New York Alliance
Founded By

Lloyd Kumar, Mastermind, Marshal S. Grant, Jedidiah Greer, and Alpha Wolf

Years Active

March, 2014-June, 2014


Various areas, mostly concentrated in the NE US. Strong holdings in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Florida


12,590 members


Assassination, Smuggling, Corruption of Government, Money Laundering, Fraud, Gambling, Drunk Driving, Drug Trafficking, Hacking, Theft, Racketeering, Human Trafficking, Animal Trafficking, Arms Dealing, Drug Dealing, Kidnapping, Extortion, Murder, Hijacking, Sabotage, Torture, Prostitution


Zolnerowich Bratva


The Circus, Los Sicarios (defunct), Leone Crime Family (defunct)

Annual Income

($25.6 Billion/Year)

Knowledge of the NYAEdit

Only the alliance, its former members, and allies know about the group. However, only the current members have knowledge on the group unless explicitly stated otherwise.


The New York Alliance was founded during The War for New York as an attempt to limit the expansionism of the Los Sicarios cartel.

After the Cartel's destruction Omnia Venea left the aliance and the group suffered from a Civil War between the Wolves and the Appalachian Vipers, set in motion by Cicada.  When the war ended the Wolves and Vipers lost most of their power and were kicked out of the NYA leaving an alliance between Cicada and UCC.  The NYA is currently defunct.

Operational MethodEdit

The New York Alliance has no specific leader, their course of action instead decided by a consensus of the heads of its constituent organizations.


Major ActionsEdit



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