The Phillips Crime Family is an American Crime Family founded by James Phillips in 1932.

Phillips Crime Family
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The Phillips Family Leadership in 1940


Don Timothy Phillips

Years Active:

1932 - Present

Area of Operation:

Washington D.C., Richmond, Charlotte,Dallas, Houston, Sacramento, Albany, Lansing, Seattle,


Murder, Kidnapping, Money laundering, racketeering, Assassination, Armed Robbery, Arms Smuggling


150 full members 350 outsiders

Based out of Washington D.C. and corrupted many polticians during World War II and after the century. The Family dealt in everything from Money scams to Assassinations. 

History Edit

The family was founded by James Phillips in 1932. James had seized A large amount of money and with the proceeds, started the family. He recruited People to do jobs and then pay him and made a large fortune. James Phillips fell ill several times during his reign but never gave up power. James died in 1971 and then it was passed to Kevin Phillips. Kevin, Under his reign continued the murder and other various crimes. Kevin Phillips died in 2003 then passing the Leadership onto his Son, Timothy Phillips. Timothy, CEO of Timcorp and a former politician himself, Uses his position to contuine his Father and Grandfather's reign of terror over some citizens in Washington D.C. and other parts of the country. 

The War Against Asia Edit

After James Death in 1971, Kevin chose to take a role in Dealing with the Asians. He became involved with the Asians and then had to intercede on the Amercians behalf and it made the Asian contributors very angry. It was nasty fights and battles but the Phillips Family came out successful and more powerful in the community for it.

The Death of Kevin and the Rise of Tim Edit

In the year of 2002, Kevin became diagnosed with Terminal Heart disease. All the family members became rushing to his bedside, including his Number two and heir to the Family, Timothy Phillips. Kevin finally succumbed to his injuries in 2003 and Tim Succeeded Kevin as Don. Tim has been running the family since 2002 when Kevin made him Acting Don. After Kevin's Death, the Murder operations became more and as a effect, have been getting a bigger profit.

Tim's Rise and Demise of Political PowerEdit

In 1996, Timothy Phillips, While Still Heir to the Phillips Crime Family, Was elected as a Senator from Maryland with 65% of the Vote. He served for 7 Years in the United States Senate but stepped aside in 2002 When his father became ill. He was promoted to Acting Don within the family. Tim quietly resigned his Senate seat. His time in the senate has made sure he has a lot of influence over several senators. 


The Ranks of the Phillips Crime Family are as followed:

  • Don: Timothy Phillips
  • Heir: Marcus Phillips
  • Underdon: John Phillips
  • Capo: Brian Phillips
  • Chief of Security: Trevor Phillips
  • Hitman: 25 Hitman
  • 300 Muscle: Different Drivers, Security, etc