Mexican Drug Cartels are drug cartels located in Mexico and composed of mostly Mexicans with some Guatemalans. They are currently in a massive war in Mexico, between each other and he Mexican gov. The death toll is now larger than the amount of Americans that died in Vietnam. The war is on going and only getting larger, everyday over 50 people die and go missing. They are one of the few criminal organizations today to have shootouts with police. Mexico is one of the most corrupt countries in the world, as a result Mexican Drug Cartels are able to get away with almost all of their crimes. Prison breaks are also fairly common in Mexico. They primarily deal in Drug Trafficking, Extortion, Arms Trafficking, people smuggling, and terrorism. They will generally have about 500-1,000 members. They operate all over Mexico, in Central America, in several states in America, and some even is some parts of Europe. A single one may make 1-4 billion a year, stronger ones will make well over that. Mexican Drug Wars today is now even worse then 1980's Columbia. The two most powerful Cartels are the Gulf Cartel, and the Los Zetas Carrtel.