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Tropes relating to all seasonsEdit

  • Big Bad: Every season thus far has at least one.
    • Season 1: The Ace of Spades, though he's ultimately a pawn of Hector.
    • Season 2: Hector, whose attempts to be a chessmaster blow up in his face and ultimately get him killed by his nemesis Mastermind and lead to the complete destruction of his organization.
    • Season 3: Mastermind and Marshal S. Grant form a Big Bad Duumvirate with Lloyd Kumar either acting as Dragon-In-Chief or making it a triumvirate. The addition of Muneca as a Final Boss working her own agenda makes it a Big Bad Ensemble.
    • Season 4: Cicada plays this role for the first half of the season, as they manipulate the Vipers major conflicts, but Jack Dalton becomes the endgame threat as the perspective shifts to the Wolves.
    • Season 5: Mastermind, who finally gets his comeuppance and is brought down by the numerous factions working together.
    • Season 6: Muneca and Eddie "Vulcan" Brooksford pose the largest threat and are dealt with by the trio of Omnia Venena, the Vipers, and the United Crime Corpse, but the civil war between Alpha Wolf and Le Hound is a more personal struggle and the finale is focused entirely on Jack taking down Alpha.
  • Cluster F Bomb: There's profanity, and lots of it.
  • Mob War: Every season so far has been largely focused on wars between the gangs.
  • Running Gag: The Vipers tend to go to war, forcing Omnia Venena to get involved just as a game Lloyd was excited for is released. The Wolves get in on the gag in S4.
    • In Season 1, it was Infamous: Second Son.
    • In Season 3, it was Watch_Dogs.
    • In Season 4, it was The Evil Within, then Lords of the Fallen.