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The Wolves are a gang, but that doesn't make us monsters.
— Le Hound

Jack O'Leary, also known as Le Hound, is a member of the gang, the Wolves, and one of the top three Beta's in the organization, often acting as an advisor to the Alpha Wolf. He is notable in that he was a member of the Wolves during its time as a low-key street gang.


Jack was born in 1974 to two Irish immigrants in Boston. Despite Jack's intelligence, money was sparse, and so after High School, Jack decided to begin working to support his family. However, he quickly realized that without a college education, he would never be able to make a lot of money. And so, crime entered his life. When he was 23, he began working as a lowly enforcer for the gang, The Wolves. Jack's new, higher-paying lifestyle isolated him from his old friends and family from Boston, and they eventually severed all ties with him when he married Melanie, an Italian-American from New York, where Jack spent much of his time as part of the Wolves. It was under Jack that the Wolves eventual leader, Alpha Wolf, worked, and Jack's surprising kindness left an impression on Alpha, who rewarded it by allowing him to take part in his uprising that killed all but one of the original founders of the Wolves. Jack was also rewarded for his loyalty to the Alpha by being allowed to take control of the Boston sect of the Wolves.


Jack tends to try to take things seriously during missions, though he often has a dry and sarcastic sense of humor. He, like Alpha, tends to worry about civilian casualties and collateral damage, as he's trying to ensure that the Wolves aren't demonized in the eyes of the people. He's also a smart tactician and surprisingly intelligent in spite of his poor upbringing.

Interactions with other gangsEdit

  • The African Job: Jack led the Wolves taking part in the heist, and during the confrontation between Declan von Braun and Lullaby, he secretly planted C4 on the Los Sicarios jeeps to prevent them from escalating things. His actions during the heist led to his promotion.


Jack wields a variety of weapons, and like every member of the Wolves, he has a mask, though his position of a Top Beta means he wears a special and iconic mask to show his importance.

  • M4 Carbine: Jack's personal favorite weapon is his M4A1 Assault Rifle. To quote him,"He never meets another gang without it on his back."
  • Glock 19: Jack's personal favorite sidearm is his Glock, and he carries it in a customized holster at all times.
  • Machete: Jack tends to bring a machete into combat, though he also uses Bowie knives and traditional combat knives.
  • Skilled Street Fighter
  • Like this, except not a full helmet.