Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs are biker organizations usually consisting of many chapters that are heavily involved in criminal activites, especially drug trafficking. Starting after World War 2, motorcycle clubs began appearing across the United States but were usually not involved in criminal activites. It wasn't until the Vietnam War was in full swing that young men with memories from the war returned home to a hostile populance. Biker gangs offered social alliances between the men and ways to make money. The number of orginazations grew and over the years have become known all around the world. Most motorcylce clubs don't engage in criminal activites but the ones who do are known as one perceters. The outlaw motorcylce clubs maintain a strong precence worlwide and are involved in nearly all types of criminal activites.


  • President- The leader of an Outlaw Motorcylce Club.
  • Vice President- The second in command of an Outlaw Motorcylce Club.
  • Treasurer- A high ranking member in charge of all of the club's operations.
  • Chapter Leader- The leader of a chapter of the club.
  • Veteran- A retired long serving member of the club.
  • Hardened- A long serving and well respected member of the club.
  • Regulars- A regular member who serves as the main operater for the club's criminal operations.
  • Fresh Meat- A new member who has yet to become a full member of a club.