street clothes, so they could be anyone. For some hits or operations, Omegas may be picked to wear disguses (like police, EMT, etc) to pull it off. There are no specific vehicles driven by Omegas, but they tend to drive pricey models and custom cars and bikes. The best way of picking out an Omega (and almost any member of Loup Garou for that matter) is through tattoos. Although very few are daring (or foolish) enough to get any on the face, many have tatoos of full moons and wolves on their necks, arms, under their hair, back, chest, legs, ankes, or a combination of those. Many arrests of suspected memebers often have strip searches, because some really devoted members have very intimate places...............

Skilled Omegas often become Shadows. They too, wear street clothes, except when they are one a hit or gaurding a private meeting or worksite, when they wear a hoodie that looks vaguely like a wolfskin upclose (it is to be noted that sometimes, when Shadows are guarding higher up's in public, they often don't where these hoods). They are the cartel's "warriors," whenever there is a fight, they are not far behind. To avoid leaving fingerprints, Shadows wear gloves. Shadows use guns, but also carry melee weapons, often to 'leave a messege' after finishing off a target. They normally drive modified sports cars, sports bikes, vans, pick-ups and SUVs. Shadows are extremely hard to catch, being able to fight very well and have been known to outrun and even sometimes outswim the police, as well as preforming suicide when captured.

Shadows that show enough business savvy (and live long enough) often become Betas. Betas wear expensive clothes and jewelry, and drive luxury cars. To avoid being tracked down, Betas go by pseudonyms in public. To keep safe, a Beta normally carry an submachine gun and a knife in case of attack.

Few Betas ever become Sub-Alphas. Those that do are treated to tailor-made clothes and custom sedans. Often Sub-Alphas wear jewelry, pins, buttons, belt buckles and even arm patches (like the one seen above) featuring the mark of the wolf. In case of attack, Sub-Alphas carry a pistol and often wear a kevlar vest.

Pack leader is a hard position to reach, the only way being to be picked by the previous one. The current one, "Jaws" Fuller, despite how far up he is, wears very causal clothing. He travels in a black stretch limo. He often travels with a number of Shadows, but also wear's a kevlar vest at meetings and deals as well as carrying a shotgun and a pistol. He lives in a mansion outside Vancouver.


Being a cartel, the Loup Garou make alot of their money through drugs. They began selling the same drug that Ronan Gallagher sold: marijana. As the years went by, they also started dealing cocaine, LCD, ecstasy and steroids. Along with other known methods of bringing drugs from point A to point B, the Loup Garou has a one that's pure them. In the northern reaches of Canada, dog sleds and snowmobiles are used to deliver product. To fool police patrols, decoy drug runners are sent out, carrying nothing more then packages of raw meat. Although about half of the drugs are grown or made in Canada, the other half comes from outside sources.

Another way the cartel makes money is through robbery. They have been known for taking money, jewels, vehicles, even, in one case at a building site in Ottawa, building supplies. One of their most darring raids was in 1973, when a group of Omegas dressed as members of the Sûreté du Québec (Quebec's provincal police) with stolen police cruisers, stopped a convoy of semi-trucks carrying about 30 vehicles between them. The 'policemen' dragged the drivers out of the cabs, knocked them out, left them on the side of the road and drove off with the trucks (as well as the stolen police cars). Often, the sells it's stolen goods, although sometimes keeping things that grabs the theif's fancy. Sometimes, the Loup Garou steals things for the purpose of selling them back to the owner's at twice or sometimes even three times their actual vaule.

Alot of Loup Garou's power comes from their extortion business. Along with muscling small time dealers and stores (which gives the cartel discounts on things like cars and suits), it's believed that many police, SWAT, RCMP, and Emergency Task Force officers are being blackmailed (if not bribed, threatened, or just gotten rid of) by the cartel so they can get ahead. In some parts of the country, they have won lots of favor with some locals, due to their racial equality policies. Some trust them so much, in fact, that in a number of unsolved murders in Canada, it's thought that the Loup Garou have played a role in.



