Omnia Venena
Founded By

Eight members, including Lloyd Kumar

Years Active



Operates worldwide; only controlled territory is Philadeplhia.


535-835 Full Members, 750-950 Mercs


Assassination, Smuggling, Corruption of Government, Money Laundering, Fraud, Gambling, Drug Dealing





Annual Income

($15 Billion/Year)

We don't care about what he did. We care about what you're paying.
— Jacó Rios
The most amusing aspect of this organization is that we can kill just about anyone, but we can't even get our pretentious Latin name correct.
— Lloyd Kumar



Omnia Venena started out as a small coalition of former gang members from various backgrounds. Pooling their resources, they started a relatively small assassination outfit, operating worldwide. Over the past 19 years, they have grown in power and influence, taking on a few other activities while remaining, at their core, an assassination group. The outfit's current Marshal, Lloyd Kumar, was one of the original founding members of the group, and the only one left alive.

The syndicate has several legal front operations, mostly as casinos, junkyards, and pawn shops to facilitate the movement of men and equipment. Their current most successful front is a website that makes customized weaponry. Parts of the website are accessible on the normal internet, but the shadier parts - such as hiring hitmen, illegal custom weaponry, and other such services - are only accessible via the Deep Web. They started off split into the North-Central American, South American, European, and Asian branches.

Forging AlliancesEdit

Operating as a neutral entity for many years, Omnia Venena broke its neutrality during The War for New York. Originally contracted by Los Sicarios to help their move to take the entire state for themselves, they quickly realized that this would probably be the worst possible course of action in the long term. Convinced the Los Sicarios gaining influence would be bad for the crime world as a whole, Lloyd reached out to the Appalachian Vipers, The Wolves, the United Crime Corps., and Cicada. They formed the New York Alliance, determined to keep Los Sicarios out of NY. Omnia Venena kept up a pretense of working alongside the Circus to further Los Sicarios's aims while working against them, as well as plotting out the dissolution of both the New York Alliance and the Miami Triangle.

It was around this time that Lloyd Kumar and Muneca started working together to balance out the crime world.

Injecting the PoisonEdit

Operating from the shadows, the New York Alliance stymied the advance of the newly-formed Miami Triangle. During this time, Omnia Venena became the unofficial leader of the alliance. In the wake of the War for New York, Omnia Venena lent aid and support to the other members of the alliance. Shortly after the Vipers initiated the Expulsion of the Circus, Nikolai Zolnerowich contacted them to form an alliance between the New York Alliance and the Zolnerowich Bratva. Around this time, Lloyd would form Rogue Branch, a squad of elite assassins given even more free range than the rest.

Participating in the Expulsion on the side of the NYA, Lloyd decided to for Rogue Branch, a part of the organization that would operate mostly independently to further Lloyd's and Omnia Venena's non-monetary interests in the crime world. After the Expulsion was completed, Omnia Venena sent Patton Trask and several members of Asian Branch to participate in a heist in Africa.

Withholding the AntidoteEdit

During the heist, the Zolnerowich Bratva came forth with information about a pending attack by the Miami Triangle on NYA holdings in Florida. During the heist, preparations were made to ensure that the attack would be ineffective and work to the NYA's advantage. Two members of the NYA hired Muneca for a job pertaining to this. Muneca and Lloyd used this opportunity to maneuver their "allies" and the Golden Stars Yakuza into position to start the Fall of the Miami Triangle. Omnia Venena used their contacts in the NYPD to pull off the finale to the initial strike, a siege on the Leone family's compound.

After the Leone family fell, and after the Zolnerowich Bratva betrayed Los Sicarios, Lloyd talked to the head of the Los Esparantos cartel and others, convincing them to abandon and turn on Los Sicarios. This kicked off a second siege, this time in Mexico, which lead to the destruction and disbandment of the Los Sicarios cartel. This finished the shattering of the Miami Triangle. Having planted most of the seeds of discontent within the New York Alliance, they withdrew so as to remain neutral within the New York Alliance Civil War.

Over the twelve days of the war, Omnia Venena worked for all three sides, weakening the positions of the two main belligerents. They attacked, took hostages, and generally wreaked havoc in the name of their various employers. After the dust settled, the New York Alliance was shattered and Omnia Venena had made well over $6 billion. Having their plans come to fruition, they tapped into their political network to lessen the heat on them as they went underground with their new windfall.


