Nikolai Orelov

Commander of the Desert Vipers

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Arms trade, enforcement, drug trade, prostitution, and assassination


Desert Vipers

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The California War

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Salasco was a fool. He tried to advance our organization while also clinging to ways of the past. I could not allow that.
— Nikolai Orelov

A former member of the KGB in Soviet Russia, Nikolai Orelov is a veteran criminal that has been active in several organizations since the mid-1990's. Born in 1968, Nikolai joined the Russian military at the age of 18. By 1990, Nikolai had been recruited into the KGB, an elite espionage group. Once the Soviet Union fell, Nikolai used his skills taught to him by the KGB for the only work he knew how to do; killing.

Starting as a small-time hitman for the Zolnerowich Bratva in 1995 Nikolai eventually left their fold to retire in the United States. Upon landing in the U.S., Orelov found his life dull and continued his operations as a criminal. Using his former connections and establishing new ones, Nikolai eventually found himself to the rank of captain in 2013 for the Appalachian Vipers

After Jedidiah Greer left the Vipers and Salasco took charge, Nikolai was promoted once more for his brutally effective methods. Nikolai became a frontrunner for the Vipers, serving in The Caribbean Heist, The California War, and The Western War. However, by 2015, Nikolai became unsatisfied against Salasco. Recruiting fellow lieutenant Reginald Doyle, the two staged a coup against Salasco's leadership.

Personality Edit

Savaged by years of criminal activities, Nikolai is a violent and brutally effective assassin under the facade of a gentlemen. Prefering to perform in the field than behind a desk, Nikolai has proven that he remains a top notch assassin and infiltrator despite his age.

When not in the field, Nikolai is often relaxed and talkative. His vocabulary is advanced for his upbringing, and it shows in how he talks to others. He values hardwork, and the ultimate goal will always justify the means. 

Equipment Edit

  • Customized AR-15 rifle
    • Equipped with two interchangable scopes; 300m, and 600m 
    • Standard 5.56 NATO 30 magazine or 5-round 7.62 NATO magazines.
    • Though far past his days of service, Nikolai is still a skilled assassin with his prefered tool.
  • Makarov Pistol
    • Relic from his service in the KGB, a standard Makarov pistol. 
  • Shoe knife
    • Nikolai always wears a pair of black dress shoes, each containing a push knife 

Trivia Edit

  • Favorite drink is a glass of a Maraska Cherry Wine from Croatia. 
  • Born 1968, making him 61 years old.