Aluminum Baseball Bat

Golf Club



Colt Revolver

Mossberg Shotgun

1894 Winchester Repeating Rifle


Mini Uzi


Micro Galil

Notable MembersEdit

Gun guy
Idiot with giant gun

Harrison Brant David Perez Griffin Kerry

Organizations made by ZombiedeathEdit

See this clover? This clover represents unity. If one of the leaves is plucked, it's not lucky anymore is it?
— Ardan O'Sullivan
O'Sullivan Crime Family
Family coat of arms


Boston, MA




Aedan O'Sullivan


Irish American





Criminal Activities

Illegal Gambling, Contract Killing, Loansharking, Tax Evasion, Smuggling, Extortion, Drug Trafficking, Forgery, Insurance Fraud, Mail Fraud


Headquarters in Boston and a small base in Connecticut. Small operations all over New England


The Ukraine Connection



The O'Sullivan Crime Family is a Boston MA based Irish Crime Family founded in 1965. It remains one of the more powerful Irish Mafias in Boston. They have been laying low for some time, but are beginning to rise up once again.


The O'Sullivan Crime Family was founded in 1965 by Aedan O'Sullivan, a young man in his teens who was attending high school in Boston. He and his closest friend, Bartley Doyle, formed the gang originally to simply cause trouble. That changed when O'Sullivan's family went bankrupt in 1966. O'Sullivan and Doyle decided to use their (then) small-scale gang to make the money to pay the bills.

The gang took a tragic turn in 1970 when Doyle was shot during a job and died. He was carried back to headquarters, where he was buried nearby. The bitter O'Sullivan decided then to bring his group to the top and make more money than ever. The O'Sullivan Crime Family had a firm hold of Boston until O'Sullivan's death in 1990. His final words were "You'll survive without me".

After O'Sullivan's death, his son, Ardan, took over as the boss. Ardan decided to expand his activities, and as a result set up multiple posts around the New England area. He also added to the family's repertoire, adding tax evasion and smuggling to the list of criminal activities.

The family has recently started distributing a new designer drug dubbed "Clover Dust", developed by the Doyle Crime Family , throughout Boston.

O'Sullivan now has a son named Liam and a daughter named Clover. Liam is set to inherit leadership in the event of O'Sullivan's death.


  • Boss- The leader of an Irish crime family or gang.
  • Right Hand Man- The advisor to the Boss.
  • Street Boss- The controler of all the family or gang's operations.
  • Captian- A leader of a group of Enforcers.
  • Enforcer- A member of the family or gang who carrys out crimes and operates rackets.
  • Outsider- A criminal associate who does jobs for the family or gang but isnt a full member.


  • Boss- Ardan O'Sullivan
  • Right Hand Man- Conan Doyle (nephew of Barley Doyle)
  • Street Boss- Cian O'Sullivan (Ardan's cousin)
  • Captain- Daire Clarke, Luke Ryan, Matthew Conolly

    (Left to Right) Conan Doyle, Ardan O'Sullivan, and Cian O'Sullivan

Organizations made by Danman3060Edit

Ancelotti Crime Family
Marco Ancelotti
Most Influential Don, Marco Ancelotti ca. 1970


Baltimore, Maryland

Founded By

Aldo Tomasino

Years Active



Baltimore Metro Area


Italian, Italian American, Sicilian, Sicilian American


35 Made Members, 80 Associates

Criminal Activities

Racketeering, Illegal Gambling, Prostitution, Hijacking, Political Corruption, Forgery, Smuggling, Extortion, Murder, Union Corruption, Money Laundering


Most American and Canadian Mafia Families


Various street gangs in Baltimore, Some Biker Gangs Who Operate in Maryland

The Ancelotti Crime Family is a Baltimore, Maryland based Italian Mafia family. Having been in operation since the late 1910's, the family has had a long standing presence and influence in the area and still remains the most powerful criminal organization in Maryland with operations in Delaware, northern Virginia and southern Pennslyvania.


The Ancelotti family was created in the late 1910's when Aldo Tomasino and his gang of Italians and Sicilians became powerful enough to begin extorting Italian business owners and setting up illegal gambling operations in the Italian neighborhood of the city. Eventually they gained more and more power through their rackets in the Italian neighborhood and moved into bootlegging in the 1920's. During the 20's their bootlegging profits allowed for them to expand into other neighborhoods of the city and gain more influence. They allied with the Philadelphia and New York families and were allowed a seat on the Commission in 1928. After Prohibition ended in the early 1930's the family continued with it's illegal gambling and prostitution rackets and moved into union and political corruption also. NOT DONE.

Current LeadershipEdit

  • Don: Alberto "Andy" Gravelli
  • Consigliere: Paul "Fat Paulie" Mazzone
  • Underboss: Dominic "Donnie" Leonardo
  • Capos: Carmine Russo, Mario Lupisella, Vincent "Vinnie" Lombardi

More to come....

