Miles "Krampus" Woods



The Boogeyman

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Drug Trafficking, Arms Trafficking, Contract Killing, Arson


The Titans

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The California War

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The California War

San Francisco is my city. Tell that to your gang, in hell.
— Miles speaking to a rival gang leader before killing him

Miles "Krampus" Woods is the eccentric and hot-headed leader of California-based gang, The Titans. Miles played a key role in igniting conflict in western United States, starting with The California War.


Miles is the son of an male American police officer, and a German woman. Miles also learned to speak German from his mother. He has one older brother, Solomon Woods, and a sister the same age as him, named Jessica. Miles was always refereed to as "the good kid" in the neighborhood, because of his tendency to allows follow rules, and never argue. Until one day, a bully at school made a suggestive remark about Mile's mother, which lead to Miles getting into a fight with said bully. Miles had learned to fight from his brother and father, and was able to beat the bully. His parents were called, but they were glad he fought for himself. Miles's father, Isaac Woods, put Miles into boxing, so he could learn to fight better, and relieve stress. Miles got good at it, and was able to win a tournament.

Years later, Mile's brother got Miles into a drug, which they would begin to sell around the neighborhood. One day, they got into a argument with rival sellers, and ended up killing both of them. Solomon got some of his friends together, and Miles got his friends together. They formed a small gang. Years later, Miles and Solomon were able to get the gang to grow to higher numbers, and were able to spread them throughout California. Miles will sometimes wear a mask depicting the German folklore creature, Krampus. The reason for this is because his mother would teasingly call Miles a Krampus.


Miles runs a large gang known as the Titans. The gang is along California cities, such as San Diego, San Fransisco, and Los Angeles. He runs the gang in San Diego, while his brother runs the gang in Los Angeles. 

Personality Edit

In gang operations, Miles is very strict, and serious when it comes to operations. He tells his gang members to avoid civilian deaths at all costs. And to avoid killing police officers, unless it's completely necessary. Out of gang operations, Miles is friendly, and has a large sense of humor. Miles finds loyalty to be very important. 

Miles also hates when a person disrespects any of his family members, especially his mother. 

Miles also hates racism, misogyny, and animal cruelty. 

Police RecordEdit

  • Surname: Woods
  • First name: Miles
  • Age: 34
  • Place of Birth: San Fransisco
  • Criminal Record: 1998: Murder
  • 2001: Theft
  • 2005: Arson
  • 2006: Bribery
  • 2011: Weapon/Drug Traficking 


  • Often throws parties in his neighborhood.
  • Street names are "Krampus", "The Bogeyman", and "The Titan"
  • Often does hits.
  • Often referred to as a 'Mama's boy'