Oleg Sokolov
Sovietnik, Oleg Sokolov




July 15, 1961


Zolnerowich Bratva




Orthodox Catholic


Active, Alive

Anything you want, we'll get....for a price.
— A common phrase used by Oleg.
 Oleg is the Sovietnik of the Zolnerowich Bratva, it's second in command. Where as the Pakahn, Nikolai known for his short temper and violent methods, Oleg is considered significantly more controlled.


Beginings and RisingsEdit

Oleg was, like Nikolai, born in Russia in the middle of the Cold War. However unlike Nikolai his family enjoyed a relativity high standard of living, his father working for the Communist Goverment. His life was comparatively tame until he meet Nikolai. In the fall of the Soviet Union, Oleg like Nikolai used the chaos to make a grab for power. Joining the gang that would eventually become the Zolnerowich Bravta, Oleg proved to be just as important to the the gangs growth as Nikolai himself. Where as Nikolai favored direct and violent methods in business, Oleg generally balanced these action out with more tactful and less obvious tactics.

The Man in ChargeEdit

In 2014 assumed direct control the Bravta's "Old World" operations with Nikolai physically moving the U.S to try and improve the operations in the regions, as he once did for the Bravta in Europe. This has effectively made Oleg the head of the organization in the strongest regions. While Nikolai still stands on the top of the ladder and Oleg still answers to him, for most practical purposes, Oleg leads the organization in Europe.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Oleg is cool and calculating, and can stay calm in the most stressfull situations. He generally favors more subtile methods as opposed to the violent and blunt methods normally favored by the Bravta. These traits mean that when stealth and subilty are required, Oleg will take the command of the operation over the Bravta's other, more violent methods.

He is the only non-family member of Nikolais' that is capabel of calming him down when his infamous temper flairs up. However, despite his calm traits, he is every bit as cut throat as Nikolai, and won't think twice of quickly and brutally executing his enemies if the situation calls for it.