Organzitions made by El Alamein Edit

Los Santos
Los Santos thugs
Prominent Los Santos leaders inspecting a warehouse in 1980.

Founded In

Barranquilla, Colombia

Founded By

Cormac Valdez

Years Active



Colombia (especially Barranquilla); Gained Southern Panama; Mexico; Los Angeles, California; and Miami, Florida after being absorbed into Los Hombres de la Gabardina

Amount of Members


Los Santos (The Saints) was a Colombian drug trafficking group and a rival of Los Hombres de la Gabardina prior to its absorption into said gang. It is now inactive, considered a part of Los Hombres.


Early HistoryEdit

Because Los Santos began as an under-the-radar smuggling group, which tried to avoid police detection due to its small size. However, they quickly swelled to power in the early 1960's, mainly unopposed by the ragtag gangs that Colombia had to offer at the time. They gained a foothold over weak authority such as local police officers through means of bribery or assassinations. However, because of weak logistics and the failure of Cormac Valdez to effectively organize a means to hold territory, the group was confined to operations in Barranquilla.

Ousting of Valdez and La Noche de la Lluvia NegraEdit

In 1970, college dropout Frederico Nuñez became a member of Los Santos and grew close with Valdez, much to the resent of senior officers of Los Santos. In a vicious but bloodless coup, they kicked Valdez and Nuñez out of the gang, leading to the formation of Los Santos' rival Los Hombres de la Gabardina. As Los Hombres grew to mild prominence, senior officers of Los Santos pulled a vicious hit on December 28, 1975 in a day that was known as La Noche de la Lluvia Negra or "The Night of the Black Rain". Valdez was killed but Nuñez managed to escape - a mistake that would plague the men of Los Santos for the rest of their operational days. Although Nuñez did pull off an act of revenge in kidnapping several Los Santos leaders and leaving them to die in a locked warehouse, it did little to shake Los Santos internally, and only served to feed the blood feud between the gangs.

Decline and Absorption into Los HombresEdit

However, Los Hombres de la Gabardina quickly straightened itself out and imposed harsh disciplinary measures on its members, solidifying itself as a true gang. It boomed in territorial expansion while Los Santos declined into little more than the street gang it had been under Valdez. Eventually the gang became too poor to fund itself and merged into Los Hombres de la Gabardina, proving once and for all that their ultimate rivals were the supreme rulers of Colombia's underworld. Their mistake in allowing Nuñez to escape La Noche de la Lluvia Negra was their ultimate undoing.

Organizations made by Kingofawosmeness777Edit

Twin Cities Yakuza
Kenji Shizuka
Leader, Kenji Shizuka ca. 2011


Minneapolis and St. Paul area

Founded By

Yoshitomi Group Yakuza

Years Active



Japanese, Hmong


70 Japanese Members, 50 Hmong Members, 150 Associates

Criminal Activities

Drug Trafficking, Illegal Gambling, Illegal Street Racing, Chop Shops, Contract Killings, Blackmail, Prostitution, Murder, Racketeering, Auto Theft, Smuggling, Arms Trafficking, Fencing


Mannino Crime Family, Nowakowski Crime Family, various Hmong street gangs


Shadow Dragon Triads, O'Malley Gang, Markovic Syndicate, various street gangs

The Twin Cities Yakuza is a faction of the Yoshitomi Group Yakuza that operates in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area. Led by the vicious 29 year old Kenji Shizuka and having a fairly new presence in the area, the Yakuza have established themselves as the second most powerful criminal organization in the area next to the Mannino Crime Family.



The Yoshitomi Group Yakuza was founded in Japan in 1995. It quickly became one of the largest and most powerful Yazkua groups in the country and began operating extensively in the United States. While other Yakuza groups had already made their presence known in western states like Hawaii, California, Washington, Arizona and others, the Yoshitomi Group decided to push further into the United States and well into the Midwest. They began operating in Texas, Illinois, Missouri, Michigan, Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio, Minnesota and others. Other Yakuza groups had been reluctant to push into those areas due to the increased surveillance by the FBI and local police, unacceptable by the white majorities and competition with other much more well established criminal organizations like the Italian Mafia. Slowly they began to push into the larger cities in those states and eventually, they began operating in them with varying degrees of success. The Twin Cities faction is one of the later ones and only began operating in 2004 as Minneapolis and St. Paul presented many difficulties for a new criminal organization like the Yakuza. The harsh winters, small Asian population, distance from other large cities and well established presence of European-American criminal organizations all were challanges for the Yakuza. Knowing this, they started slowly but eventually became a rising force in the criminal underworld of the Twin Cities.

