Ollie Lindon
Ollie Lindon

Captain in Omnia Venena's North American Branch



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Omnia Venena

Fuckin' cultists.
— Ollie Lindon


Born in 1989 to an Irish-American whore, Ollie was in poverty from a young age. When he wasn't in school, he begged and stole just to survive. When he was sixteen, however, he was approached by a member of The Wolves, who recruited him into the cult with the promises of a better life. Sucked in, and finally having enough money to live on, Ollie threw himself into the gang's work, believing the lie that he was helping to make the world a better place.

As he climbed the ranks to Beta, however, Ollie grew more and more cynical. He began to question if the Wolves really believed in their ideology. An eavesdropped conversation between Jefferson Tala and Alpha Wolf settled the question for him.

Disillusioned and angry at the lie, he sought out Omnia Venena, a group of assassins. Talking through an intermediary, then-Mercenary Jonathan Doe, he arranged for Francis Smith to take Tala's life, striking a major blow to the organization. While Smith failed, one of the Captains recruited Ollie with the rank of Private.

Over the next five years, Ollie climbed the ranks rapidly, with Jon at his side. The two became inseparable friends and then lovers. Currently, Ollie is a Captain in the North American Branch.


Yes, we kill and steal for cash. But we're honest to ourselves. We don't operate under some delusion that we're helping make the world a better place by tearing it down. We know that we're tearing it down, and we're doing it for cash. That's how you make a better life for you and your family in this world. Collateral damage is simply a sad necessity.
— Ollie Lindon

Ollie values honesty greatly, and as such he prides himself on never lying. Due to his occupation, however, he has become very adept at telling things that are technically true but mislead the listener into thinking something else. He has also kept some of the naive idealism that drew him to the Wolves in the first place, trying to keep collateral damage to a minimum on assignments. He does not shy away from causing it if necessary, however, and is more than capable of shooting through a human shield to hit a target.

Ollie also has a pronounced distaste for those who use whorehouses, blaming his rough childhood on his absent father. The deception the Wolves used to pull him in left him very, very pissed at them, and he is prone to abusing Wolves members either physically or verbally, as the situation allows.


  • Is in a relationship with Jonathan Doe
  • Has Heterochromia; his left eye is green and his right eye is blue.


Dillingers: Ollie carries 6-8 Dillengers on his person most of the time. These are his primary weapons.

Weight: Rather than carry brass knuckles, which leave obvious wound and are illegal, Ollie carries a set of two small, lead-filled weights, about five pounds each. This gives him Alan edge in hand-to-hand combat without having anything overtly illegal.