Omnia Venena has certain ways of doing business. All members are expected to follow these codes, which are designed to help the syndicate stay low-profile and active.

  • Do not deal with terrorists.
  • Work for money, not ideals.
  • Always take half payment up front.
  • Do not fail.
  • Do not kill other members.

Other than this, all members of the organization are given a long leash.

Chain of CommandEdit

Marshal: Heads the entire organization.

General: Oversees operations for each branch of the organization:

Adjutant: Each General and the Marshal has an Adjutant, who generally acts as an adviser and representative when meeting with other gangs. They are outside the Chain of Command, take part in none of the gang's illegal activities, and answer to their General and the Marshal.

Captain: Oversees Lieutenants. Each Branch has two Captains.

Lieutenant: Oversees Privates and Mercs. Each Captain has several Lieutenants.

Private: New members of the gang who have earned trust. Lowest level of actual membership.

Merc: New members of the gang who haven't earned trust. Equivalent to "Associate" ranking in other gangs

Named MembersEdit

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Overall LeadershipEdit

Name Rank Branch Killable
Lloyd Kumar Marshal N/A No
Antinanco Adjutant N/A Yes
Anastas Innokenti General Asian No
Gerald Ritter General Central American No
Adelaide Brandt General European No
Francis Smith General North Amrerican No
Yrian Abandonato General South American No
Patton Trask General Rogue No
Ivan Kuchkov General African No
Baltasar Fuentes General Australian No

Branch-Specific LeadershipEdit

Name Rank Branch Killable
Radimir Kaur Captain Asian Yes
Junko Xun Captain Asian Yes
Mikhail Mikhailov Captain Central American No
Joao Sanchez Captain Central American No
Helmut Lewerenz Captain European Yes
Jameson Sharrow Captain European No
Lorenzo Lampone Captain North American Yes
Ollie Lindon Captain North American No
Lucio Armando Captain South American Yes
Jacó Rios Captain South American No
Stojan Filipovic Captain African Yes
Richard "Rick" Stark Captain African Yes
Saitou Tachibana Captain Rogue No
Peter Zamorano Captain Australian Yes
Jonathan Doe Lieutenant North American No
Aura MacFarlane Lieutenant North American Yes
Lugos Kruger Lieutenant South American Yes
Donald Capello Captain Australian Yes

Dead MembersEdit

Name Rank Branch Death Date
Sergei Yaroslavski Lieutenant Asian 4/1/14
Adão Almeida General South American 5/18/2014
Alois Biskup Adjutant European 10/29/2014
Guiomar Abaroa Adjutant North American 10/29/2014
Minh Metharom Adjutant Asian ?
Patrick Britton Adjutant Central American ?


Omnia Venena's fleet started as the pet project of Yrian Abandonato, and is currently fairly small. After Yrian's promotion to General of South American Branch, however, the fleet is expected to expand.

Note that all ships are not listed.

Unique ShipsEdit

Name Type Captain Weapons Misc.
Ancient Mariner Trimaran Yacht Yrian Abandonato
  • 10 .50 cal Gatling Guns
  • 10 emplaced RPGs
  • 40 depth charges
  • Wz.35 anti-tank rifle
  • Light Armor Plating
  • Other experimental weaponry
  • Areal view similar to a rifle bullet

Generic ShipsEdit

Names Type Weapons
  • Albatross
Salvage Ship
  • 30 .50 cal Gatling Guns
  • 30 emplaced RPGs
  • 120 depth charges
  • Armor Plating
  • Frost
  • Nevermore
  • Fire & Ice
  • Fallen Lance
  • Midnight Dreary
Escort Ship
  • x .50 cal Gatling Guns
  • x emplaced RPGs
  • x depth charges
  • Light Armor Plating
  • Miles to Go Before I Sleep
  • Two Roads Diverged
  • The Eighth
Cargo Ship
  • x .50 cal Gatling Guns
  • x emplaced RPGs
  • x depth charges
  • Heavy Armor Plating

Legitimate BusinessesEdit


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