Early YearsEdit

In early 2004, the then 21 year old Japanese immigrant Kenji Shizuka was sent to the Twin Cities with around 10 million dollars and 15 Yakuza members who were willing to move to the area and set up criminal operations. Most of them, including Shizuka, used fake passports and visas as their criminal records were much too long to allow them entry into the United States with their real identities. Shizuka's uncle, Tanaka Shizuka is a feared high ranking member of the Yoshitomi Group in Osaka and a percentage of the faction's profits go directly to him. Trying to keep under the radar of the authorities and other criminal organizations, they started out small by moving heroin and cocaine from a sushi bar they opened up in Minneapolis. They also started hosting illegal street races where competitors would pay an entry fee to race for prize money and people would bet on the outcome of the race. The races would also be an opportunity for them to sell and move drugs. By late 2005, they were fairly established within the Twin Cities and as well as operating several legitimate businesses, they were heavily involved in drug trafficking, illegal street racing, illegal gambling, prostitution, smuggling, arms trafficking and fencing. Pretty soon, the Mafia wanted a cut of their profits. Local Mob boss, Salvatore Maltieri met with Shizuka and told him the Mannino family wanted a 10 percent cut of their profits if they wanted to continue to operate in the city. After much debating, Shizkua reluctantly agreed to 5 percent and the two organizations formed an official alliance that continues to this day.

Gaining More PowerEdit

By 2007, the faction was gaining more and more members and gaining more power and influence in the Twin Cities. They started more operations and rackets and expanded into various neighborhoods throughout the area. Not having enough Japanese members to carry out all of the operations, the faction began recruiting local Hmong gang members to work as enforcers and carry out small rackets and deal drugs. Today, the faction has several Hmong crews totaling about 50 members. While they had the Mafia on their side, the Irish and Russian Mobs were against them for moving in on their rackets. The Yakuza had become more powerful than them and took over much of the city's drug and arms trafficking operations further weakening them. Although they were reluctant to give up their operations, the Irish and Russian Mobs knew a war would only further weaken them so they compromised with them but are still rivals. The faction's main rival, the Shadow Dragon Triads, are bitterly against the Yakuza moving in on their operations and defend their drug trafficking and illegal gambling operations viciously from them. By 2009, they were arguably the second most powerful criminal organization in the area with their brutal and effective way of doing business creating more and more operations and rackets for them and a constant flow of money, weapons, new members and drugs coming from Japan, they seemed unstoppable. The FBI was surprised at how much power they gained in such a short amount of time and to this day have extreme difficulty investigating the faction due to the loyalty of their members and the secrecy of their operations.


Today, the Twin Cities Yakuza is the second most powerful criminal organization in the area next to the Mannino family and their influence continues to increase. With the help of the other major criminal organizations in the city led by the Mannino family, the faction continues with their combined efforts to put an end to street gangs that only deal drugs and cause trouble. Because of this, Minneapolis and St. Paul have some of the lowest amounts of street gang related violence in the Midwest, although some of the highest organized crime related violence. The faction has become somewhat Americanized and the influence of the Mafia has really shown in the faction. Shizuka is good friends with Salvatore Maltieri and other high ranking members of the Mannino family. The faction has been structured after a Mafia family and members, especially Shizuka and other higher ranking members, tend to dress in Italian made suits and dine in Italian restaurants. Shizuka is married to an Italian-American woman who is the niece of a high ranking capo in the Mannino family. His uncle disapproves of the faction's Americanization and worries that they will forget their Japanese roots but he lets it be because of the constant flow of money from the faction. As of 2012, the faction remains one of the most powerful of the Yoshitomi Group in the United States.


The Twin Cities faction of the Yoshitomi Group along with the other Midwestern factions are administered by high ranking Yakuza Wakagashira, Tanaka Shizuka in Osaka. All of the faction bosses report to him and a percentage of their factions profits go to him. Other than that, the factions function as independent criminal organizations.

  • Shateigashira (Faction Boss): Kenji Shizuka
  • Saikō-komon (Advisor): Makoto Hamasaki
  • Lieutenants: Ren Fujimoto, Michi Miyamoto, Hiroshi Nishimura
  • Hmong Faction Leader: Aaron Yao


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