On Organized Crime Fiction Wiki a criminal organization is defined as a highly centralized organization run and operated by criminals for the purpose of gaining monetary profit.  Certain rules do not apply to certain organizations based on their location, but most organizations must operate under the same principals.

  1. Your organization cannot be a terrorist group.  Terrorist activities such as public bombings and massacres are only allowed for Latin AMerican Cartels, and sometimes Street Gangs. However, they may not be politically or socially motivated.  The goal of this must be profit.
  2. No organization is above the law. Although political and police corruption is allowed, no organization no matter how secretive is above having members put on trial and jailed. Circumstances vary from organization to organization.  If you're in the US you can have 40s New York corruption, if you're in Mexico present day corruption.  Russia and Albania would be as corrupt as today.  Basically each location either has it's present day corruption (very to hyper corrupt you could say) or is as corrupt as a past time when it was more corrupt.
  3. All organizations must have a leader that you will role-play as.  He does not have to be given a real name, an alias is 100% acceptable, just so long as you have a leader that you role-play as it is fine.
  4. Your organization must have a clear and easily understandable hierarchy and chain of command with ranks established and a minimum of 1 named member.
  5. If you set original rules unique to your organization, they must comply with wiki standards.
  6. Politically motivated or not profit intended terrorism of any kind is unacceptable.  You can design your character as a psycho who just wants to kill people, however his/her organization may not behave in that way.  
  7. No killing civilians on purpose without purpose.
  8. If you break the wiki's rules or do something extremely unrealistic and ridiculous, there will be consequences on your organization.  Unrealistic behavior is allowed, just nothing ridiculous.
  9. If you go to war with another organization, there are strict guidelines and rules you must follow.
  10. Nobody can use robots, lasers, or anything like that.
  11. The FBI and other related law enforcement agencies watch organized crime closely. Do not think that your organization is unknown to law enforcement and can get away with anything because it's more than likely they know you by name and what your organization is all about.
  12. You cannot have more than 4 organizations at once.  You may switch from one organization to another, however once you do switch you will not be allowed to switch back for another month.  If you make more than 4 gangs, one of those gangs will be deleted.
  13. Please understand that although this is a fictional rpg and as long as you follow the rules your organization will get along fine, just don't bring in robots, terrorism, or wiping out 50 of another organization's members in one attack.