Le Renard
La Renard
Le Renard without his mask.








The Wolves, Lullaby (one-sided respect)


The Circus, Appalachian Vipers


La Coyote



Whenever the boss needs something nasty done, y'know drugs, prostitution, intimidation, stuff like that, he leaves it to me! And he, uh, lets me sample the goods, if ya catch my drift. Ha!
— La Renard

A psychotic and cocaine addicted former police officer, Le Renard is one of Alpha Wolf's two top Betas, wearing a signature Fox mask and running the shadier parts of the Wolves organization, like prostitution, drug running, and intimidation rackets. Le Renard is incredibly loyal to Alpha Wolf, and despite his willingness to cause large amount of destruction for pure amusement, Alpha Wolf keeps him around because of his loyalty.


Planted in the group when Alpha first took control of the gang, Renard found himself increasingly enamored with the group's lifestyle, and after Alpha deliberately got him addicted to cocaine, Renard abandoned the police, sold out his undercover partner, and became Alpha's second trusted Beta alongside La Coyote, with the two quickly becoming a professional rivalry.


Le Renard is an incredibly violent, arrogant, impulsive, and rude individual, with little to no patience for strategy, and little to no mercy for enemies of the Wolves.

Interactions with other gangsEdit

  • 3/17/14: During The War for New York, Renard escorted Cicada hitmanLullaby to a meeting with Alpha Wolf, attempting to make a good impression with him. Later, Renard (alongside Le Coyote) was supposed to break up a weapons deal between The Circus and Russian arms dealers, but was called off after the Circus surrendered.
  • 3/27/14: During the Vipers-Circus War, Renard killed an intoxicated member of the Circus, stealing his plans for the remnants of the Circus operating in Pennsylvania.
  • 5/18/14: During the Fall of the Miami Triad, Renard lured a group of Los Sicarios gunmen into a trap at a brothel, gunned them down, and used their outfits to launch a surprise attack on more Sicarios troops.


  • Mossberg 500 Shotgun: One of La Renard's two favorite weapons is a Mossberg 500 pump-action shotgun, which he uses in up-close combat and for brutal executions.
  • Dual Beretta 92FS pistols: He also wields a pair of Beretta 92FS pistols for confrontations that go into farther ranges.
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat: Renard is a savage and brutal foe up-close, capable of taking on three armed gunmen up-close with nothing but a police baton and winning.
  • Dragon Skin Vest: Renard wears a Dragon Skin vest for protection.
  • Fox Mask: La Renard wears a mask of his namesake, earned after Alpha Wolf deemed him "insane, but in a helpful way."